Can You help me for Inquisitor COC build


I need help for my current build. It's CoC Ice Spear build.

I spend a lot of Divine and Chaos for this build. But build is not What I expected.

If there is something that I need to change from passives and gears, please write by specifying which one.

- Firstly, in PoB "Ice Spear" Second form projectiles shows dps as 8m. I want to raise it even more.

- Energy Shield very low((4,239), Armor is very low(27,870).

- And finally, I want to ask. in some maps some mobs one shots this build. I have no idea what damage they shots with one damage. maybe Physical?
What I want to know is this. Can even the most skilled players die with a single shot on some maps? Or is my build a problem?



Last bumped on Jul 11, 2023, 9:09:42 AM

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