SRS Guardian Help Needed please

Hi there.
So I am trying to play the SRS ghazzy build. I feel like the damage is fairly good . But it feels very squishy to me for a guardian. Is there anyone that can maybe help with advice ?
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What helped me the most for pushing survivability was buying an Aegis Aurora, a Rumis Concoction to max out my block chances, and specc into Mind over Matter. With capped Block Chances against Spells and Attacks you get bacl 2 % of Energy Shield every time you block an attack/spell, and so have a constant 40 % Damage Reduction from Mind over Matter. Just be careful with maps that have things like Burning Ground or other stuff you cant block, cause that will drain your ES and leave you unable to cast spells if you´re unlucky.
Thanks so much for the reply. Will def look into that. I am also not the richest person in game so will save up for hat and fleshcrafter + Aegis.
Yup build feels clunky until you get a aegis shield. I have tried it everyway possible. I play on console and have the #1 top geared srs guardian. I do my own thing and tried everything from adding crit. In the end its a good build but it can only be pushed so far.

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