{3.24}Aspect's Soulrend Aurastacker // Occultist // Infinite EHP // Can clear T17 // Ultimatum easy

Hello! I'm aspect and this is my soulrend occultist build. I've been building this for a couple leagues now and mix and matching what is best for the build, keeping things that are extremely strong.

My viewpoint of this build is to be able to tank repetitive hits as well as burst hits. Being able to go from 1% ES to 100% ES as fast as possible. While also, being able to have crazy pack clear with auto seeking AOE projectiles thanks to Soulrend.

This build is for anyone who is tired of dying or just wants to push everything this game has to offer (Outside of sanctum).



Since we have such an easy option of getting poison chance. We no longer need the reduced extra damage from critical strikes on our watchers eye. So our new watchers eye (Late game)will be any of these:

We can now use the tattoos that give us poison chance on hit which allows us to take the poison mastery that makes it so enemies cannot crit us.

VIDEO EXPLANATION // With timestamps

(Outdated but still useful tips for ultimatum farming. Build guide starting at 15:30)

How to set this build up cheap and costs

To set this build up you wont need much money!

Helmet- ES/Res/Helm 30c-70c

Wand - Buy a +1 all chaoswand with spell damage(implicit) and at least 25% chaos damage overtime multiplier. 30c

Shield - Aegis aurora OR +1 chaos and high ES shield.

Amulet - Dragonfangs flight OR +1 chaos skill gems + damage over time multiplier + ES

Boots - 150 ES boots with movement speed and some resistances

Ring 1 - curse enemies with despair on hit + whatever else you can get 20c - 1 divine

Ring 2 - iolite ring with essence of envy craft aim for similar stats shown in the guide

Gloves - 150+ ES gloves with resistance life regen or attributes

Chestpiece - This will be your most expensive item early because youll need it to be 6L. You can also drop efficacy or cruelty if you have a 5L. I'd recommend getting incandescent heart that has +2. (usually 6-10 div)

Belt - A belt that covers your resistances is a good cheap option here. If you can also get armor then that will probably save you from a couple one shots

When do I switch in purities?

You will switch in your purities once you get a helmet with this as well as enlightened.

You will also need to get at least 1 small cluster of mana reservation with at least 25% increased effect.

You will need charisma anointed on your amulet.

After that you will need to link an enlightened with clarity purity of fire and purity of lightning.

Need to knows and important information


- You will need to get a vaal discipline. This is an extremely strong gem.
- Brine king and Garukhan for immunity to freeze/maim for easier freedom of movement.
- Withering step is your best way of applying wither. Wither is your way to kill bosses. Outside of blowing things up around bosses.

- Jewels are an insane way to get a power boost.
You can get 14% multiplier and 30% increased damage. Aswell as immunity to corrupted blood immunity to hinder and a bunch of other fancy stuff that gives this build the freedom of movement it deserves.
With that being said there are passives on the skill tree that require you to go like 9 or so out of your way to get 15ish% damage over time multiplier. This is not worth it since we can get that in 1 jewel which is usually only 3ish points away from out tree.

Passives and clusters that you will begin trading out for jewel sockets once you get the money for decent jewels.

Heart of darkness
Growth and Decay

When you become an aura stacker you will need the points from these trees. Before mapping id recommend having all 3 of these. Before aura-stacking id recommend having the second 2.

-If you lose regen you still have leech from soul-rend's passive. Getting #% of leech is instant is a good way to counter reduced recovery but I Always avoid if possible.

Video Links


Ultimatum farming-

Complete build guide -

Pros And Cons


+ Infinite Pack clear
+ Very Hard to kill
+ Immune to a lot of debuffs giving freedom of movement
+ Damage over time based
+ 5 defensive auras
+ Explody always makes life easier
+ Cats

- Low boss damage until investment
- Reduced Regen makes us mortal
- Mana sustain is harsh a bit

Gem Setup

Determination - Discipline - malevolence - Enlighted

Main Link
Soulrend - Efficacy - Controlled destruction - Cruelty - Awakened void manipulation - GMP

Other Links
Shield dash - Faster attacks

CWDT - Immortal call - Summon chaos golem

Clarity - Purity of lightning - Purity of fire - Enlighted

Put withering step and flame dash in slots you have left over


3 ★★★ = Must have
1 ★ = Can do without

Flasks are very important for survivability.

