FR Totem Hiero still dead?

Hi all,

since i saw the new Sacrifice Support I wonder, if it's possible to go for FR Totem again. My quick and dirty PoB makes me slightly optimistic even though it's far from former glory. However I remember GGG killed FR Totems thoroughly after Expedition and I can't remember the Details. So I fear im overlooking something ... can any of you remember the details on why FR Totem wasn't just not viable any more but completely dead?

Best regards
Last bumped on Aug 16, 2023, 5:53:41 AM
Are Forbidden Rite Totems DEAD in 3.16? | Path of Exile Scourge, GhazzyTV goes over it :)

Tatiantel2 has a nice list of totem starters, no update yet for 3.22
(creeping frost & storm burst look nice)

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