3.22 Starter Snipe burning arrow Chieftain (up1) = >> Never Again

Hello and Welcome to the brain storming about snipe burning arrow Chieftain >>> not good

As plan this build Was a starter, the clearing Was good, the bossing was terrible... because of the chance to ignite+accuracy+aim of the player snipe burning arrow was not good as it was a pain un the a×× to inflict à ignite ( i am even bot speaking about ea) ... i finelly respect in flamewood totem Who was bug and now running à hexblast chiftain White saems to be working

It's almost certain what this build will be my starter on 3.22
++ Because of the setup it can clear and do Bosses
++ Because of chieftain rework, we can get a bit tanki easily (83 max res / 1k life regen / 20k armor ...)
++ If the build doesn't work ( it could happened) we could go ignite stick or berserk war cry)

-- New stuff, everything can happened

Go directly to the end to get the last update

1 - This is not a build but a wish to shear ideas around snipe burning arrow Chieftain
2 - English isn't my Mother Tongue, so please be merciful

Let's be quick:

The new ascendency give :
Nearby Enemies have no Fire Resistance against Damage over Time while you are Stationary

Snipe give
(50-80)% more Damage with Ailments per Snipe Stage
With 6 stage minimum up to 9 ( with helmet and enchant)

Burning arrow Give
50% chance to Ignite enemies
(50-88)% more Damage with Ignite
100% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage

Below you will find a stater POB

- I set enemy fire resistance to 1 because the assendency seams to don't work
- replace Guardian's Blessing Support with a other blessing
- Rare item are only life and resistance => with the assendency we will focus on fire resistance to get life regen from masteries
- Maximum resistance from ascendency doesn't work => I put the resistance on the glove

=> POB

Update n1
I rework a bit the POB

1)> Took EO ant remove RT
2)> add some acc on jewel
3)work around the mana
> add anointment on amulet
> work around new blessing support ( stone golem + meat shield + vitality lvl 20 => it look like the golem if lvl 8 or below could tank the supported gem) => let see if it's realy a good ideas

4) Remove unique ring for rare ring to be even more stater


Other Guide (from 3.19 but should still work)
VD Chieftain


Let see what you think about
Regards Exiles
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