[3.22] Phantasmal Static Strike Mjölner Arc Inquisitor | Feel Like Thor | Trial of the Ancestors

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/TFRVDBWcDjs

Build Explanation
This build is very unique heavy and not really recommended for SSF players unless they have most key uniques so build can at least function. The most important
unique is obviously Mjölner. Other important uniques are Doryani's Prototype, Astramentis, Alpha's Howl, Glorious Vanity and Melding of the Flesh. The uniques we will
eventually want are two Ventor's Gambles, Energised Armour and a very expensive The Squire. Yeah I was not kidding when I said this build was unique
heavy. Mjölner lets us trigger our Arc on hit with a 0.25 second cooldown. Most people that use Mjölner use it with Cyclone but there is one more, more thematically fitting
option and that is Static Strike. Now, normal static strike works just fine but to reach the speed of mjölner we use phantasmal static strike, which gives 1% increased beam
frequency per 1% quality. We use Doryani's Prototype for the "Nearby Enemies have Lightning Resistance equal to yours" affix, for which we use some other items which we will
get to in a bit. Astramentis for reaching high attribute requirements of Mjölner. Alpha's Howl to fit all our auras into our build, which also grants freeze immunity and a
bit of cold res. Glorious Vanity with "in the name of Xibaqua" to make up for the loss of survivability that comes with using Doryani's Prototype especially against lightning
DoT. We use Melding of the Flesh and Ventor's Gamble rings to drop our lightning resistance as much as we can, though these items are hard to get with good rolls we work our
way to it one item at a time. Energised Armour socketed at the Jewel spot left of the Templar starting point gives great amounts of Armour with our passive tree setup. Eventually
when we have enough currency, to make the build reach its true power, we get The Squire shield, which lets us support our Arc skill socketed in Mjölner with three more support
gems, almost doubling our damage. After those if we still have more currency to invest in the build we can get a pricy Watcher's Eye with Wrath and Zealotry affixes.

With Static Strike we use supports that help arc and ease gameplay rather than scale its damage as we do not use it as our main damage skill. We will look at this more in
gem setup section. We use Shield Charge to move around quickly, Ancestral Cry to activate Static Strike more conveniently and flame dash as our blink skill. Also Molten Shell
linked with CWDT for extra survivability.

We use many auras to strenghten our build. Tempest Shield for spell block as well as shock immunity. Determination for armour which is vital for our survivability in this build.
As well as Grace paired with Iron Reflexes keystone for even more armour. Wrath for great amounts of damage. And Zealotry for more damage and convenient consecrated ground

Enchantments also play a role in this build, especially the boot enchant "Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently". Even tho not too great of an increase
it still is about 6% more damage against bosses.

This build has couple weak points tho. One and the greatest one is Lightning DoT. While mapping we need to be very careful when we encounter one, even tho it is not an instant
death, it still hurts a lot. On bossing Baran influenced maps and the boss itself casts a Lightning DoT AoE we need to be carefull about. Another weak point is ignite. This
builds only mitigation against ignite comes from the flask affix. Not too much of a weak point but a weak point nontheless.

Otherwise we are freeze immune, shock immune and stun immune with great amounts of armour and resistances making this build very tanky against many aspects of the game. Later
on we can get chill immune aswell with a boot craft.

Pros & Cons

-Great clear

-Great bossing


-Constant damage

-Constant static sound

-Have to renew static strike effect every 4-5 seconds

-Sometimes the attack speed is not enough when hitting moving monsters and misses making player hit more times to get the static strike effect.

-DoTs are bad

-Not viable in SSF

-Constant static sound


Copy and paste the link in pob to import

Gem Links

Static Strike (On Doryani's Prototype)
Phantasmal Static Strike > ... Faster Attacks ....
................................................ V .............
...... Culling Strike ........ < ......... Rage ...........
.............. V ...............................................
.. Divergent Innervate .. > . Increased Duration .

Arc (On Mjölner)
Arc > Added Lightning Damage .....
..................... V ......................
......... Controlled Destruction .......

Arc supports if you get a Squire (On The Squire)
Arcane Surge > Empower .....
....................... V ..........
................... Cruelty .......

Auras (On Alpha's Howl)
Zealotry + Determination + Grace + Wrath

Misc (On Boots/Gloves)
Flame Dash > Arcane Surge
Vaal Molten Shell > Cast When Damage Taken
Shield Charge > Faster Attacks
Ancestral Cry
Tempest Shield


You will also need a 8 passive 3 notable lightning cluster and 2 reserv clusters with 2 passives with zealotry and wrath reserv efficiencies.

Mapping and Map Mods
Apart from the regular stay-away map mods such as reflect or lowered defences (reduced aura effect, lowered block-armor, - max res etc.) we must be careful for these mods:

-Reduced cooldown recovery

This mod will reduce your dps as it makes your arc trigger less often.

-Monsters suppress spell damage

Obviously gonna reduce our damage as we deal damage with arc which is a spell.

-Monster damage ignite

This build lacks defence against ignite and only uses a flask to get rid of it, be careful when running this mod.

-Damage as lightning

Obviously be careful when running this mod if you have low armour etc.

There are also some mods we can ignore:

-Enemy elemental resistance

We don't care about this mod as we set lightning resistance of enemies nearby to our own.

-Enemies are hexproof

We do not use any curses

-Be very careful when mapping, mana siphoners are obvious and easy to take care of but in dense maps or laggy pcs it may be too late when you notice one.

-You can run righteous fire to boost your damage significantly but lose much on recovery so if you play on HC I dont recommend RF as our damage is more than enough.

-Until you get the squire, play with rise of the phoenix to get life regen, some ignite immunity and being able to run RF to some degree.

I level my characters using smite until I can equip all my items. It is very fun to level with, linked with ancestral call.

Until you get the 90% corruption on your alphas howl you can use purity of fire + RF to get some damage. After you get it tho I recommend switching to grace as it gives a huge boost to armour.

Ascendancy - Bandits - Pantheon - Anoint - Enchants
Ascendancy - Inquisitor

Bandits - Kill all

Pantheon - Soul of Arakaali - Soul of Ralakesh

Anoint - Charisma


Helm - Arc damage or chain

Gloves - of light

Boots - added lightning damage

Expensive Upgrades

-The Squire

-Wrath & Zealotry Watchers Eye

-90% alpha's howl corrupt

-Awakened versions of various gems used in the build

-Increased damage doryani's prototype corrupt

-Higher rolled astramentis

-Better Ventor's Gamble rings with life res rolls alongside a good -% lightning res roll

Content Videos

Will add once I get enough questions :)
Last bumped on Sep 23, 2023, 9:15:38 PM
Looks fun! I'll try it! Currently just starting act 5 on a templar so should be able to give it a go soonish
Complex build but you told very well all manner.

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