[3.23] Dark Marionette Autobomber ~TANK Version~ All content (Feat. 10k wisps map)

Are you tired of dying?
Are you tired of having to pay attention to the screen?
Are you tired of spamming skills?

I present you

Dark Marionette Autobomber
~TANK Version~

T16 Jungle Valley 10k wisps Wandering Path Abyss+Beyond
Simulacrum Wave 28-30

- 75/75 max block
- 4.5k hp 1200 regen
- Defiance of Destiny
- 50% elemental damage taken as Chaos damage
- 80% Chaos Resistance
- 23k Armour, armour applied to Chaos Damage taken
- 4 Endurance charges
- 10% physical damage from hit taken as chaos
- Elemental Ailment immunity
- At least 2m damage per spectre explosion * 5-6 spectres ar entry-level point
- Min-maxed at least 5-6m+ damage per spectre explosion *6 spectres

What this build can't handle
- Whatever reduces our regen/life recovery rate Update: We can do no regen map just fine. Defiance of Destiny is OP. But beware of DoT in general, take a life flask with you.
- Probably can't handle Memory Game / Ubers slam. I haven't tried. But this is an auto bomber build, just dodge those you're not gonna lose DPS uptime.

Where does our damage come from?

'Minion Instability' keystone makes any minions explode for 33% of their max hp as fire damage when they reach 50% life.

'Dark Marionette' is a new spectre from the league mechanic vendor. They explode for 15% max hp on death and then respawn automatically 1 second later.

So in total, it's 48% max hp as damage on reaching 50% life.

We use 'Infernal Legion' in combination with 'Fortress Covenant' to kill our specters quickly.

We have a total of 6 specters exploding for a total of 288% max hp as damage per second:
+3 from Raise Spectre gem level 25
+2 from Wraithlord
+1 from Death Attunement notable passive

We then link them with Fresh Meat Support to give the explosion 4% base crit chance (it normally has 0% innate crit chance) + 2% from Brittle Ground from our boots.

And that's it. The damage can be scaled with minion life, minion damage, minion crit chance, minion crit multi, fire exposure, curses

Oh, and the [Perfect version] of this minion applies free scorch too (around 5-8% on rares and bosses)

Important! Read first before continue
If you want to alter your wand/shield or want to take Raise Spectre gem out for any reason, make sure to

Do it in your hideout
1. Take out Desecrate and Bone Offering from your wand
2. Take out Infernal Legion
3. Check spectres counts at top-left icon, should be 6
4. Now if you change weapon/shield, 1 spectre will drop as a corpse on the ground. If you take out the gem, all spectres will drop as corpses on the ground.
5. When you're finished changing your weapons. First thing you do is raise those spectres back
6. Make sure top left icon count is 6
7. Slot all the gems back

Do it in Town
1. Do whatever you desired
2. Put the gems back in the same order before going out of town.

You can level with Dark Marionette as soon as you can use Raise Spectre. The only mandatory things are Raise Spectre gem and Infernal Legion

Bandit - Kill All
Ascendency order - Mindless Aggression > Bone Barrier > Mistress of Sacrifice > Plaguebringer
Major Pantheon choices - Depends. Take Brine King if you don't have freeze immunity yet. Take Solaris if you want movement speed. Take Arakaali because DoTs are scary.
Minor Pantheon - Generally Ralakesh for bleed/CB protection. Shakari is useful when you rolled 'Monsters poison on hit' map.


Our main link
Fresh Meat Support works on spectres for 10 seconds when they spawn. This works when Dark Marionettes respawn. You can experiment with Feeding Frenzy and see if you are comfortable without its 'Minion are Aggressive'. If you can play without it, use Concentrated Effect for way more damage.
Raise Spectre(level 21) - Minion Life - Fresh Meat - Feeding Frenzy - Infernal Legion - Fire Penetration

Curse/exposure application
The goal is to apply Flammability on hit with the curse on hit ring, apply exposure with the gloves implicit and apply Combustion Support -Fire Resistance. This can be any fire spell you want. For example, use Wave of Conviction + Hextouch + Flammability + Combustion and you can forego the gloves implicit and the curse on hit ring. I just like the fire-and-forget nature of arma brand.
Armageddon Brand - Combustion - Faster Casting - Lifetap

