[3.24] Arakaali's fang CI / Max Block | All Content Viable

Hello, im Igor this is my take on Arakaali's Fang Unique Dagger.
I have been playing this build for so many leagues that by now i consider myself a spider enjoyer.

OBS: If something is missing, not working or need better explanation let me know in the comments.

NECROPOLIS UPDATE: no big changes, can be played just like last league.


-Decent Clear Speed
-Chaos Pops (sounds good)
-Can afk tank most content.
-Can be started with low budget.
-Scale well into Endgame.


-Endgame items can be very expensive to upgrade.
-The build cannot be played before level 53.
-Sometimes can be clunky to resummon minions.


Normal Lab : Vile Bastion
Easy Sustein while leveling.

Cruel Lab : Profane Bloom
Automate a curse and start Popping.

Merciless Lab : Unholy Authority
Second Curse going into maps

Uber Lab : Void Beacon
No more tanky rares with regen

PoB Links

Just bought the dagger

Life MidGame

CI Transition

CI EndGame

My Affliction MIN/MAX character

Recommended Gear

In order of upgrades you are aiming towards the last items on each slot

- Helmet -
Energy Shield and Resists.
-=Ancient Skull=- BIS for damage (with brittle boots).

- Amulet -
-=Tear of Purity=- use until you can fix resists and get 100% avoidance for ignite and freeze
-=Impresence=-(the chaos one) free Despair curse.
-=Solstice Vigil=- free Temporal Chains curse.
-=Aul's Uprising=- BIS free Malevolence Aura.
(i do NOT recommend using the envy one)
-make sure to annoint Charisma to be able to run more auras

- Body Armour -
-=Incandescent Heart=- BIS for defenses.

- Gloves - Trade Search
Energy Shield, Resists and Minion Damage.
-use crafted Minion damage on gloves.
-you can also get minion damage from Searing Exarch implicits.

- Boots - Trade Search
-=Death's Door=- has everything you need and more (very hard to beat).
-Energy Shield, Movement Speed and Resists.
-use crafted bleed avoidance on boots.
-you can also get bleed avoidance from Searing Exarch implicits.
-you can use "Drops brittle on the ground" implicit for better -=Ancient Skull=- uptime

- Weapom -
-=Arakaali's Fang=- spiders :D
-frenzy charge on kill implicit for speed during maps

- Shield -
-=Aegis Aurora=-
-Physical damage taken as chaos is the best implicit
-Physical damage taken as cold is the second best

-=The Squire=-
-not mandatory at all for most content but very nice upgrade for UBER BOSSES

- Rings - Trade Search
Energy Shield and Resists.

- Belt -
-=Bathed Breath=- huge ES for cheap
-Energy Shield, Resists on a "Crystal Belt" or "Stygian Vise" base.
-=Darkness Enthroned=- BIS (put your best jewels here)

- Jewels -
-Make sure you have at least one jewel with Corrupted Blood immunity and one or multiple jewel with Freeze and Ignite avoidance

-=Ghastly Eye Jewel=- Trade Search
+# to Maximum Energy Shield
+#% to all Elemental Resistances
Minions deal # to # additional Physical Damage
Minions deal # to # additional Chaos Damage
Minions have +# to Accuracy Rating
Minions deal #% increased Damage if you've used a Minion Skill Recently (you have to self cast convocation or another minion skill for this to work)

-=Timeless Jewels=-Trade Search
(This trade search looks for every jewel that has two nodes of Minions deal #% increased Damage on the templar area)


-Soul of Lunaris (for tankyness)

-Soul of Ryslatha (for flask sustein)

Offensive Things

-Curse Effect makes your curses VERY good for DPS.
-Wither stacks for enemies take increased chaos damage.

-your realistic DPS should be around 4M+, this assuming all the guaranteed stats.
-on ideal circunstances your min/maxed DPS should be around 15M+, this assuming Curses, Wither, Charges, flasks, 21/20 gems etc.

