[3.24] Tarekis' Facetank Flicker Trickster - Ultra Tanky - Ephemeral, Aegis, CI

PoB: Link
If you know what you're doing, Notes on PoB explain everything already.

Videos (3.23):
Wave 30 Simulacrum

Video Guide
The guide is from 3.23, but since nothing changed at the core of the build, this is still valid.
I'm not a content creator, so expect some rambling, but this does go into the details and why some decisions are made, in case you either want to not read or don't understand why I built some specific thing.

I don't get to play a whole lot and also don't have an extensive time (especially in 3.24) because IRL, so this guide might be a bit scattered, so especially if you are a new player and can't easily infer things and connect the missing dots I didn't write too well in the guide, please just read the entire thing including PoB notes to be sure :)
I hope to make a detailed leveling guide soon when I have a bit of time too.

1. Overview

Very Tanky
➕ Optimized to facetank, turn off your brain
➕ Good DPS
➕ Deathless 30 Wave Simulacrum, etc. (if the mods aren't rippy you can facetank Krosis Slams)
➕ Won't die to almost any one-shot
➕ You are now a chad flicker strike enjoyer
➕ Base concept also works with other skills if you want to play some other melee skill instead (LS of arcing + nimis seems to work great)

➖ You might get motion sickness, it's flicker strike
➖ Bosses sometimes take a few seconds if they are beefy, all non-uber content is totally fine
➖ Without Awakend Multistrike you rarely run out of Frenzy Charges when there's only 1 Enemy, pretty non-issue tho

With proper investment you can kill Ubers with it, but it's not nice at all, you die to some slams, uber shaper is annoying as hell, etc.
Flicker Strike bossing is generally a bad experience tho, especially if you don't have an instant movement skill other than leap slam socketed, uber shaper is really really annoying, etc.



No major changes for this build up until now. New mods tho.

We can now get +1 frenzy gloves and satisfy most of shock avoid with boot suffix.
The new perandus jewel is amazing for this build, throw it in socket near Iron Reflexes, pretty good successor for TWWT.

Losing charms and TWWT simply removes damage (culling, ele pen, enemy increased from conc ground) and fortify, which you can source from elsewhere, or drop altogether for less max hit.
We sadly won't get honoured tattoos, which would be awesome for this build, but we still can get cold res and evasion ration on the dex pathing nodes, which frees up cold res on gear.

To regain culling and fortify there is the option to drop the free slot for portal/vaal haste for a 4-totem link and make the totems do culling strikes. I think this is a sensible change.
Fortify on the other hand is a bit harder to get, there's only really either the Eater Body Armour implicit, which replaces the wrath effect/energy shield implicit, or temple-corrupting until fortify+resolute technique, which is insane to target-farm.
I changed the chest implicit to fortify as it's the most feasible option to get fortify, and really, what's 3% damage vs 20% less damage taken from hits. Hyperoptimize with double-corrupted EE with RT/Fortify. Very pricey, but get a base EE (perfect roll, price won't matter when doing this), enchant attack speed quality and throw at temple until you get the correct corruptions. RT/atkspeed is also very nice, could be worth getting instead too, and using fortify implicit instead.

In 3.24 I expect the starting cost for a full gear set to be around the same as in the last few leagues. You'll need about ~20d for a good intial gear set, depending on the prices. VotS was unearthed by a few other builders in 3.23 and thus gained popularity, no more cheap niche item, rip. I usually spend around 50d for kinda optimized gear, and then spend some more if I'm feeling it (I always do).

You can get it online for a relatively small budget, but expect a significant DPS decrease.
The only absolutely required items is uncorrupted Ephemeral, everything else you can just use low tier versions and deal with less ES/DPS, and save up for a Aegis and asap and Voice Amulet next.
It's league-startable, but you have to level with blade trap until you can get together some decent ES.

