[3.23] Sanavi's 🏹 Blink/Mirror Arrow (BAMA) Necromancer 🏹 | SSF Viable! ✔️


Welcome to the shadow-laden path of a master necromancer, where the arcane art of duplicity is yours to command. Here, you'll learn to weave the ancient and forbidden spells that conjure mirror images, each a spectral duplicate of yourself. Cloaked in a robe as black as the starless night, your eyes ablaze with eldritch fire, you will watch as your mirror images, shimmering in eerie light, become deadly archers raining arrows upon your foes, turning the battlefield into a macabre dance of death and illusion. Unearth the secrets of this dark sorcerer and dominate the battlefield with a phantasmal army at your command.



- Added Sirus Vid
- Added Leveling Section
- Cleaned up PoB, added leveling trees/gear sets/gem setups


- Added Pros/Cons
- Added Key Mechanics
- Added Endgame Gem Setup
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1. Pros + Cons
2. Videos
3. Path of Building
4. Gem Setups
5. Bandits/Ascendancy/Pantheon
6. Leveling
7. Gear
8. F&Q
9. Credits
10. Other Builds

Pros + Cons


- Very Cheap For A League Starter
- Is SSF Viable (As A Starter)
- Totem Playstyle (If you enjoy)
- Your movement skill is your clear!
- Very Defensive


- Has A High Investment Ceiling (Expensive to Min/Max, Painful For SSF)
- Totem Playstyle (If you don't enjoy)

Key Mechanics
Spectres & Minion Defense Investment

In crafting this build, I've integrated the latest Spectres from the Affliction expansion, with a keen focus on enhancing their survivability. The inherent fragility of these Spectres poses a challenge, but it's one we've strategically countered by allocating specific nodes in the skill tree. Here’s how we bolster their defenses with the following wheel nodes:

Grave Intentions
- A cornerstone node that significantly boosts minions and grants them a portion of their life as energy shield, offering a substantial increase in durability.

Indomitable Army
- This node is crucial for reducing physical damage taken by minions and doesn't allow them to take more damage from bleeding while moving.

Not only does this increase minion life, it increases their life regeneration.

Also, two masteries are key here:

- "Minions Recover 5% of Life on Minion Death": This mastery creates a synergy with the Sacrifice node, turning each minion's fall into a healing boon for others.
- "Minions Leech 1% of Damage as Life": This continuous life leech significantly extends the battlefield presence of your minions, making them relentless in their assault.

For the choice of Spectres, we're leveraging their unique auras to augment the build's efficiency and synergy:

Perfect Warlord
- Selected for its Vitality and Endurance Charge generation, it bolsters our overall health and resistance of our minion army.

Perfect Guardian Turtle
- This Spectre's Determination aura and additional physical damage reduction are invaluable for enhancing our toughness.

Perfect Spirit Of Fortune
- With its Wrath aura and the boon of making Lightning Damage lucky, this Spectre amplifies the offensive capabilities of our minions.

Notably, we're avoiding the Perfect Forest Tiger despite its potential. Its high susceptibility to damage and the inflated cost on the Trade market make it a less viable option. Instead, we incorporate Haste as a standard aura in the build, ensuring a balanced blend of offense and defense.

Why Necromancer?

Choosing the Necromancer ascendancy for this build isn't just a thematic preference; it's a strategic decision that unlocks several unique advantages, particularly suited for maximizing the potential of our Affliction Spectres. Here’s a breakdown of why Necromancer stands out as the optimal choice:

Access to Minion Nodes
- The Necromancer ascendancy offers unparalleled proximity to key minion nodes on the North-West quadrant of the passive skill tree. This geographical advantage in the skill tree means less investment in reaching essential nodes, allowing for a more efficient and powerful minion build.

Extended Skill Duration
- With "Mistress of Sacrifice", the Necromancer gets a whopping 50% increase in skill duration. This is further complemented by easy access to "Enduring Bond" in the skill tree, which adds another 64% increased duration. These combined effects dramatically extend the uptime of our Mirror Arrow/Blink Arrow abilities, making them persistently effective in prolonged encounters.

