[3.24]g00fy_goober's Poison SRS Necromancer (Easily Clear All Content)

Note: If you have any questions pertaining to the build. Please post them here or if you want feel free to ask in stream. Please do not PM me in game or on forum as you will not get a response.

Stream: Feel free to stop by my stream at twitch.tv/goof1313 if you have any questions about builds or guides. Always happy to discuss them on stream or answer any questions you may have.

3.24 - SRS lost the innate 38% more damage on the gem but due to other a handful of other changes the build maintains its power and changes jewels and gearing slightly. Here is a more in depth breakdown for specifics:
- Lost 38% more damage on gem
- Mindless Aggression changed to 20% more max life and 10% more damage
- Unholy might from Unnatural strength changed and reworked which is a big dps increase letting the nerf to the skill gem become almost non-existent.
- Dropped mistress of sacrifice, meaning we are no longer 75/75 block but 50/58. You can keep this node and drop bone barrier or commander of darkness if you want, but definitely think dropping mistress of sacrifice will be the better play. Playing the build this league so I will change if needed.
- Bone barrier completely changed and lets your minions leech life to you and have 40% max life as ES. This should more than make up for losing the block and give a vast amount of leech sustain.
- Severed in sleep now way better to upgrade to United in dream giving us 60% poison on hit chance since we now get wither from unholy might. This relieves the crazy pressure of getting high/perfect rolls of poison on hit on our jewels. With a good darkness enthroned we now only need 2 abyss jewels in our belt with even the worst minimum poison on hit roll(10%) and that will give us our 100% meaning we don't need poison on hit on any of our abyss jewels in tree and can instead get the extra affix for minions get attack/cast speed.0 - - Swapped amulet back to ashes as it gives more dps and gem exp and find it more beneficial than jinxed juju and aul's uprising.
- Swapped Bone offering for flesh offering now that we no longer use the offering for ourselves.

Video Guide
https://youtu.be/ES2KfB8EZQU - (3.22) Make sure to check changelog for any changes, written guide will be updated but video guide will obviously not be.

I Really wanted to get back into build guides and creation. It is something that is amazing for new players and veterans alike. Now that it has been quite some time since GGG has done big meta shifts (or more importantly since they completely gutted something or removed/nerfed something completely changing the meta) I wanted to start up builds/guides again and make almost a repository of builds that I have done start to finish and share them with the community. I want more players to come to love the game as much as I do and hopefully these builds will help someone out there

Also best to look at pob as it has the leveling trees and skill setup in much more organized detail. Quick run down here:

- SRS + minion damage + melee splash
- Raise zombies + minion damage + minion life
- Focus almost entirely on res/life gear
- Early passives help a ton for minion stuff
- Shred all content till maps while being super safe and tanky

Gear breakdown & Stat Prioritization
Best to refer to POB or video guide as it is much more organized but will leave quick examples/explanations here
Looks complicated but fairly simple. +2 all minion is an absolute must and first mod to go for. Then decent life + high spell suppress. Higher suppress rolls we get the lower tiers we can use on eldritch currency later. Any additional res is good to have. This makes for one nice helm once finished.

United in dream. We want the poison on hit chance now that we get wither on hit from our ascendency.

+5 max cold res is awesome especially for ice novas and other things. Tons of defenses, res, high block and the 2% ES recovery on block even with low armor this gives us some es sustain and pairs great with both Mind over matter and eldritch battery.

Covenant gives tons of extra dps, ES, and more life. Can get corruptions or double corrupt to push the damage even a bit further.

Again high suppress and life. Getting chaos res and dex roll really helps alleviate the stress of maxing those later. Considering that only brings it up to 4 mod gloves it really isn't too hard to buy/make.

Going fast is a must as we rely on movement speed and dash to get around. Mobility is one of the most underated aspects on any character IMO. Again another high dex/suppress roll + high move speed and life. Implicits can be literally w/e you want but I chose for more movespeed and CDR for travel skills.

Darkness enthroned with as high % effect as you can get. This really helps for when we spec out of non-psn into psn you really want to try for % psn jewels in here with as close to 100% effect as you can get.

Ashes is the go to here but very versatile and able to swap with jinxed juju or aul's uprising if you want. Rings are split 50/50 to min/max certain stats on build. One is mostly for res/chaos res and life along with another big dex roll. Other ring is pure dps wonderfulness with some life/chaos res mixed in.


Actually dropped life flask now that minions gives us leech and opted for an amethyst flask for more chaos res.

Jewels are very simple and straightforward on this character and are mostly comprised of minion ghastly eye jewels. We do use 2 unique jewels however... The green nightmare just to cap up our spell suppress at 100% and ofc amanamu's gaze to get that sweet 30% dot multi.

For Clusters we get a single 12 passive minion cluster with call of the slaughter + 35% inc affect and 3% attack/cast speed. Extra life is nice or you can even drop the notable to help cap chaos res if you want to. Mana is not a bad roll here as the more it gives us the higher level we can up our precision which is not huge but adds a bit of dps if you want to push it.

Rest is ghastly eye minion jewels. Need a solid 5x with life + minion attack/cast speed + minion dmg if minion skill was used recently. Then last mod is minion deals X to X chaos damage.