2. Mechanics


• High Energy Shield adds max Lightning Dmg trough Ephemeral Edge.
• Corruption Implicit makes all hits hit, never crit.
• Voice of the Storm makes non-crits Lucky, Precice Technique + CI makes them do 30% more dmg.
• Abyss Jewels for more added flat lightning.
• Bottled Faith and Mark makes Enemies take increased dmg.
• Tons of Exposure and Penetration.


• Relatively high Energy Shield (7k+)
• High Evasion converted to high Armour
• 50/50 Block
• Massive ES regain on blocked hits (~1200-1500 ES)
• High Leech + ~12% of ES on kill
• Immunity to Bleed/Corrupted Blood & Elemental Ailments & Chaos Dmg

3. Skill Tree
The skill tree starts being somewhat complete at around level 75, skip the damage nodes and get mechanic-enabling nodes and especially jewel sockets ASAP.
For a leveling and a full 95 and 100 skill tree check the PoB: Link

4. Leveling
Check the PoB for a starter tree + gear + gems: Link
I might add a little more progression later, with specific pathing, but this is how it's done in a nutshell.

Level the entire campaign with Blade Trap and any two swords with as much DPS as you can find on floor/vendors, crafting bench added if you have an open prefix.
Blade Trap + added Lightning/Cold Damage and swift assembly for the entire campaign.

Tree: Path directly down to the elemental wheel where you can grab some strength, ignore frenzy and the mark wheel and all wheels over Ghost Dance for now.
Next, get the sword wheel, path down to the charge wheel, grab Precise Technique if you already have enough ES on your gear.
Once you have the charge wheel skilled, you should grab +2 frenzy ascendancy and get Tribal Fury to the left, the mana leech node.
Now you can switch to Flicker if you have EE!
Now grab all frenzy charges, get as much ES on your gear as possibly can.
At around maps you should get some ES gear to get at least 4k ES, now you can path to CI, do not get Ghost Reaver until you have Shavronne's!

5. Gear

For all rare crafting guides check the PoB: Link

Example Gear Set (pretty optimized from 3.23)

Gearing details

Refer to the PoB for example gear.

Ephemeral Edge, Corrupted with Resolute Technique
Without the corrupt, it will feel bad

Aegis Aurora, plain and simple


Once you run Stormshroud, get Torment Essence Mod
Prefixes: you want as high ES as possible, if you want to increase DPS veiled chaos prefixes for +2 AoE
Suffixes: Shock Avoid (if Stormshroud), Ele Res / Int

My crafting process:
- Fractured ES Mod Base (flat is better than %inc, since benchcraft %inc is way better)
- Spam T1 Torments until 2 high tier res/int
- Add Searching Dominance

Prefix strategies:
Budget ES-only:
- Eldrich Chaos for secondary ES mod
- Eldrich Exalted if Chaos was empty (Cheaper than raw Exalted)
- Benchcraft last ES mod

Costly +2 AoE:
- Clear Prefixes (high chance with Eldrich Chaos)
- Lock Suffixes
- Veiled chaos, hope for empty third prefix or high ES mod (??? in 3.24)
- Craft life if empty to block some unveils
- Unveil +2 AoE
- Benchcraft last ES mod


Gloves can have vastly different mods, there are many good options, e.g.:
- the "default" flicker gloves with +1 frenzy, +non-vaal strike targets
- pure ES, pure Res
- ES/Res + atk spd/dmg

I went for the last option
My crafting process:
- Fractured ES Mod Base (flat for atk spd, hybrid %inc for pure ES)
- Spam T1 Zeal until 2 high tier res/int (use Woe for pure ES until triple T1 ES alternatively)

If you went for atk spd, you need to fix prefixes:
- Eldrich Chaos for secondary ES mod or +lightning to attacks
- Eldrich Exalted if Chaos was empty
- Benchcraft last ES mod

If you went for pure ES you need to fix suffixes, which is a bit lackluster IMO
You could also throw in a prefix lock and veiled chaos + slam if you want but probably
- Eldrich Chaos until 1/2 high tier res/int
- Eldrich Exalted if Chaos only had 1 mod
- Benchcraft last mod


Again, high ES prefixes, res/int suffixes
If you want to (you probably don't need it, but some people prefer it, get movement speed instead of ES hybrid, but you'll be flickering+leap slamming anyway, so I never do)

This is the most buyable non-jewellery slot of them all, if you can get a good deal you might wanna buy instead of craft.