Increased Attack Speed for Minions
- The ascendancy nodes "Commander of Darkness" and "Mindless Aggression" are key in ramping up the attack speed of our minions. Faster attacks mean more damage output.

Synergy with Affliction Spectres
- Necromancer's unique traits harmonize exceptionally with the Affliction Spectres, enhancing their resilience.


When designing this build, the primary objective was to navigate through the toughest endgame content, including both mapping and bossing. To achieve this, we're layering multiple defensive strategies to fortify our necromancer, ensuring robust survivability against a variety of threats.

Here's how we've structured our defenses:

Aura-Based Defenses
- We utilize Grace, Determination, and Defiance Banner. These auras are critical for scaling both armor and evasion, providing a solid defensive foundation. We enhance this with a Jade Flask and Granite Flask, each rolled for a percentage boost to armor and evasion. This setup pushes our physical damage reduction to 90% and the chance to evade attacks to 81%. The Perfect Warlord Spectre adds another layer by providing us with Endurance Charges, further bolstering our physical damage resilience.

Spell Suppression
- We've achieved a 100% Spell Suppression cap, ensuring the full 50% maximum protection against spell-based damage.

Elemental Ailment Immunity
- We are using a perfectly rolled Darkness Enthroned with "100% Increased Effect Of Socketed Abyss Jewels" equipped with an Abyss Jewel with "50% Chance To Avoid Being Shocked". Coupled with a Stormshroud socketed in our passive skill tree, we now have Elemental Ailemnt Immunity.

Critical Hit Immunity
- We use a Watcher's Eye with "You take #% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes while affected by Determination". A perfect roll at 60% drastically reduces the damage from critical strikes. Combined with the Curse Mastery "You take 40% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes by Cursed Enemies", we achieve Critical Hit Immunity. This is essential for mitigating one of the most dangerous forms of damage in endgame content.

- If you've invested in Kingmaker on your Animate Guardian, we gain +10 Fortification.

Animate Guardian

The Animate Guardian is a crucial support minion that can be tailored to fit different budget levels, offering a range of buffs to enhance our build. Whether you're working with a limited budget or ready to invest heavily, there are setups to maximize its potential:


This setup is designed for players looking to optimize without breaking the bank. It focuses on providing solid buffs while maintaining cost-effectiveness:

Helm: Leer Cast

Leer Cast offers a significant damage boost with "You and nearby allies gain 50% increased Damage", a substantial benefit for our minions.


Weapon: Dying Breath

Dying Breath enhances offensive capabilities, with "Nearby Enemies have 18% increased Effect of Curses on them" and "Nearby allies gain 18% increased Damage".


Body: Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast provides a hefty boost to maximum life, essential for survivability.


Gloves: Rare

Choose rare gloves with Life and Chaos Resistance to bolster defenses.


Boots: Rare

Choose rare boots with Life and Chaos Resistance to bolster defenses.



For players willing to invest more, this setup offers top-tier enhancements, significantly amplifying your Animate Guardian's impact:

Helm: Crown of the Tyrant

A premier choice with "Nearby Enemies have -10% to all Resistances".


Weapon: Kingmaker

The undisputed King, the best in slot, granting "Nearby Allies have +10 Fortification", "Nearby Allies have +50% to Critical Strike Multiplier", and "Nearby Allies have Culling Strike".


Body: Gruthkul's Pelt

Offers exceptional life regeneration with "Regenerate 10% of Life per second".


Gloves: Asenath's Gentle Touch

Provides utility and offensive power, cursing enemies with Temporal Chains on hit and causing explosions upon enemy deaths near cursed corpses.


Boots: Windscream

Allows an additional curse, synergizing perfectly with Asenath's Gloves. This ensures your Animate Guardian can apply Temporal Chains without overriding your primary curses and contributes to explosion mechanics in the build.