Offering Trigger
Socket these in a trigger wand. Desecrate must be above Bone Offering.
Desecrate - Bone Offering - Lifetap

Socket these in a '90% cost and multiplier' corrupted Wraithlord. 2 are mandatory while the rest are optional. You can use whatever you like.
Mandatory - Determination - Tempest shield
Other useful auras - Vitality, Defiance Banner, Grace, Arctic Armour, Flesh and Stone

Other Stuffs
Infernal Cry for Cover in Ash application
Molten Shell for a bit more tankiness compared to Bone Armour. But you need to find a way to remove bleed.
Movement skill - Shield Charge, Flame Dash, Frost Blink, etc.

Endgame Mandatory Gears

- The Fourth Vow with +2 minion implicit
- Wraithlord with 90% cost and multiplier implicit
- Defiance of Destiny. Get the one with at least 32% roll
- Fortress Covenant Cobalt Jewel
- +1 minion wand with minion crit chance (Trade link)
- +1 minion shield with minion crit chance (Trade link)
- Raise Spectre Level 21 0% quality (must be 0%) (130c)
- A medium cluster jewel with 'Life from Death' notable (3c) [This makes specters explode in sequences instead of simultaneously, improving our clear speed by a lot]

Maligaro's Lens with Necromantic Aegis Keystone - It gives -50% to all Elemental Resistances to our spectres making them die really fast. Improving out DPS by a lot. We also recover 1% of spectre's life every time they die. That's like 5k life gain every second.

**IMPORTANT** Do not get any 'Minions have #% increased Elemental Resistances' as our specters will die slower.

"Bullshit! I see Mageblood in your video!"

I just got it recently. The build is absolutely fine without it. Actually it has more DPS with a Darkness Enthrone + 2 Abyss Jewels.
What Mageblood gives to this build is just 10k armour and some movement speed. Since minions don't benefit from it anyway.

My Current Gears

I don't currently use Stormshroud. If you want to use Stormshroud with the Darkness Enthroned setup you can get Eater 'chance to avoid Elemental Ailments' on boots.
Ventor's Gamble and Gold Flask are just because I'm farming wisp maps.
For the min-maxed version use a rare synthesized bone ring with increased minion damage and minion life (Synthesised to remove %Minion Resistance implicit)

Shield crafting guide

Route 1
Might take longer to hit our desired mods, but you can hit various other desirable mods for other builds that sell for a good profit. For example I hit this when crafting my shield and sold it for 40 div earlier in the league. It would have been 100+ div by now
1. Buy ilvl 84 shaper Bone Spirit Shields (any of the 3 bases, we don't care about ES)
2. Use 2-socket resonator with Pristine Fossil + Bound Fossil
3. Spam until you hit desirable mods

Desirable Mods
If you hit at least 3 desirable mods, check the price and decide if you want to use it or sell

+1 to level of all Minion Skill gems (mandatory)
%increased minion damage
%increased minion maximum life
%increased minion critical strike chance
+# to maximum Life
Recover #% of life when you block !!If you get this you must check the price, super valuable!! (It's not really needed in our build because Defiance of Destiny already does the same thing, but if you get it you can try dropping Defiance for a Replica Dragonfang Flight)

Undesirable Mods
We don't want these mods but if they come with at least 3 desirable mods then it's worth checking the price. Other builds might enjoy them.