*NOTE* These jewels can get VERY expensive. Going for 4 decent rolled good mods can cost literally 20-40 div a piece. This is only for super end game min/maxing and is not needed for the normal build to clear everything very easily.

Gems & Links

6L Setup: SRS - Unleash - Minion Dmg - Melee Splash - Unbound Ailments - Void Manipulation
*NOTE* Awakened versions of gems will be used later along with divergent SRS and you can start with chance to poison instead of void manipulation until you get your abyss jewels.
3L Setup (WEAPON ONLY): Summon stone golem - feeding frenzy - Generosity
3L Setup: Tempest Shield - Flesh Offering - Precision
4L Setup: Raise Spectre - Meat Shield - Minion Life - Animate Guardian
*NOTE* Used raise zombies until swapping to AG. Also used minion damage while leveling + early mapping until I got the high end spectres.
4L Setup: Despair - Blasphemy - Vaal Haste - Enlighten (at least level 3)
4L Setup: Flame Dash + Divine Blessing + Malevolence + freebie spot (can use convocation or portal gem or w/e)

*Note* Keep a Multistrike support in your inventory to swap to bosses. The earlier and less geared you are the more you use this. At full gear... only thing this gets swapped for extreme single target like pinnacle bosses or ubers or w/e.

Spectres + Animate Guardian
Spectres we simply go for arena master (found in drox maps) and pale seraphim (which is a beyond mob) if/when you push raise spectre to level 25 you then pick up carnage chieftain.

As for Animate Guardian. There is a quick breakdown in notes in the POB however the "end game" setup is:

Helmet - Crown of the tyrant with white socket
Weapon - Kingmaker
Chest - Garb of the Ephemeral
Gloves - Asenath's gentle touch
Boots - Windscream

No No Map Mods
- None. This build runs all mods just fine. HOWEVER... there are 2 mods that can be slightly to moderately annoying. The first and worst is Desecrated ground. Can still run just fine but stepping on desecrate stops the regen of your ES. So you can get half through a map and realize you can't cast your skill anymore since we use eldritch battery. Can just take a step off and wait or you can avoid them as much as possible while running around.

The second is less recovery. This feels meh on both life + es since we use a bit of both to cast our skill. Not a huge issue but can be annoying sometimes.

Death attunement. Simply to get +1 zombie and our third spectre.


Kill all for the +2 passives

Ascendancy Points

Commander of Darkness > Mindless Agression > Bone Barrier > Unnatural Strength


Minor God - Abberath. I Like being immune to burning ground especially when I have no regen on map mod or w/e. The 60% reduced duration of ignite is also great.

Major God - Soul of Brine King. Simply for the reduced effect of chill and freeze immunity.

Feel free to change this as needed or use whatever other gods you would like to worship.

PoB link

Will fill in as needed. None atm.

Hope you all enjoyed the guide and hope it allows many of you to enjoy poe even more. If you have any questions/comments feel free to post up but make sure you have FULLY read the guide. Happy farming my fellow exiles!
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Added in pob and fixed a couple typos.
hi , im fairly new to the game just a few months and i wanna try this build .. so how tanky is it or imma get one shotted regularly ?

cuz im dead tired of trying several builds that get me one shotted often and i feel like im really stuck in the campaign ..

so i have around 190c to start with , is it enough or mandatory to have all those expensive uniques before i jump into maps ?

and i have all the leveling uniques ready .

thanks for the great work tho :)
g00fy_goober wrote:
Please do not PM me in game or on forum as you will not get a response.

What a friendly build creator, you love to see it ^^
Build is 1 to 1 copy of balormage's poison srs from sanctum league, why would you even write a guide on it?
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
MrsDeath_ wrote:

What a friendly build creator, you love to see it ^^
Build is 1 to 1 copy of balormage's poison srs from sanctum league, why would you even write a guide on it?

Balormage had a couple great videos and did a collaboration on a written guide mixed with ghazzys. I felt I played the build differently enough from both that it warrented it's own guide.

Just to list some examples:
- Don't use armor stacking or determination aura at all
- Run blasphemy + despair
- Different cluster jewel
- Self cast offering
- Use ashes
- Use enlighten
- Use 3 spectres
- Use precision Aura

As for pming, pming me on the forums or in game will not get a response. That is literally what the written guide is for and is simply to help other people with questions. I also get notifications if anyone posts in any of my threads or guides. Messaging someone in game is not the way to go about asking a question about a guide they have written up on forums. I apologize if you fail to see this.
Video guide added. Happy farming.
well written gj
why MoM?
lordofcinder6 wrote:
well written gj

Thanks hope it helps some people out there. Build is.... super fun to me atm and great for tota and sanctum.

yakirismaki wrote:
why MoM?

Simply because we have a lot of es + the regen es on block. Honestly I normally absolutely HATE Mind over matter. Even with tons of regen and like thousands of mana the second you can't cast your skill it feels awful... however that is almost never a problem with this build, and when it is there are so many other defensive layers that it's never really a problem more just a minor annoyance.

99% of the time you don't even notice it though and just play like normal because we don't even get hit a lot especially during normal mapping and such.
Updated guide to include a section for spectres + AG (was allready in POB notes section). Also updated POB link with last few jewels.

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