[3.24] Reverse Chill Elemental Hit Speed Mapper

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This will be my league starter, and scales extremely well from the beginning of the game to the extreme endgame with heavy investment. It utilizes Reverse Chill, and Warlords Mark/Stun tech to achieve LUIDCROUS SPEED!

DISCLAIMER -- This is NOT a beginner-friendly build. While it has the budget of a League starter, it utilizes concepts that require advanced knowledge of PoE mechanics to properly execute. Beginners wanting to experience a similar playstyle should likely start with a standard Lightning Arrow Deadeye League Starter until they are more comfortable with game mechanics.

Path of Building https://pobb.in/leXACsVT1vEp

The above linked Path of Building includes multiple levelling trees and item sets for the campaign and early maps (we level as Lightning Arrow until we have the gear required to transition to Elemental Hit), as well as both an Early Endgame Tree/Item set, and an Aspirational item set, showcasing chase gear.

Video Guide

Follow the early leveling trees and use the Skills and Items section under 'Lightning Arrow LEVELING' to gain an idea of how best to outfit your character as you progress through the campaign and into maps. This includes a mix of rare items and extremely cheap uniques (uniques for early leveling isn't necessary).
After killing Hillock, choose between with Galvanic Arrow or Caustic Arrow as your primary damage ability. Use this until you unlock Lightning Arrow at the end of Act 1. Depending on your preference, you may instead wish to use Rain of Arrows throughout the majority of the campaign and into maps.
There are many great guides in the community that already exist centered around leveling efficiently with Lightning Arrow or Rain of Arrows up to and including unlocking your Voidstones.

Early Endgame
There are three pivitol transition points into the early endgame build and should occur in this order:
1) Speccing out of Precise Technique and into Crit
2) Acquiring a secondary 5-link with CoC Warlord's Mark for Berserk on the side
3) Acquiring a secondary 6-link with Forbidden Rite (plus Winterweave & Call of the Void) for reverse chill

It's not really recommended to swap to Elemental Hit until you have the quintissential 5-link manaforge setup with Warlord's Mark.
Racing to a +3 gem level crafted Porcupine Short Bow is a good way to expedite the early endgame gearing process, but such a bow will be categorically weaker than the one shown in this guide.
If you have finished the build but are sitting on negative chaos resistance, use Forbidden Rite of Soul Sacrifice to prevent suicide kills.
Remember to turn OFF the reduced chill effect when you complete the Brine King Pantheon, as it turns an otherwise upside into a downside for this build.


Reverse Chill
The principle of reverse chill is that we will be combining Self damage using Forbidden Rite in a Manaforged Arrows / Cast on Crit setup in order to inflict chills on ourselves using the Unique Ring Call of the Void, which allows all damage to chill. The effects of this chill are then reversed by our other unique ring, Winterweave. This turns the movement speed reduction of Chill to turn into Movement Speed increase

We will be generating rage for use with the skill gem Berserk (which can be linked to the new Automation gem since we can no longer bind to left click), utilizing the other half of of our manaforged Arrows setup, being Warlord's Mark. Warlord's mark grants 20 Rage regerated over 1 second when an enemy is stunned. These marks spread to nearby enemies when slain thanks to the Node Focal Point (in the Deadeye Ascendancy). This enables a very high uptime on Berserk, giving us a large amount of Attack and Movement speed.

IMPORTANT: You cannot have any sources of cold damage in your build in order to reliably stun. Avoid flat cold damage on any of your gear, and we use a Combat Focus Jewel to prevent Prismatic Skills (such as our Elemental Hit) from selecting cold damage

Upgrade Priorities in Endgame
Here are some strong but expensive upgrades to consider that go beyond the budget of this league start build guide (in no particular order of importance)
1) Reaching maximum quality on all gems that provide some benefit from it
2) Acquiring perfect or near-perfect rolls on all flasks
3) Leveling and corrupting cheaper gems for a chance at a level 21 gem (priority Elemental Hit, Grace, Haste)
4) Swapping damage support gems for their Awakened gem counterparts
5) Acquiring the corruption "Curse Enemies with Elemental Weakness on Hit" on gloves
6) Slotting in basic jewels into nearby jewel slots on the passive skill tree
7) Dropping points around the passive skill tree for elemental-themed large cluster jewels
8) Adding an Inspired Learning to the Shadow side for more player power
9) Getting Progenesis into your flask lineup
10) Acquiring a Mirrored Elemental Bow
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSWYPXd9prVxf5v_DoqtIQ
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/snoobae85
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Awesome looking build. Should be great for fast mapping strategies.
your stats on POB for STR are not adding up. only shows you have 34 strength. will not work for the skill gems.
"You cannot have any sources of cold damage in your build in order to reliably stun."

But.. Doesn't Winterweave add cold damage to attacks?
Life Tap makes me lose a lot of life when using skills. What should I do? Can u check my pob? https://pobb.in/bN88Yqpf9ovv
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