Two Shadow builds

I'm not in the beta, as you can see, but I thought I would share these anyway as I feel like they are pretty solid Shadow builds. The headings are actually links, in case that wasn't obvious.

Bow Build:

The Bow Shadow not only rhymes, but it finds synergy in it's early passives and skills. Lightning Arrow is an excellent skill and this build aims to capitalize on that. The majority of your damage will end up being elemental through this build, however, and it may become a problem in the end game environments. I can only recommend keeping a backup, like Elemental Weakness Curse, to mitigate this apparent flaw in the build.

Sword and Board Shadow:

This build aims to make up for the seeming defensive weaknesses that Shadows innately possess. By using Rapiers and Shields along with complimentary armor, I feel like this build will do well in the end game by being split between physical and elemental damage as well as having lots of Evasion and Energy Shield. There is a lack of accuracy mods to pick up without straying off the intended path for this build, so getting Increased Accuracy Support Gems for your skills might be a worthwhile investment. But every melee character not grabbing the Resolute Technique Keystone will probably want those anyway.

Those are my two builds. I realise they are both 71 points but I figured I would rather complete a build as an example and let people take what they don't like out rather than leave the builds bare. Needless to say all of the important passives are acquired well before level 60 on both builds so it should be easy to see what is preferential as you use them.

Any feedback is welcomed.

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