Storm Call Inquisitor - CI - Pure Lightning

About me:

I primarily play to create builds, I have made hundreds if not thousands of different builds on poe since around legion league. I have been playing since Dominus in A3 was current.. so quite a while ago. This is one of the first I have managed to make that is promising in both defenses and damage (made a poison viper strike assassin do over 300m dps in ultimatum, few others, but the problem with the builds were they were unbalanced, insane damage, or insane defenses, never both.

This build uses ES + ES on Hit + Leech + Regen + Armour, as well as being able to cast at over 10.5 casts per second.. baseline, before Fanaticism.

PoB DPS says I am at roughly 4.3m non-pinnacle dps, some tweaks may be incoming.


I tried to make videos, but apparently in order to upload them beyond personal viewing, I have to subscribe to Xbox live, and I already dont like Microshit, so im gonna have to wait unless someone has a better option for recording software.

Im just estimating, but this build probably costs around 40div to make, I crafted all of my own gear though, just bought the bases and gems (aside from the 1 unique ammy and 2 unique flasks)

If you have any questions or feedback please reply, I would love to push this as far as I can, its pretty amusing being able to feel like I combined a FoH and zeal paladin from d2 in one character.. xD
Last bumped on Jun 28, 2023, 5:58:48 PM

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