Taste of hate will convert the physical damage we take to elemental damage. If you would of taken 10000 physical damage. It would be lowered to 8500 and 1500 which would further get reduced. Stacking modifiers like these with endurance charges and armor is how we survive BIG physical hits.

This is for quality of life. You can change this one out with whatever you want or feel like you are missing.

This flask is extremely good with our aegis aurora. Aegis recovers 2% of our armour into energy shield INSTANTLY. Meaning those mobs that hit you a million times will never kill you if your block chance is high enough.

This is a major increase in our armor which also buffs our aegis recover amount. This paired with rumi's will start to make you feel immortal.


3 ★★★ = Must have
1 ★ = Can do without

- Crown of the inward Eye ★★★-

This item is extremely good. With the amount of ES and mana we end up stacking. It really makes this a must equip item.

- Incandescent heart ★★-

This item is extremely strong for mid game - early late game. We are pairing this with CI. Making us take 25% less elemental damage. If we have 75% max res this item basically gives us 6.25% maximum res on elemental. This item has less effect the more max res you have. So once you get around 80% max res you'll technically have 85% max res. (For hits not aoe damage)

YOU WILL NEED A +2 or +4 CORRUPT for major damage increase.

- Aegis Aurora ★★★ -

We all know by now that the aegis aurora is an extremely strong shield. Getting this basically makes us immune to cold damage with how much res it gives. It also grants us the wonder passive of recovering ES with every block.

This item can be replaced with a +1 all chaos and high ES/Res/Spell damage shield. This drastically makes you more prone to being bombarded with attacks and dying.

- Soulrend Dragonfang ★★★ -

This item is just a perfect item for this build. +3 levels to soulrend is such a big boost of damage. Putting charisma on this can give you 26% mana reservation efficiency.

- Watchers Eye ★★★ -

These are your ideal stats for your watchers eye.

- Making yourself crit immune is very important.
- Any source of Damage over time multiplier is very nice to have.
- Regen from discipline or vitality is nice.

This build cannot use headhunter. However its brother mageblood is extremely strong. Will give you the zoomies and allows you to sacrifice some of our tankiness for more damage.

Rare's and item explanation


- Weapon -

This is a cheap version of our end game wand. Use a +1 wand with chaos multi and minimum 60% increased damage. We use both spell damage and chaos damage for our damage over time. So it shouldn't be to hard to find.

Ideally you'll want these to be at their max.

How do I craft this myself?

In order to craft this you'll need a wand with Damage over time multiplier or chaos damage over time multiplier fracture. Ideally a wand with spell damage implicit.

The wands item level should be 82 or LOWER. If you have level 83 you will get added chaos damage which would brick the craft.

Next up we will use fossils:

Putting these fossils together on the wand will give us a 1/12 chance to get +2 on our wand.

Keep spamming these until you get +2 and a decent craft with it.

- Ring -

You'll need a curse on hit despair ring so your explode works.


Use envy essences on an iolite ring for a good damage ring.

- Belt -

Our belt needs to have armor on it. On top of that getting a lot of energy shield is required for the belt slot. This can be the difference of 1000~ energy shield.

- Boots -

Just typical High ES + res + movement speed boots. Getting regen on them is a good stat to have as well.

- Gloves -

We are aiming for as high ES as we can get. Fitting some attributes in there is a good side stat to have.

- Chestpiece -

This is for late game after you get done using incandescent. (I do not recommend this over +4 incandescent heart) Ideally youll want to corrupt this too for +2.

This is what youll want to use if you are trying to invest a lot of money into the build. 500+ ES

After this you'll want to lock it and try to get +2.

Key stats-
450+ ES
+1 Gems
#% intelligence.
% increased effect of auras. This would be enough to get our purity of fire/lightning extra max res.

POB + Jewels + Clusters

What content can this build do?

Ultimatum is all ive been playing this league. I'm able to get to round 10 with all but 2 notables on the atlas tree nearly everytime. Currently immune to most of the modifiers.
farming tips:

The lightning strikes should almost always be a skip.

You want Caustic cloud / Corrupted blades / Frostbombs.

Your auras wont give enemies any kind of advantage against you.

You'll need jewels that that makes you immune to Chill/Hinder/Corrupted blood.

Soulrend DOT cant be blocked since its an aoe.