Path of Building

Path of Building is a community tool used for designing builds. It can be downloaded here: https://pathofbuilding.community/

3.23 All-In-One PoB -> https://pobb.in/gUegtRrbLiBZ

Gem Setups
Endgame Setup

6L - Main Skill (Socket in Weapon)
Mirror Arrow 21/20
- Fresh Meat 21/20
- Awakened Minion Damage 6/20
- Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks 6/20
- Awakened Elemental Focus 6/20
- Increased Critical Damage 21/20

6L - Main Skill (Socket in Body)
Blink Arrow of Bombarding Clones 21/20
- Fresh Meat 21/20
- Awakened Minion Damage 6/20
- Awakened Elemental Damage with Attacks 6/20
- Awakened Elemental Focus 6/20
- Increased Critical Damage 21/20

4L - Auras (Socket in Helmet)
- Grace 21/0
- Precision 21/0
- Haste 21/0
- Defiance Banner 21/20

4L - Minion Support (Socket in Gloves)
- Raise Spectre 21/20
- Animate Guardian 21/20
- Meat Shield 21/20
- Feeding Frenzy 21/20

4L - Curse Setup (Socket in Boots)
Arcanist Brand 21/20
- Elemental Weakness 21/20
- Sniper's Mark 21/20
- Eye of Winter 21/20

1L - Offering (Socket in Ring 1)
Spirit Offering 21/20

1L - Convocation (Socket in Ring 2)
Convocation 21/20


For Bandits: Kill all.

For Ascendancy:

Commander of Darkness -> Mindless Aggression -> Bone Barrier -> Mistress of Sacrifice

For Pantheon: Soul of Arakaali/Soul of Shakari.


Embarking on your journey with Blink/Mirror Arrow begins as early as level 10, given you have access to the necessary gems. Here’s how to smoothly level up your character, ensuring a strong foundation for your endgame build:

Early Access to Gems

- If you have the opportunity, start using Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow right from level 10. This will familiarize you with the playstyle early on (like totems).

- For Blink Arrow, if this build is your league starter, you'll need to create a mule character (Ranger or Duelist) and defeat Brutus in Act 1 to gain access to the gem.

- Mirror Arrow can be obtained from Siosa in Act 3, so make sure to pick it up as soon as you reach that point.

Alternative Leveling Without Muling

- If you prefer not to mule a character, a viable alternative is leveling with Summon Raging Spirits (SRS) until you reach Act 3.

- SRS offers a smooth leveling experience and doesn't require specific gear, making it a practical choice for the initial acts.

- Once in Act 3, visit Siosa to acquire both Blink Arrow and Mirror Arrow, transitioning into the build.

Path of Building (PoB) Resources

- The PoB for this build has been meticulously updated to include comprehensive leveling trees, gear sets, and gem setups.

Current Gear


Coming Soon...


Thanks to Dr3adful for the inspiration, making and playing this version has been a blast! https://www.youtube.com/@Dr3adful

Other Builds
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- Added Pros/Cons
- Added Key Mechanics
- Added Endgame Gem Setup
- Added Eater of Worlds Vid
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Nice looking build. I am going to give it a shot
Yatunic wrote:
Nice looking build. I am going to give it a shot

Thanks! Hope you enjoy.

- Added Sirus Vid
- Added Leveling Section
- Cleaned up PoB, added leveling trees/gear sets/gem setups
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Build is very fun so far even with random garbage I've thrown onto it after a disaster league start character.
Build is very fun so far even with random garbage I've thrown onto it after a disaster league start character.

Glad to hear! :)
- Updated PoB with Transfigured Gem
- Added Juiced T16 vid (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7HldtyECdI&t=5s)
why not use both of bombardind is there a reason to just use normal mirrow arrow? thanks
nvm it doesnt have a limit on normal one answered my own question lol
razlo11 wrote:
nvm it doesnt have a limit on normal one answered my own question lol

Yup :)

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