[3.22]120m DPS ArmorStack Jug [Kill 6000 depth CrystalKing]

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Video 6000 depth Aul(3.21)


3.22 SST Endgame



3.21 No-Crucible ver(1000div~)

3.21 Shield Crush ver(1000div~)

3.21 MyGear (1000div~)

Pros Cons

Easy Kill All Uber Boss

Normal against Dot
Normal FarmSpeed
Very Expensive
Need to cast DivineBlessing once every 17 seconds
Too strong to do except Deep Delve


Replica Dreamfeather(30c+Forge cost 10d)

Craft Fortify and Enchanted RDF
Primordial Remnant with Forged Items are Corrupted with an Implicit
Forge 10% chance to Fortify implicit
Average cost about 13 Div

Use SST or Enchantment can be given up , 4div

Useful Crucible Passive List
Iron Reflexes
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level 10 Culling Strike
Socketed Gems are Supported by Level10 Maim
25% reduced Accuracy Rating against Marked Enemy Culling Strike against Marked Enemy
15% increased Evasion Rating +# to Accuracy Rating
#% increased Area of Effect 10% reduced Area of Effect if you’ve Killed Recently
10% reduced Area of Effect # increased Area of Effect if you’ve Killed at least 5 Enemies Recently
#% increased Impale Effect Attack Hits against you have #% chance to Impale
15% reduced Flask Charges gained Flasks applied to you have #% increased Effect
#% increased Movement Speed Your Travel Skills are Disabled
Razor's Edge
+#% to Quality


Emperor's Vigilance(200d)
Armour2238 and ES1005 and shock avoid 100% crucible passive


Grasping Mail(45d+craft cost 10d)

First Step
Fractured [Armour is increased by Overcapped Fire Resistance] mod

Crafting pattern A
Essence of Doubt Spam

Crafting pattern B
Harvest Chaos Reforge or Essence Envy Spam or Essence Loathing Spam
or Glyphic + Scorched + Aberrant Fossil Spam(average cost 10d)
roll good Suffix
Searing Exarch Dominated
Craft Life -> Eldritch Exalted -> Remove Craft -> Eldritich Annul
Roll T1 Flat Eva or T1 Flat Eva/Ar or T1incAr/Eva/Es(average about 25 time)
Craft flat Eva or inc Eva/Ar

+8% defense is best , resist 15% is better


Rare Helmet(23d + craft cost 20d)
Armour higer than Evation base
Essence of Loathing Spam , roll good suffix
Keep suffix and Harvest Life Reforge rool High Tier Life
Keep suffix Remove Mod Add Life(50%)


Hands of the High Templar(55d)
+2Aura,+2Aoe,+1Gem,Vulnerability,+1MaxFC is Best


March of the Legion(10.5d)
Two implicit from +2Aura,+2Aoe,+2Duration
+aura mod max roll
if implint include +2Duration use Vaal Grace


Ashes of the Stars(75d)
Allocates Charisma
20% increased Reservation Efficiency of Skills
+30% to Quality of all Skill Gems


Synthesised ring(10d+43d+craft cost 15d)
gain hit onslaught,determination effect,grace effect,global crit chance etc

Harvest Chaos Reforge , roll T1 Chaos resist and T1 Elemental resit and empty suffix
suffix keep craft + Scouring、remove prefix
multi craft and suffix keep craft、and T4 ailsing craft
mana and add elemental damage craft ,unveiled,chose life

chaos+fire resist craft and 2 exalted spam
multi crafting、mana+reduce cost and non-channelling skill cost


Enchanted 30% Accuracy


4 magic flask + Progenesis

map farm using QuickSilver、delve using Diamond

-Small Cluster Jewel(20d)

-Large Cluster Jewel(4.5d+220d)

8 passive shield Cluster + 1voice

Martial Prowess + VeteranDefender + Vicious Skewering


Seething Fury(150c)
roll value not important

Natural Affinity(7d)
CB Imuune

Impossible Escape(12d)

Brutal Restraint(100c)
SeedNo 6758 , Keystone any

Watcher’s Eye(9d)
add Impale +2 and phasing and any mod

Forbidden Flesh +Flame(2+10d)
Tasalio, Cleansing Water

Melding of the flesh
good roll

Passive & Bandit & Ascendancy & GemSetup

Take a look at the POB


Boneshatter is better


Lunaris or Arakaali


Deep Delve

-Burning ground
Without Abberath you will die

Rouge Exile Cause Bleeding
Disable Bleeding with Ar&Eva Mastery

-Vortex on death
If you use Asenath's Gentle Touch, the frequency will decrease

-Very tanky mod rare monster
Use 7 Dynamite + Culling Strike

-Very tanky and Regen mod rare


-NG Map Mod?
Physical Reflect ,need reduce reflect damage utility flask
Less Recover 96% ,need Instant life flask or Instant Leech
No Regen , use lifetap or Mana Leech

-Which is better Shield Crush or SST
Shield Crush
High Single DPS
Can gain Fortify
Need AOE

Good farming
High Group DPS
Need Instant Leech , good compatibility

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Kill 6000 depth aul and Complete guide
Thank you for the guide.
In the medium budget pob, you have 50 rage.
I wasn't able to find how you get rage.
Any help please?
Phatasmal Vengeance 40% gain rage
50 rage in delve
Any real order for ascendancy?

I didn't see anything on the forum or PoB

or is it just personal pref

Also is shield crush now just bis with the vengeant cascade nerf
Last edited by mb131rc on Aug 28, 2023, 4:22:09 PM
Leveling and ascendancy are free

New tatoo can get Point blank 1pt
So SST is also strong enough
What do you think of returning projectile gem for SST and volatility gem?
Tecken1407 wrote:
What do you think of returning projectile gem for SST and volatility gem?

Strong but not suitable for this build
Why do you need "Melee hits have 15% chance to fortify" while you are doing projectile?

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