Soulrend cant be dodged.

Lower projectile speed modifier feels nice because you will cover the entire area with dot making things spawn and die.

Reduced recovery and immunity to curses are the hardest modifiers. I do not recommend getting the keystone that allows wave 13. Its not much more rewards and you miss out on fighting the boss.

For a more in detailed explanation if you are wanting to make mad money in ultimatum follow my guide here

Expedition is what this build was originally built for. This build can do ALL modifiers outside of immune to chaos.

Bossing is a lot easier because of how tanky you are. It might take a second to kill bosses but we can tank most of their attacks and go back to full hp right afterwards.

Delve the amount of pack clear this build has as well as the tankiness gives this build a good feel in delve.

Wildwoods is easy to run through and still be able to kill and survive most of the creatures it juices in mapping. You dont really feel a difference outside of the loot that is dropped.

Breach is a good farming strategy. With GMP your soulrend will kill half of one side instantly.

Harvest is easy to farm because of the dense pack size. I haven't fully farmed this mechanic yet so I'm not sure how it deals with late game harvest farming but I would assume it wouldn't be difficult.


The 2 must haves are

The other ones are depending on how much mana reservation you have and what you need at the time.

If you have an incandescent heart you should get malevolence for the DPS increase.

If you dont have incandescent heart i would recommend getting purity of fire and lightning while aegis aurora is covering your cold max res.

The end goal is to be able to get all of these auras up and running.

Answers to questions

Why am I missing boss damage?

You need to focus on rare jewels more.
You need multiple jewels like this-

Each one of these is like 5-10% more damage.

Another reason you may be lacking damage is because of your soulrend level. Soulrend scales MASSIVELY on gem levels.

Getting an incandescent heart with +2 or a wand with +2 is massive in the damage department. You will also ideally want the wand to have at least 60% increased damage.
Quality your gems. The damage bonus stacks up.

Next up is rings these are your biggest source of chaos damage increase.

Getting one with mana sustain and one for curse on hit with the envy essence will be a massive boost in damage.

Why am I dying?

Make sure you have determination and discipline at all times choose these over malevolence.

Invest in very high ES gloves and boots. These will give you a spike in your max hit and regen amount.

Most of the time you die it will be because of physical damage reduction. If you can get endurance charges or other forms of physical damage reduction then you should be good.

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Hello. I'm glad to see a build that suits me so well, I enjoy playing Expedition the most so I chose this build. The only drawback is that the damage is slightly insufficient when facing single targets such as elite monsters, BOSS, etc. I have purchased Star Cluster. This is my build https://pobb.in/t5iJAf-BDsp5. If you have time, Can you help me take a look at it? Thanks
I have added a segment to answer some of the issues you were having. I have also messaged you. If you still need help you can msg me in game Aspect_Affliction.
Was wondering if you could answer a few other questions i had while working on getting items for this build as i really enjoy soulrend.

1. How important are the specific flasks on the build, or there major goals to aim?

2. Is the Lethal Pride jewel necessary or is there a timeless jewel that is absolutely needed?

3. Which skills are you aiming for on the cluster jewels?

4. Are the poison related things needed or can i reclaim those passive points?
I have updated the POB link. I posted an older one I used for farming money when i made this post. Current build is more late game targeted for aura stacking.

The flask of block chance and taste of hate is extremely good. As well as the 20% more armour flask. If you ever die it is because of physical damage. So stuff like those keep us from getting randomly one tapped by uber rare monsters.

Cluster jewels arent really used for the passives. The main reason you get those is because of the jewel sockets. the 28% damage over time multiplier and 30% spell damage is better then the 100% damage bonus you can get with the few passives.

If you want to invest in a medium cluster jewel aim for vile reinvigoration and eldritch inspiration.

Vile reinvigoration will make your regen go crazy after killing packs of mobs and eldritch inspiration is really good for mana sustain.

Poison is good if you start lacking boss damage. I wanted to try it out and didnt really enjoy it myself.
Updated the post to have more tips for ultimatum. Including an in depth guide on each modifier of the mechanic. Ive made 100+ divines in 2 days with this build.
Hi, what your flask setup be if you had a mageblood?
My current mageblood setup is
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Hey man, how much do you think this build costs to get up and running and at a good state?
How much profit does Ultimatum make? I'm kind of interested.

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