My crafting process:
- Fractured %inc ES Mod Base
- Spam T1 Woe until high hybrid ES
- Fix Suffixes with Eldrich Currency as above

If you are running Vaal Flicker Strike, you can Veiled Chaos for inc dmg during Soul Gain Prevention for a good DPS increase while it's on CD, this mostly on-paper DPS and is only really useful for very beefy bosses tho

Body Armour:

High Evasion & High Energy Shield Sadist Garb OR Bronn's Lithe
You can make your life easy and just opt for Bronn's, might make capping resistances more annoying tho.

Crafting the rare:
- Fractured T2 %es/eva Sadist Garb
- Spam Dense/Prismatic until triple T1 ES/Evasion
- Eldrich Suffix fix if you didn't get lucky with resistances/attributes
- Veiled Chaos for hybrid Attributes is decent, but not worth IMO


High-rolled Darkness Enthroned with DPS Abyss Jeweles OR Crystal Belt with ES, Flask Effect, Ele Dmg (Res if you need it). Check PoB for a Belt

For obvious reasons you want your best jewels in here, you might also get away with increasing the effect of bleed avoidance on a jewel (explicit + corruption implicit can mean 100% avoidance from one jewel).


Voice of the Storm, Annoint Tribal Fury for clear


Left Ring Slot is Shavronne's Revelation for some fat flat ES.
Right Slot is some rare ring with whatever your build lacks now.

Just finish off your build with whatever you need from ring, and get ES & Damage if you're res capped.
You can build your ring spamming Torment or Woe and hoping for the best, or just buy one.
I simply searched for ES, flat lighting, ele w/ atk, ele/lightning %dmg and bought the best price/value one.


Bottled Faith (only inc dmg% mod is important, ignore crit)
Vessel of Vinktar (pen variant) (only run this if you have Stormshroud)
Jade, Silver, Basalt or Stibnite
Prefix isn't that important, charge gained on hit is very neat as you can keep flask uptime against single target fights that hit often, but as long as it's not inc/red effect you're pretty fine
Suffixes should be %atk spd, %evasion, %armour or %ms.


Explanation TBD, check PoB

Lethal Pride:
Essentially just get the Indimidation Chance Node, then as many Double Damage Chance as possible, and maybe Strength to complete requirements.

Watcher's Eye:
Lightning Pen
%inc Lightning dmg if you can
+3 mod if you're rich

It's cheap this league, grab some ele ailments umminity

The Perandus Pact
Get one with
Passive Skills in Radius also grant 3% increased Energy Shield
and use it in the socket near Iron Reflexes

Ye old Feed The Fury + Fuel the Fight + Martial Prowess
Swap Martial for Heavy hitter to make it like 3d cheaper, costs almost no DPS


Those aren't that min-maxed as the DE jewels, especially because it's harder since you want corrupted blood immunity and %shock avoid on them.



I can’t recommend getting Mageblood if you don't already have one and want to cram it into this build, or you‘re willing to spend a few hundred divs more on top of MB for ultra-optimizing, especially int-stacking.
This build was made without consideration for MB, and it could probably do more in other builds. However, it obviously still works, and I personally won't be using one until I can throw money around without care as I don't see that much worth in it.

I added some items in PoB for Mageblood but they are a bit stale from 3.23, so wait a bit until I get to it if you want to see more item updates for 3.24 and how that could improve the build.

