WTS Thunderfist New OP Gloves


C/O: No Current
B/O: 8Ex
ign: BlackBacon

Sold 4GCP

Sold 4GCP
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Holy shit those gloves are sexy.
bye bye PoE
3ex on gloves
ign trapthrowin
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for c/o, straight up.
IGN - PunchedOut
JeffyDohmer if you get on the gloves are yours.

message me ign: BlackBacon
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someone just won the lottery
4/13/2015 = The day so many of us got Rachel'd.

Rachel_GGG : #1 Forum Devourer
epic gloves
IGN: Standard/FuheiRabbit; Ambush/I_Dont_Need_Pants
id love to bid, alas i'll never beat a kaoms. where exactly did they drop? by the level req im guessing a 69+ map? bump for insane shocker gloves!

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