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Greetings Exiles, had this consecrated path totem build theorycrafted in my mind since quite some time ago since Earthbreaker came out, but never came into fruition because the numbers from the POB itself did not reach the level that I wanted it to. Except after the release of Wilma's Requital in 3.20, the build that I envisioned became a reality, so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

!!!Recommended Playstyle:!!!!
Mapping - Summon Protector (linger effect), Summon Cons. Path totem, Smite once in awhile. Let Cold Snap trigger for frenzy charges
Bossing - Same as above, except summon Vaal Anc. Warchief and hit with Frenzy a few times for charge gen. Press Vaal Haste once setup completed.

Not ticked in POB- :
-Vaal Haste (may not have enough vaal souls to activate, low duration buff so not reliable), Vaal Ancestral Warchief less so because linger effect + long totem duration

!!!To change Endgame to Budget Configuration:!!!
Change tree in 'Tree' tab
Change active skill & aura in 'Skills' tab
Change item set in 'Items' tab

Pros & Cons:
+ Totem gameplay
+ Decent clear for totem build because of high %attack speed
+ Good DPS (and uptime) for endgame because can summon totem and run around
+ Decent tankiness vs strength stacker variation
+ Cheap to start & gear (niche uniques), but scaleable to 10++ mil dps

- Totem gameplay (totems have 'active range', need to understand totem limits when summoning, 'You' is You but totem 'You' is sometimes not You, etc.)
- Fluctuating DPS (Buffs dependent)
- Unique dependent
- Can have abit too many buttons (hence split gameplay style mentioned above during mapping vs bossing for ease of play)
- Need to be aware of composition of summoned totems (sometime they die / replaced by other totems because of wrong sequence)
- Mana can deplete too much if got into wrong position (damage taken from mana effect)

Offensive layers:
1. Fire & forget style Totem
Melee totem using Consecrated Path is akin to a flicker strike totem, do not need to relocate as much. Totems in turn have great DPS uptime as they'll continue hitting mobs even from a distance.

2. Hits can't be evaded + Elemental overload
Lycosidae's hits can't be evaded solve all of our accuracy problem which is otherwise difficult for Templars and Ele overload allows us to scale in a non-crit non-accuracy method.

3. Avatar of Fire + Frostbreath double damage when chill + Skitterbots Chill
Avatar of Fire converts all sources to Fire damage and Frostbreath unique effect of dealing double damage on chilled enemies work well with skitterbots chill aura (do not need to spec into chill application).
All flat added damage is thus twice as valuable because of Frostbreath.

4. Kaom's Spirit + High HP regen for Rage generation + Berserk
Kaom's spirit allows us to gain rage from HP regen, build has alot of HP regen from Ritual of Awakening ascendancy + Consecrated Ground generation from main skill w. inc. effects allows for very high HP regen,
which is coverted to Rage generation which can be used with Berserk.

5. Wilma's Requital Cast speed applies to Attack speed.
Allows for very high attack speed for totems for it to really feels good, especially from onslaught and haste (+vaal haste)

Defensive layers:
1. Armor + Stun Immunity + 4 permanent End. charge. + low chance to block
%Armor from tree
Armor from gear, Determination, Molten Shell, flasks.

Stun Immunity from Pantheon

4 permanent endurance charge from ascendancy (gives phys damage reduction + extra resists)

Block from shield

2. Fire & forget style Totem
Once your totem setup is set up and running, you can focus on dodging.

3. Recoup life + Recover life every 4 sec. mastery
Recoup life from tree as regen replacement when damaged, recover life can be used in conjunction with Kaom's spirit to mitigate downside of no regeneration.

4. Good uptime of Berserk
Berserk give less damage taken as well so a good uptime of Berserk can be very good defensively.

Mastery, Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon:
Important Mastery :
1. Fire Mastery (100% inc. damage against ignited enemy, build can reliably ignite enemies)
2. Mana Mastery (Reservation Efficiency)
3. Totem Mastery (Totem action speed cannot be below base value)<<<<<<<USE THIS BEFORE EFFECT AVAILABLE FROM CLUSTER JEWEL
5. Recovery Mastery (Recover every 4 seconds, skirt around Kaom's Spirit effect)
6. Armor/ES Mastery (Armor applies to Chaos hits)
7. Avatar of Fire

Ascendancy :
1. Pursuit of Faith (Totems placement speed, +1 global max totems)
2. Ritual of Awakening (More damage per totem, life regen for rage, mana regen)
3. Conviction of Power (Perma endurance & power charge)<<<<<<CAN START TAKING ELEMENTAL OVERLOAD AS WILL BE VERY CONSISTENT
4. Divine Guidance (Mana)

Bandits :
Kill all for 2 points

Pantheon :
Soul of Brine King (Stun 'immunity' and freeze immunity)
Soul of Ryslatha / Yugul / Garukhan (life flasks, or Yugul for reduced curse effectiveness during cursed maps, reduced shock effect)

Level with whatever gems spells you like (Freezing Pulse / Arc / whatever) before comfortable switching to totems, probably after first ascendancy.

