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Disclaimer: I will update everything once patch notes are out.

Hi all, today I present to you my build guide and personal take on Vaal Venom Gyre. Below is the written guide and script from my youtube video, which I highly recommend you to watch, as it is rather in-depth

Skill Mechanics:
Venom's Gyre is an Attack-based skill, which throws a single blade-like projectile which can be affected by additional to projectile modifiers. One of which, is endless munitions, which will add two more projectiles to our ability. The blades, upon firing will reeturn to the character which will be caught and stored for a certain duration. At quality 20, Venom Gyre will store an additional 10 blades, above the regular limit of 30. Vaal Venom Gyre, will instantly spawn stored blades, relieving the need to attack and catch blades.

These projectiles can be released through the use of the movement skill whirling blades, which fires the stored blades in all directions, while retaining some of the stored blades. The blades are fired sequentially, allowed each blade to hit mob, allowing the ability to shotgun while the player whirling blades over a target. This allows for significant single target damage, as the blades inheirit the damage modifiers from the Venom Gyre Skill, and not the modifiers of whirling blades. Additionally, these blades can also chain from and be affected by additional skills, such as flame wall and tornado.

Another mechanic that will be vital to the build's single target is name-locking. Name locking occurs when a player hovers their mouse over a mob, holds down the button for an ability. In this case, we will be holding down the ability whirling blades. As seen in the footage, from the intro, and slowed down here, this will result in the player using the ability back and forth over the target, shotgunning the mob with the stored blades. This is especially potent with Vaal Venom Gyre, which can be pressed to instant restore a large amount of stored blades, upkeeping the shotgun damage high. Name-locking will require us to disable the 'always attack without moving option'.

As mentioned previously, this is a tri-elemental build, which therefore will make use of the gem Trinity. Activating trinity is a very important mechanic, which will require us to have two elements taking turns dealing the highest damage. The easiest way to proc trinity is to have a large amount of elemental overlap. The example on screen shows a total overlap of 1000-4500 elemental damage for instance. To check if trinity is activated look at the resonance counter on your top left your screen.

The Final mechanic of the build will be use of Nightblade support and Elusive. On screen are the effects of nightblade support and what the elusive buff will provide us. We will be using this early on as we cannot make use of the crit multi buff and lack the required skill tree points.

Pros and Cons

Now that the build's mechanics are fully understood, lets discuss the Pros and Cons of the build. As shown on screen, the build is a hit-based attack build, which I consider to be a pro. Though some Dot builds have the advantage of damage uptime, during map clearing, I personally much prefer mobs just instant dying rather than having the ability to cast or attack me. The playstyle is quick, as we will be attacking and using whirling blades to get the around the map, which will itself will also kill mobs. The build has a good mix of single target damage and clear, with Deadeye's innate chain and additional projectiles amplifying our clear, while the whirling blades shotgun will take care of tankier mobs. The build is all content viable, outside of deep delving, and can even do ubers with enough investment, and is more than strong enough to obtain all 4 voidstones on SSF gear. The build is SSF friendly and cheap, as it runs all rare gear which can be self crafted quite easily using fractures and essences.

Nevertheless, the build is not without faults. It is a deadeye build after all, and the whirling blades ability is technically a melee ability, leaving vulnerable to some attakcs. However, It is tankier than other ranger builds, and uses a multitude of defensive layers to cover its weaknessees. This Venom Gyre unfortunately scales poorly, as tri-elemental can only go so far. However, as a league starter, this is more than fine, as the cost of the build will allow us to easily transition into a second build. There are some good scaling options which will be presented later. Lastly, theere will be some gameawareness needed during combat, as some boss abilities will kill you mid-whirling blades.

What to farm, and what the build excells in:
On screen are some mechanics the build excells and does okay in. The good mix of clear and single target makes this a good build to do Boss rushing, invitations and legion farming. However, the the build does not make it very suitable for ultimatum, magic-finding and uber pinnacle bossing. For expedition, my build does not spec into multishot early, as it makes messes up the targetting of venom gyre, therefore, early on, the build lacks the ability to prevent mobs from blocking your attacks, which still hamper expedition clear. Additionally, using whirling blades into a expedition pack, is very dangerous.

Our ascendancy will be the deadeye, which gives us speed, damage and clear. We will taking the Gathering winds ascendancy in our first lab for speed in the campaign. Subseuqntly before Kitava, we will take Ricochet and Endless Munitions, allowing us to transition from Spectral helix in Venom Gyre. For uber lab, we will take focal point, to boost our single target damage.

Defensive Scaling:
As a deadeye, our first and most important layer of defence is evasion and dodge chance. As such, we will want to utilise Dexterity or Strength and Dexterity based gear, while relying on grace as our primary defensive aura. This layer of defence will be further supplemented by the elusive buff from nightblade.

Being on the right side of the tree gives us easy access to spell suppression, which will greatly reduce all incoming spell damage. Early on we will use the lucky spell suppress mastery to psuedo-cap our suppress chance, while at later investment levels we will cap spell suppress to 100%. The build will also be ailment immune, via the ancestral vision jewel, thick skin life wheel, and boot modifiers. As with all deadeye builds, scaling damage is also a defensive layer, as what is dead cant kill you.

Useful Uniques:
Some useful and cheap uniques that are easily obtainable at league start. Notably, the rats nest unique helmet and shadows and dust gloves will ease our transtion into crit, while also giving ramapage. The Taming unique ring and Prismweave, will greatly bolster our damage while providing some resistances but note that they do not provide any life or attributes, putting pressure on our gear. Atiziri's steps will help us cap suppression much earlier and provides a decent amount of evasion and life. Personally I would recommeend fitting in 1-2 unique items at league start, such as the shadows and dust gloves, for a easier crit transition and rampage along with a well Atziri's Steps for easier spell suppression cap.However, none of these uniques are mandatory and the build will function well without them.

Gearing and levelling will be explained quite in-depth in my video. The POB will also hand-hold you throughout the campaign. Timestamps for navigation are in the description, feel free to pause at any point of the video.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12OOSzoxqHQ
POB: https://pobb.in/B3fLKeP21aU0
Reddit Thread:https://www.reddit.com/r/PathOfExileBuilds/comments/1bhvir8/324_venom_gyre_league_starter_build_guide/

Final Notes:
As aforementioned, I will update the POB and leave any important notes in pinned comment once patch notes come out. I decided to release this guide early due to real-life time constaints overlapping with League start prep. English isn't my first language so excuse any gramatical or pronounciation errors. I hope you guys consider my build for necropolis league, and have a good league start.
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