[3.22] Zephyrus' Carrion Golemancer (100MILL DPS+ , UBERS, ALL MAPS, DEFENSIVE)

Not necessary need Conduit, its a plus. You can choose other, just dont screw the build with a random CI or something :).

I dont have time now to record, but if i have, i'll make some content.

Guys, be a little bit patient, i will do some content:

Here is Uber Elder:


I'll upload more, just i'm a bit busy in these 2 weeks :)
Animate Guardian loses items upon death in league mechanics?
the Uber Elder video u posted took a long time given that you say you have 100+ mill dps
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lots of problems with this build but how is this 90% phys reduc lol. with 13k armour might as well be no physical reduction aside from 10 fortification from AG
That wand u use on END GAME doesn't exist on 3.22, what other possibilities besides clayshaper to remain with 6 golems?
can you make a part with Tattoos pls ?
This is made on a character in STANDARD, no tattoos available, using weapons made in previous league (Crucible), enabling 2 extra golems. You will never reach this in 3.22, and this build is not 90% phys reduction. Against a shaper slam this build has only 37% phys reduction, and it's nowhere near 100m dps, more like 14,5m dps against shaper. Effective hitpool is a mere 36k... This is paper cannon and not very good at that.

Also the note section is heavily outdated, guiding to buying minion helmet with a + to socketed minion gems, this mod is long gone and buried.

If you are looking for a minion build to play, please find someone who actually knows what they are doing.
I'm kinda sad to find out the comments under this build. I picked it up and jumped right into it. Now i got to the part of upgrading to endgame gear just to find out it doesn't excist... :/ Kind of wasted my time with this build i guess
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