Gem setup:
Main Skill (Consecrated Path Totem):
Consecrated Path + Earthbreaker + Elemental Damage w. Attacks + Combustion + Immolate + Ruthless
Main skill, cons. path totem setup. Immolate provides huge flat added damage on ignited enemies, which we don't have problem applying.
!!!Local Totem limit = 3!!!

Utility Attacks:
Smite (Phantasmal) + Frenzy + Leap Slam + Faster attacks
Smite & Frenzy gives bonus damage from smite aura & frenzy charges, hit enemies with them once in a while to refresh duration.
Change to Phantasmal smite for more speed boost.
Standard leap slam setup.

CWDT + Molten Shell + Cold Snap
Guard skill + Cold Snap for frenzy charge duration during mapping,

Aura (socketed in Helmet for reservation efficiency):
Determination + Anger + Vaal Haste + Summon Skitterbots
Aura skills. Vaal Haste to be used when needed. Skitterbots gives persistent shock & chill, good synergy with Frostbreath for double damage.

Utility Totems:
Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Ancestral Protector + Multiple Totem + Culling Strike
Only Vaal Ancestral Warchief (not the normal version) to be used.
!!!Local Totem Limit for Ancestral Protector = 5!!!
!!!Local Totem limit for Vaal Ancestral Warchief = 6!!!

!!!Because of the way totem local limits work, you need to take note of the order your totems are summoned.!!!

Utility misc.:
Berserk, Blood and Sand, 1 last slot whatever you like (I used Cast on Death Portal because 1 of my ring is unset ring)
Berserk to put on LMB to automate Berserk activation (instant cast). Blood and Sand on blood stance for more damage.
!!!Turn off Blood and Sand if no helm corruption yet, use 3 nodes on small cluster jewel with reservation efficiency!!!

My Gear + Explanation:

High ele damage 1H rares>Frostbreath:
Use any good roll rares before switching to Frostbreath. Can corrupt for better damage, cheap unique.
!!!Make sure to have Skitterbots aura running when using Frostbreath!!!

Solves all of our accuracy issue because of 'Hit's cant be evaded' effect, which is difficult for Templar starting position.
No alternanate replacement.

Rares > Wilma's Requital > Corrupted Wilma's Requital
Rares into Wilma and finally upgrade into corrupted version for reservation efficiency.
Best enchantment: %attack speed when affected by Ancestral Protector (effect will double as it benefits from tree)

Body Armour:
5L rare > 6L Rare > 6L Searing Exarch & Eater implicit astral plate
Good resistance & armor rolls. Implicit aim for %aura effect & %anger effect.

Rares > Kaom's Spirit > Corrupted Kaom's Spirit (+1 Frenzy)
Change your life regen into Rage, build have very good rage regen rate to consistently use Berserk.

Rares > Legacy of Fury
Scorch effect for DPS. Take note 'nearby' is only 30 units radius.
Best enchantment: Damage penetrate ele resist if not killed recently (Perma uptime because totem kill =/= your kill)

Rares > Rare Stygian
Life + Res. Abyss jewel is life + as much added fire damage as possible.

Shavronnes Revelation + Rares with dex rolls > Flammability on Hit ring + Polaric Devestation
Shavronnes ring for early mana regen. Polaric Devestation for cover in Ash, Flammability on hit ring for curse.

Xoph's Heart > Rares with Dex rolls
Early game budget version can use Xoph's Heat to cover nearby enemies in Ash (same 30 units radius as Legacy of Fury scorch). Transition to rare with Dex rolls.
!!!Essentialy swap role of early game ring & amulet to endgame ring & amulet, skip this step if Polaric Devestation fairly cheap!!!

- Large cluster with Corrosive Element (Inflict Fire Exposure) & Prismatic Heart (Damage + Res)
- Medium cluster with Sleepless Sentries (Onslaught) % Ancestral Guidance (Action speed cannto go below base)<<<<<<Replace Totem Mastery once specced into Ancestral Guidance
- 2 Small cluster jewels w. 2/3 of the 50% aura reservation (Haste / Anger / Determination)
- !!!Budget setup requires 3 nodes on small cluster jewel with aura reservation!!!
- Lethal Pride at Templar jewel location for Intimidate on hit & Totem damage.
- Watchers Eye with Anger fire pen & Determination phys damage reduction.
- Impossible Escape at Iron Reflex for Panopticon & Ironwood
- Abyss Jewel with flat life & added flat fire damage (other damage is ok too because of Avatar of Fire 50% conversion, fire is best)

1.Bleed life flask
2.Sulphur flask (prefix = flagellant, suffixes in any particular combination = attack speed, cast speed, %armor, curse effect)
3.Basalt flask
4.Granite flask
5.Amethyst flask
My Youtube channel guide:
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Really a nice idea. I have no mood to strength stack too.
But the combination with frostbreath and skitterbots should work with other
Slsm totems too, or not?

What do you think about earthshatter?
mantol456 wrote:

still viable for 3.23?

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