[3.23] Voidforge Cleave Build | Slayer | Affliction | Path of Exile 3.23

Hey guys, voidforge cleave slayer build is here. Cleave is a melee attack that deals damage with all equipped weapons to enemies in a 180 degree arc in front of the player.

Cyclone Version: https://youtu.be/gIhhuXvmF28

Build Cost
- Medium Budget: 20-50 div

- Socketed Attacks have # to Total Mana Cost" mod on body armour
- Fuel the Fight (Cluster Notable)

Elemental Ailment Immunity: Using Ancestral Vision.
- Modifiers to Chance to Suppress Spell Damage also apply to Chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments at 50% of their Value
- Also I got 50% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments on my boots.

Stun Immunity: Unstoppable Hero
- You can also get Unwavering Stance if you don't wanna get Unstoppable Hero from forbidden flame/flesh.

- Bloodscent (Cluster Notable)
- Glove implicit

Spell Suppression:
- +16% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage (Magebane)
- +14% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage (Boots)
- +7% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage (Gloves)
- +63% Chance to Suppress Spell Damage (Skill Tree)

Leveling: Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Shiversting (Lvl 14-44) - Rigwald's Charge (Lvl 44-51) - Terminus Est (51-67)
- Tabula Rasa
- Karui Ward, Daresso's Salute
- Praxis
- Blackheart x2 (Lvl 1-24) - Le Heup of All
- Seven-League Step
- Goldrim
- Lochtonial Caress
- Belt of the Deceiver

PoB: https://pobb.in/gecYwCscCrsZ

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/dTyK

Build Video: https://youtu.be/MctoJQZalDk

Bandits: Kill All

- Use a silver flask for onslaught instead of Honoured Tattoo of the Berserker.
- Gem quality changes.
- Lab enchants are gone.

(Footage is from 3.22)


Gem Setup:

Body Armour:
Vaal Cleave (Phantasmal) - Close Combat - Melee Physical Damage (Awakened) - Trinity - Elemental Damage with Attacks (Awakened) - Multistrike

Blood and Sand - Herald of Purity - Determination - Defiance Banner - Precision (Lvl 17) - Enlighten (Lvl 3)

Vaal Ancestral Warchief - Multiple Totems - Ancestral Protector (Phantasmal) / Enduring Cry

Leap Slam - Lifetap (Lvl 1) - Assassin's Mark - Mark on Hit

Molten Shell (Anomalous) (Lvl 10) - Cast When Damage Taken (Lvl 1) / Berserk / Blood Rage
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can this be done with a sword/shield
Life sucks; but damn i'm havin a ball doin it.
hey man, nice build as always

I am following you on YTB for awhile

you are really a good build generator, regarding melee

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