Minions have #% additional Physical Damage Reduction
Minions have +#% to all Elemental Resistances
Minions have +#% to all maximum Elemental Resistances

Route 2
Higher chances of getting what we want but less chance for sellable items.
1. Buy a ilvl84 fractured bone shield with one of the desirable mods
2. Use Pristine Fossil + Bound Fossil (+Corroded Fossil [optional: Blocks undesirable mods but increases costs per try])
3. Spam until desirable mods

1.) w/o Mageblood (23k armour, 1.96m damage per specter) = https://pobb.in/jf22SOY94nWJ

2.) w/ Mageblood (36k armour, 1.78m damage per specter) = https://pobb.in/c6xC8D4LunHK

3.) Min-Max Version (33k armour, 5.56m damage per specter) = https://pobb.in/hyLVuu9fYKbZ (took out MF gears and gave up Stormshroud but still immune to Shock and Freeze. The rest, Ignite, Chilled, Sapped, Brittle are negligence and Scorched can be offset with 30% over res cap)

4.) Min-Max Version 2 (7.6m damage per specter) = https://pobb.in/EvSlUbDp3Q24 (credited to u/antauri007 on reddit. Utilized shock and Rational Doctrine)

Since PoB doesn't have the Dark Marionette yet, I use a minion with the same life scaling.
In the configuration, I put 'Minions deal 20% more damage' to simulate Dark Marionette's own explosion. It explodes for 5% HP as Fire, 5% HP as Physical, 5% HP as Lightning. Since we only scale fire damage (with curse/exposure etc) I only count 5% HP as Fire as full damage which is 5/33*100=15% of Minion Instability explosion. I add another 5% to take into account the physical and lightning. Also I don't know how to add Scorch

To do list
- Wand crafting guide
- Expand on leveling tree
- Combine PoB

PS. I'm sorry for no update. I just bought BG3 and it sucks my time dried
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Hey, thanks a lot for the great build and the guide!

What do you think about the non-mageblood version, up to what wave would it be able to do full afk simulacrum or full afk blight maps? Any chance? Cheers!
a2b12 wrote:
Hey, thanks a lot for the great build and the guide!

What do you think about the non-mageblood version, up to what wave would it be able to do full afk simulacrum or full afk blight maps? Any chance? Cheers!

I haven't tried them. I will get back to you after I tried.
Honestly Mageblood is just for movement speed at this point lol. Darkness Enthrone gives more DPS and Life. 10k less armour is negligence since we have up to 90% reduced extra damage from crit and 10% physical taken as chaos damage, most hits become small enough that 20k armour can handle with Defiance of Destiny.
The only reason I included Mageblood in this post at all was because I forgot to take it off when I took the video.

Edit: If you go full afk your offering won't trigger which will lower the block chance from 75/75 to 25/25. But will you die? Idk I'm going to try
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very nice i also use Dark Marrionetts 4 of them here is my pob

https://pobb.in/t-emLBxxhvzZ oh n also no mb lol
Last edited by dragnmith1 on Jan 7, 2024, 12:18:16 PM
a2b12 wrote:
Hey, thanks a lot for the great build and the guide!

What do you think about the non-mageblood version, up to what wave would it be able to do full afk simulacrum or full afk blight maps? Any chance? Cheers!

I added the video of Simul wave 28-30. I tried to go full AFK and died at wave 24 (6:13) because Bone Offering won't trigger on AFK and that lowers the block chance to 25/25.
why fresh meat, specter didn't have duration.
ooeodkuungoo wrote:
why fresh meat, specter didn't have duration.

Permanent minions gain Fresh Meat buff for 10 seconds upon summoning. For Dark Marionettes they count as being summoned every time they respawn (don't ask me why). If you take Infernal Legion off, you can clearly see Adrenaline effects on them when they respawned (red aura) that fade away after 10 seconds. So for this build only it's a BiS support.
dragnmith1 wrote:
very nice i also use Dark Marrionetts 4 of them here is my pob

https://pobb.in/t-emLBxxhvzZ oh n also no mb lol

Neat, it actually fits so well in popcorn SRS build as they use the same scaling.
Nice build idea!
What do you think about brass dome?
DeNeNaPa_ wrote:
Nice build idea!
What do you think about brass dome?

It's worse than the Fourth Vow when paired with Defiance of Destiny since it lowers our maximum life. The only good use of Brass Dome is when you stack max res, which we don't, and its critical strike mitigation, which we get up to 90% through mastery and Watcher's Eye.

The Fourth Vow + Divine Flesh is equivalent to having ~80-85% elemental resistance depending on your armour and makes you pretty much immune to chaos hit damage.
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