[3.22] League Starter Spellblade + Energy Blade + Battlemage + EO Inquisitor 2.2M Pinnacle DPS

Put together tree for Inquisitor league starter using Placeholder for Spellblade. Non-crit. EO. Battlemage. Energy Blade. ES Stacking heavily. GG Gear in PoB but you can budget it its only placeholder..

2.2M Pinnacle/Guardian DPS

Community Path of Building Latest Version 2.31.2
PoB = https://pobb.in/eO8ZFGkm5MSe
(Uses New Aura Minion Gem (Guardian's Blessing) to enable Haste Aura)

*Updated with Annoit. Now 2.2M Pin/Grd Dps

We don't need to run Shavronnes i think with the updated PoB, reserving only 85% of life and having enough life with life regen and pious path to mitigate degen now along with Pantheon. It should work I think so atleast without Shavs now.
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Gonna league start this, thanks for doing the PoBing!
IF you tried this build. It doesn't quite work like I thought. You have to Dual Wield Energy Blade so you loose alot of damage potential from a 2hander Energy Blade setup. I don't recommend Spellblade used in this way atleast Energy Blade isnt the ideal matchup with Spellblade, since you have to dual wield.
Isn't an es stacking shield more useful than dual wielding? Also your build layout has massive mana issues and ele overload proc inconsistencies.
But how bad is the build? Is it being rebuilt? Is there a simple makeover or just time to re-roll? ;P
Ninjaoctopi wrote:
Gonna league start this, thanks for doing the PoBing!

good luck

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