[3.24] Minion Instability Autobomber - Stone Golem League Starter

This is my take on a minion instability autobomber build! The build revolves around automatically exploding and re-summoning golems!

League start POB (what's used in video and gif): https://pobb.in/Vke0Dp0BPgcs
Delirious Forge of the Phoenix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hXW9ZOoxpU

Pros & Cons

+ Strong mapper
+ Autobomber with explosions!
+ League start viable
+ High damage uptime
+ No mana issues
+ Can run all map modifiers
+ No temporary league power is used in any of the showcases (see tab for league specific suggestions)

- Damage is delayed
- Slow trigger rate
- Not HC viable (at least without changes)


Necropolis League Specific

Crafting league which makes better rare items easier to obtain. Tattoo's are also back and Tattoo of the Hinekora Warmonger is very nice for this build.

Will be updated again after league start!


Build Mechanics

Minion Instability
We deal damage using Minion Instability, which explodes our minions when they drop below 50% health and deals 33% of their health as fire damage. To reliably trigger Minion Instability, we need a way to damage our minions. We use Infernal Legion, which deals fire damage to our minions. We increase the damage it does to our minions by equipping Maligaro's Lens and giving it to our minions with Necromantic Aegis on league start. After league start we swap out Maligaro's Lens and Necromantic Aegis for a Fortress Covenant, so we can get a good minion shield and free passive points.

Re-summoning Golems
We use stone golems for minion instability, since they have significantly more health than other minions. Unfortunately, they also have a cooldown and cast time. Fortunately, we can take Liege of the Primordial to automatically re-summon our stone golems 4 seconds after they dis. By increasing our maximum number golems, we can automatically summon more than one golem a second!

Spectres and Animate Guardian
Since we scale so much minion life and block chance, we can use powerful support Spectres and Animate Guardian! Quite a few options for spectres, but I recommend getting wild bristle matron, pale seraphim and ruins hellion. Together, these minions debuff enemies with 40% reduced action speed, 15% increased damage taken, 30% reduced damage dealt and taunt them. Once you get Summon Spectres to level 25 (+ levels to minion gems + level 21 gem) and get a fourth spectre, I recommend They of Tull which occasionally create a field granting chance to avoid damage. For the animate guardian on league start I recommend Leer Cast or Eye of Malice as the helmet, Dying Breath as the weapon and then resists (especially chaos) on gloves, boots and body armour. Eventually we can upgrade it with Kingmaker, Dopplegänger's Guise, Gravebind and Legacy of Fury.


Starter Gear
Mandatory items:

Recommended Uniques:
Maligaro's Lens
Replica Siegebreaker

General Rares: Prioritize getting elemental resistance capped and life. Aim for strength and dexterity on amulet.

Flasks: Nothing mandatory, but recommend getting bleed removal on one flask and a quartz flask (phasing)


Stone Golem
Stone golem of Hordes - Fire Penetration - Feeding Frenzy - Fresh Meat - Infernal Legion - Minion Life

Arcanist Brand Curses
Arcanist Brand - Flammability - Elemental Weakness - Wave of Conviction

Determination, Tempest Shield, Vitality,

Flame Dash

Infernal Cry
Infernal Cry - Call to Arms

Molten Shell
Molten Shell - Automation

Self Cast Mark
Assassin's Mark, Punishment

Spectres + Animate Guardian
Summon Spectres - Animate Guardian - Minion Life - Elemental Army


Leveling and Transition
Leveling with Summon Raging Spirit until first lab where we take Liege of the Primordial and get Stone Golem of the Hordes(should only be a few chaos at most). At this point can just play the endgame build, though I recommend continuing to use Summon Raging Spirits on single target for a few more acts. Try and get Maligaro's Lens too and eventually the other recommended items.

Summon Raging Spirit Leveling Video (only up until first lab)


Upgrades (loosely ordered)
1. Get eldritch implicits on gear (prioritize fire exposure on hit and brittle on boots)
2. Quality and enchant flasks
3. Craft/buy rare jewels (life, minion damage/life)
4. Get a +2 level of all minion gems helmet
5. Craft a better minion wand or get a Cold Iron Point
6. Put a Fortress Covenant in the jewel socket near Agnostic, replace Maligaro's Lens with a rare bone spirit shield, drop Necromantic Aegis and Decay Ward, allocate Instability and Endurance, remove Elemental Army and replace with Feeding Frenzy and swap Feeding Frenzy for Concetrated Effect in Stone Golem links
8. Drop all the extra small passives and get a large minion damage cluster and two medium minion life clusters with good notables
9. Get 3x Primordial Might and an Anima Stone
10. catalyze Replica Siegebreaker(elemental)
11. Upgrade rares (not body armour/amulet) to have chaos resistance + damage/luxury mods (generally crafted with essences of fear)
12. Get a 6-link The Fourth Vow and a Glorious Vanity dedicated to Xibaqa, allocate Divine Flesh, get two small clusters with Born of Chaos and take the mastery that gives 10% of physical damage taken as chaos
13. Get a Defiance of Destiny (or Replica Dragonfang's Flight with + levels to Stone Golem for more damage)
14. Get Forbidden Flesh + Flame for Mindless Aggression
15. Awakened Support Gems, 21/20 gems and Empower (swap for Concetrated Effect)
16. Upgrade rares and get high tier eldritch implicits
17. Corruption hunt on all the uniques
18. Mageblood


Other Autobomber Guides
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How would you say this build compares to the Vengeance ignite build? Specifically in terms of single-target damage.
Luvol wrote:
How would you say this build compares to the Vengeance ignite build? Specifically in terms of single-target damage.

Significantly better single target dps and tankier, especially with investment. Vengeance ignite has faster clear though (still has fast clear, just not to the extreme of vengeance ignite).
Significantly better single target dps and tankier, especially with investment. Vengeance ignite has faster clear though (still has fast clear, just not to the extreme of vengeance ignite).

Glad to hear it, excited to pick this up for 3.24.
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