Molten Strike Champ - 3.23 Build Guide - Not 100% tested

Hey, JustdoingThings here,
I'm a melee enjoyer, played molten strike a couple times as a raider in the events/SSF run after ancestor league and enjoyed the build, but believed it lacked a little in defences for a melee build, and that's how we got here.

There is a youtube link to Anti-Meta-Meta-Build's youtube channel i used as a guide for the raider in notes of PoB

I have done a SSF run on champ, using no uniques besides 50% move speed boots, and everything felt even better than raider. After campaign it's a simple stack armour and evasion together for a big attack damage buff from perseverance belt.

At top end, omni, mahu shield + tempered by war, tri-ele crit claw, nightblade, elusive scaling, nimis, ect.


Campaign gearing and links are explained in the notes section of the PoB.
Multiple trees to guide through leveling,
Multiple item sets for early, mid, end, and two VERY ASPIRATIONAL gear sets.

With occasional weapon upgrades this build really sails through the acts. A boss specific boss here or there, name SHAV, or cursing rares are the real bane in campaign.

From some people with maybe a little more experience with the skill, is there anything glaring I'm missing? Maybe should go for earlier?

Also, looking for ideas to proc adrenaline reliably at the high end budget.
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theres 2 ways (there are more but 2 ways for this build) to proc adrenaline for champ and its corrupting fever with lifetap or weapon swapping to life reservation and swapping back personally i would recommend CF due to you getting the 25% life back. also if your going omni dont use trinity as it will be redundant, and no need to do the 5x molten strike as pob already calculates all ball damage when you look at it including the extra proj from snipers but it cant calculate return proj, a way to get around this is giving yourself a custom modifier for proj damage.

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