[3.23] CoC Ice Nova of Frostbolts Build | Occultist | Affliction | Path of Exile 3.23

Hey guys, cast on crit ice nova of frostbolts occultist build is here. Ice Nova of Frostbolts is a cold spell that deals damage in an expanding circle around the user. If the player has any active Frostbolt projectiles, Ice Nova will be cast around those projectiles instead. It is a transfigured version of Ice Nova.

Vortex Version: https://youtu.be/jqiq3HjjxwE

Build Cost
- High Budget: 50-100 div

Mana: How do I sustain mana?
- Non-Channelling Skills have # to Total Mana Cost mod on rings
- Inspiration
- Mana leech from Essence Sap (Amulet annoint)
- #% increased Mana Cost of Skills per 10 Devotion mod on Militant Faith

Critical Strike Chance: Aim for %100 crit chance.
- Power charges
- Diamond Flask, any flask with crit chance mod
- Inspiration charges
- Precision
- Ascendancy, Skill tree, Medium cluster
- Cospri's Malice
- Charms with "+#% Critical Strike Chance while at maximum Power Charges" mod

Cooldown recovery: We need at least 52% for this build. I got it from:
- Level 8 Awakened Cast on Critical Strike (31%)
- Belt (11%)
- Boots (5%)
- Charm with "#% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate" mod. (5%)

Accuracy: We need %100 hit chance.
- Level 21 Precision
- Accuracy Rating on a ring
- Blind (Disorienting Display, Cluster Notable)
- Unnatural Instinct
- Glove Implicit

Aps: With 52% cooldown recovery optimal aps for cyclone is 10.1. Don't go over it. Cyclone's aps is 10.09 with this setup.
- 10% inc attack speed, Quick Getaway (x2)
- 21% inc attack speed, Skill Tree (Harrier and Unnatural Instinct)
- 20% inc attack speed, Onslaught
- 11% inc attack speed, Gloves
- 14% inc attack speed, Watcher's Eye
- 5% inc action speed, Boots

Life Reserve: You need "2% increased Reservation Efficiency of Skills" mod on one jewel to be able to use all auras on Prism Guardian.

If you wanna play with more or less attack speed check out the link:

Militant Faith: Dominus to get Inner Conviction keystone.
Try to get one with these mods:
- 4% increased Elemental Damage per 10 Devotion
- 1% reduced Mana Cost of Skills per 10 Devotion

Before switching to coc make sure you have:
- Unique items
- Enough dexterity for cospri's malice
- Enough accuracy and crit chance to trigger skills

Leveling: Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Axiom Perpetuum (2x)
- Tabula Rasa
- Karui Ward
- Tasalio's Sign (2x)
- Seven-League Step
- Goldrim
- Lochtonial Caress
- Replica Prismweave

PoB: https://pobb.in/2x0UX80_XIvr

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/dUoe

Build Video: https://youtu.be/Q_ZVoXHyLwo

Bandits: Kill All


Gem Setup:

Cyclone - Cast On Critical Strike (Awakened) - Ice Nova of Frostbolts - Inspiration - Added Cold Damage (Awakened) - Power Charge On Critical

Summon Skitterbots - Unbound Ailments - Bonechill - Frostblink

Immortal Call (Lvl 1) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 10) / Assassin's Mark - Mark on Hit

Herald of Ice - Precision - Vaal Discipline - Enlighten (Lvl 3)

Prism Guardian:
Vaal Grace / Hatred / Zealotry

Cospri's Malice:
Frostbolt - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Frost Bomb
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Before switching to coc make sure you have:
- Unique items

All the unique items cost less than 15c except Chayla, which costs 2 divs. Do you think it's worthwhile playing this before going low life?
can u give advice to crafting on rare items?
I dont have enough %hp to reserve all 3 skills on shield, what a im missing?
https://pobb.in/HGoFkIuFH4fL is my current PoB. Any recommendations for upgrades? I'm pretty sure Awakened CoC and 52% CDR is next on my list.

I personally swapped to CoC at 68 when I could equip Cospri's. I just played a hybrid life ES build and swapped to LL about midway through yellow maps. I had no issues up to that point.

You need more generic (or life) reservation efficiency. I personally have "2% increased reservation efficiency of skills" from a jewel corruption. Annointing Champion of the Cause is another possible option.
IGN: Vortexbern
how much does this build really cost? can you do it on 20 div or is it closer to 50?
Thank you for the build!

Any way to deal with bleeding besides corrupting a ring and hoping for the right implicit?

edit: just saw in the POB you use a charm to remove bleeding when you use a flask :)
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What are people doing to get elemental ailment immunity? I don't want to run Purity of Elements, so I'm thinking Stormshroud will be the easiest way. It just seems like hardly any CoC builds on poe.ninja use Stormshroud. What methods are people using? Or are they just not worrying about it?
IGN: Vortexbern
i see the budget got changed from 20-50 divs to 50-100 divs what exactly is so expensive about the build? i looked up the uniques and they are all cheap. even a 6 link shavs is around 3-4 divs. is it the cluster jewels? i didnt look up those.

i would like to try the build but only have around 20 divs right now. should i not bother?
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How are you getting level 8 Awakened Coc support? I don't see anything in the POB that's giving gem levels. EDIT: Nevermind, found the Mastery
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