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Video Guide - https://youtu.be/EUW44-sPmzE



- Switched to Divergent Flesh Offering
- Changed boots to 100% chance to avoid being shocked, along with Stormshroud Jewel for all Ele Ailment immunity.

Pros & Cons

- Great for leveling. 1st Ascendancy can carry you to maps
- Very Good Map Clear
- Easy to league start and kill bosses for Voidstones.
- Do not need "Optimal" gear to do well with it
- A lot of defensive layers
- High Mobility with Shield Charge and Frostblink

- Lightning DoT hurts so much.. (Uses Doryani's Prototype)
- High end items can be price



Pob Link - https://pastebin.com/QD1HBJHq

Path of building is an amazing tool and the community who keep it updated are awesome. If you do not have POB yet you can find it at the link below.

Items & Equipment


My Gear (3.22)

Main Slots


For the wand you want double + to skills, minion damage / cast speed and the important suffix of auto casting. As you are starting out, prioritize the auto cast and upgrade with the + skills as you can.

Doryani's Prototype is your only 6-link. Not super expensive. If you can find / corrupt it to have +2 to minion skills you will be dancing in the rain.

The Surrender gives us life on block, which we will cap, to help us become immortal.

Helm at first I started with the base implicit of the Archdemon Crown for the extra -% Lightning res. However the eldrich mods are just too powerful. You can go either way and be fine. The important stat you need on the helm is the +2 minion skill gems.

Gloves / Boots Finish up resistances and your attributes, get as much life as you can. Make sure to get spell suppression on both.

If you want ele ailment immune along with Stormshroud, you need to get % chance immune to shock + exarch implicit.

Eldrich Mods we like:
+% suppress with Eater
+% Minion Damage with Exarch

+% Life Regen Rate with Eater or Cooldown Recovery Rate with Eater
+% Max Fire Res with Exarch
+% shock immune with Exarch



Mage blood would obviously be best; if you can get one.
Otherwise a Stygian Vise with a nice Ghastly Eye Jewel is what you want to aim for.
You want Life, Cold/Fire Res, Attributes you are missing.

Both rings are Ventor's Gambles with everything positive except the lightning resistance. You want that negative.
If you slam it with prismatic catalysts lightning will go further negative as the others increase.

Ashes of the Stars is ideal, however a rare amulet with +skills will work as well and you can eater influence a helm for the reservation efficiency.



The Red Nightmare is used along side fire resistance tattoos to increase our block rate.

Impossible Escape is used to help our defences and max Fire Res.

Melding of Flesh is used to lower our lightning resistance into the negatives. Very strong combo with our Doryani's Prototype.

Thread of Hope allows us to save some passive skill points.

The two Forbidden Jewels are another layer of increasing the damage enemies take and decreasing elemental damage we take. If you are working on a budget, you can move these to the last jewels to get.

The cluster Jewels are a bit tricky, we want the 3 notables on it to force the two we want to be on the sides. Most importantly we want at least 1 renewal and 1 Call to the slaughter.



Life flask with Bleed / Corrupted Blood Immune.
Bottled Faith to really help against DoT and increase damage done to enemies.
Granite, Basalt & Quartz for defense.

Flask Prefix:
Charge Recovery of some sort.
Flask Suffix:
+% Armor during effect

If you cannot afford a Bottled Faith you can use another utility flask with more +% armor.
However, Bottled Faith is a powerful front line of defense if you get caught in a lightning DoT. The Consecrated Ground + Lethe Shade + Life flask can keep you up for a few seconds before you rip. Enough time to kill the mob, or move out of the way.

Gems & Links


Vaal Absolution

Upgrade the Spell Echo with Awakened Spell Echo.


Divergent Determination & Anomalous Zealorty would be improvements if you can get them

AG & Spectre

AG Should have either Kingmaker for more defensive layers or Dying Breath for an offensive aura.
Gruthkul's Pelt and The infinite Pursuit help with survivability on your AG.

Spectres are:
1x Arena Master (Dox Maps) +20% Damage, Attack, Cast & Move Speed.
1x Baranite Cleric (Baran Maps) 100% of Physical as extra lightning damage aura + 50% chance to shock.
1x Primal Rhex Matriarch (Harvest) Screech makes enemies take 40% more lightning damage for 4 seconds every 8 seconds.

Guard & Movement

None of these need to be linked. Put the Molten Shell on your left click to use while moving. You will be able to move around maps very quickly with Shield Charge and use Frostblink as your GTFO movement ability.

Block/Stun Support

With your block capped and your CWSS leveled and 20%, you will basically be auto casting these throughout a map. Carrion Golem will give your Sentinels more damage, Convocation keeps your Sentinel of Radiance nearby and your Sentinels of Abso in the Baranite Cleric Auras.

Auto Trigger

Self explanatory here, make corpses, blow them up and mark your bosses for free.

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Pantheons & Bandits


Soul of Arakaali - Helps with DoT damage.

Soul of Abberath - Immune to burning ground.
Soul of Shakari - If you prefer help against poisons or chaos DoT

Maps & Bosses




-% Player Resistances
Monsters Maim/Blind/Impale/etc on hits
+% Monster Resistances
Monsters Steal Charges
Buffs Expire Faster
Less area of effect
Monsters Deal % extra damage as Fire / Cold


Monsters Deal % extra damage as Lightning


Reflect Physical or Elemental
No Life/ES/Mana Regen
-% Player Armor / Block Rate


- Easy, Just dodge and call down the lightning. Save Vaal Abso for after the bullet hell phase.

- Dumb easy, dodge the big hits and profit.

- Maven does Lightning!! If your defenses against Lightning are not finished, you ganna have a bad time.

- Easy to smack with damage, dodge as normal. Bait the beams away and utilize your Frostblink to avoid slams.

- Go to sleep in the middle? Very easy fight and the Sentinels of Absolution make it feel like a cut scene.

Uber Elder
- Easy, just dodge again.

- No issue, just make sure not to bring your AG or it will probably die.

Trouble Staying Alive?


Check List:
1. Fire / Cold Res Capped?
2. Do I have Leathe Shade?
3. Do I have 45k+ armor after flasks?
4. Is my block rate capped on attacks and spells? (Bastion of Hope Ascendancy node will give you +25%.)
5. Do I have Consecrated Ground?
6. Did I have my Sentinel of Radiance up? (It takes the first 20% of your damage for you.)
7. Is Molten Shell on left mouse click?
8. Did I look away from the screen? < . >

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Build looks great!

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