Defensive Things

-Endurance charges
-100% avoid Freeze, Ignite.
-Immune to shock, bleed, poison
-70-90% extra crit reduction
-up to 20% Energy Shield Regen from Occultist.
-6% Energy Shield Regen from Consecrated Ground.
-Max Block and Energy Shield recover on Block.
-Around 40k Armour and 5k Energy Shield.
-CI and Damage Taken as Chaos.
-Debilitate from punishment.
-Enfeeble with alot of curse effect.
-100K + EHP on PoB (whatever that means)

Affliction Gear

Necropolis Gear


-Weapom BGR (for AoE clearing)
Unbound Ailments + Withering Touch + Melee Splash

-Shield BBG (Aegis Aurora)
Carrion Golem + Feeding Frenzy + Culling Strike
you can use any minion you want here, just keep in mind if this minion crits he will die because of -=Ancient Skull=- Helmet

-Weapom Swap GGR (for Single Target)
Withering Touch + Void Manipulation + Multistrike

-Shield Swap BBG (The Squire)
Unbound Ailments + Minion Damage + Deadly Ailments

-Helmet BBGR
Tempest Shield + Vaal Discipline + Vaal Haste + Determination

-Body Armour BBBGR R or G
Arcanist Brand(level 1) + Flesh Offering + Despair + Temporal Chains + Punishment
Enhance or Empower are good for the last link

-(any 2L) RB
Generosity + Malevolence
-(any 2L) BB
Enfeeble + Blasphemy
-(any 2L) RR
Call to Arms + Enduring Cry

-These gems can be put anywhere and dont need to be linked
Flame Dash
Phase Run(careful to not overlevel this gem required alot of DEX)

How i Play

-For mapping desecrate ONE time on your feet and kill a worm.
(Use Blasphemy Enfeeble to automate Profane Bloom)

-For Bossing swap to -=The Squire=- desecrate TWO times on your feet and kill a worm then weapom swap back to aegis.
(Use Haste instead of Blasphemy Enfeeble)

you can and you should do modifications as you like... need more damage? drop some defensive nodes to get more damage... need more life? drop damage to get more life... dont like the setups?try to use another gem, or support...remember you are free to do whatever you want this is just a guide to help you get something similar not equal.
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gigachad build guide
For flasks, I don't see anything mentioned and PoB has an empty flask spot. Can I just run any other flask there? maybe a quartz for phasing

Edit: just saw the brutal restraint/traitor makes sense now
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You need more damage. Im looking at the best possible layout in a simularcrum wave 30 showcase and its barely 4 rewards.
Pretty sick build, still leveling to 97 right now and it feels great in maps/invitations. Is there anything you'd recommend for countering ground degens/general DOTs while bossing?
Pretty sick build, still leveling to 97 right now and it feels great in maps/invitations. Is there anything you'd recommend for countering ground degens/general DOTs while bossing?

i use consecrated ground on the charms to deal with dots a bit easyer
enduring cry feels like a life flask for this build with the second wind gem
also vaal discipline if necessary

i saw that u are using defiance banner instead of enduring cry however you can still use enduring cry in place of molten shell instead if u want to try that.

the mastery "10% of armour also applies to chaos damage taken from hits" does nothing for the build, you are already immune to chaos, i recommend using the "100% increased armour and energy shield from body armour"

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Thanks a bunch, will try out what you've suggested.
Have a question about the summoning of the spiders.
You say u kill them with what?
from the gems I only see flamedash or if u use ur default attack?
Jarlbarack wrote:
Have a question about the summoning of the spiders.
You say u kill them with what?
from the gems I only see flamedash or if u use ur default attack?

Yeah at the beginning of a map you can either use flame dash or the autoattack to summon the spiders, then to keep them around you can use desecrate in packs of enemies to resummon when the enemies die/chaos pops occur.

I tried your build, it is great. I have a few questions:

What are you doing at this exact time stamp https://youtu.be/e2YYkr8YmdU?t=164 ? Desecrate x1 (2?) + Jar + flame dash on a worm x1 ? I am in the same situation sometimes with Kosis in wave +25 and I struggle to refresh my spiders and kill him (I end up doing clunky things such as using my portals to refresh my jar and try to re-summon them).

In this simulacrum showcase, are you running multistrike or melee splash ? And are you summoning the spiders with The Squire or Aegis ?

What is the cap of accuracy for minions ? I can't see the stat on the PoB and I don't know if I should keep stacking more accuracy or go for damage mods.

Thanks a lot !

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