In the PoB you can see items that are slightly improved over their default variants because they don't need to have as much resistance as previously.
Especially the Chest is important to swap out for a double-corrupted Bronn's, inc damage and +2 duration is the best combo. You will lose quite a bit of Armour and a ton of ES, but that's mostly fine. You will be less tanky with a MB, but still manageable.
Getting a good roll and especially good base percentile is unlikely, so you will essentially just have to deal with lower rolls. You can do it for the meme and try it yourself at the temple and get pretty lucky like I did last league: Gud Bronn's (still less DPS tho because ES instead of +2 duration)

Your gloves is the other item you might want to swap out.
You want to get double-elevated (or warlord-only elevated) gloves that have +frenzy and +strike targets, optimally with atk spd and a lucky third prefix that's either ES (if the base is INT) or melee dmg.
The best option would be corrupted +1 gloves so you get +2 frenzy instead of +1, but it's insanely expensive to craft those. If you do decide to go that route, you might be better off asking someone that crafted those before. If you do, you might just go Ice Bite Paradoxica Flicker instead, it's not tanky, but it does up to 40 times the DPS of this build, hence also costs tons.
With MB you can ignore resistances here, so anything good you get like int is just on top.

Then, if your budget is high, you can get a mirror-tier Precursor or actually Mirror a Shako Ring and Kalandra's Touch it.

Otherwise, simply change out Attributes/Int for resistances since you do not need them that much.

I talk about MB at the end of the video guide as well, it might give you some understanding on the matter too.

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First comment reserved because traditions
Hey man just a few questions may I ask:
1. Can I implement Mageblood into the build?
2. Does clear suffers without melee splash in links?
Thanks in advance!
maxQQ wrote:
1. Can I implement Mageblood into the build?

Yes you can go mageblood, you'll obviously want to make different choices on your non-belt slots if you go Mageblood, since you won't be needing resistances and can just shove in some DPS suffixes instead.
I didn't make a specific route since most people won't go MB and DE is easier scaling for less money, for Eldrich Items you only really have Int on suffixes, so you might want to check out influenced items, especially for gloves, you'll surely want to get the mentioned "default flicker gloves".
Something like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/1746hni/chimeric_hand_the_perfect_flicker_strike_gloves/
Probably less busted but along those lines; should have guides for crafting around or you can buy them off trade.

maxQQ wrote:
2. Does clear suffers without melee splash in links?

It does not suffer at all, no, that is what the Tribal Fury Annoint is for, it essentially is Melee Splash in a Notable, you also have +Strike Targets from Gloves which layers with Tribal Fury to shotgun enemies.

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Hey! Thanks for sharing this awesome build. Finally got my hands to this. Now I'm in a flicker community. Can you share your loot filter please?
How do you sustain frenzy charges?
UltraReality wrote:
Hey! Thanks for sharing this awesome build. Finally got my hands to this. Now I'm in a flicker community. Can you share your loot filter please?

You're welcome, glad you enjoy it :)

I'm just using NeverSinks Uber Strict with Abysses displayed because I run Simulacrum.
You can get it at filterblade.xyz.
Last edited by Tarekis on Jan 6, 2024, 11:41:13 AM
Voltreffer wrote:
How do you sustain frenzy charges?

By hitting things with frenzy gain chance, no Farruls shenanigans, the goold old way.

43% per hit to gain a frenzy charge: 25 from frenzy 10 from marked enemy 8 from unique
You hit 3 times per expended frenzy with multi support, 4 with awakened multi
That means you have a 81.48% chance to gain a frenzy charge whenever you expend one (aka press flicker strike), or 89.444% with awakened. This does not account you getting lucky and getting two or more in one flicker strike attack.

Then on top of that 8% on kill and 20% on block.
Against many enemies you never run out.

If you are hitting a very beefy enemy math rules you will run out of frenzy at some point. Frenzy is planned in the build for when you run out of charges, or go low, 0.5 seconds of hitting frenzy inbetween and you're up again should it happen. You can see it in my Simu fight against Kosis, look for my skill bar flashing the secondary skills (that's where I have frenzy allocated).
Idea: lose some AS and damage by switching to flicker of power with romira's banquet? this will make charge management work flawlessly regardless of scenario and allow you to drop multistrike. Thoughts?
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