[3.22] Storm Brand Build | Occultist | Trial of the Ancestors | Path of Exile 3.22

Hey guys, here is the storm brand occultist build. Using void batteries and badge of the brotherhood. Badge of the Brotherhood has a unique mod that "Your Maximum Frenzy Charges is equal to your Maximum Power Charges". So we can have 10 power and frenzy charges. Also converting lightning damage to cold damage with Call of the Brotherhood rings. Build is not tanky but playstyle is very easy and safe. While mapping we freeze/shatter everything but you have to play carefully and position well on boss fights. Consider this before starting to this build.

Winter Orb Version: https://youtu.be/AzjBnFmaJd4

Build Cost
- Medium Budget: 20-50 div

Power Charges: Playing with 10 power charges
- Overcharge, Instability, Infused (Skill Tree), +3 Power Charge
- Forbidden Power (Ascendancy), +1 Power Charge
- 2x Void Battery, +2 Power Charge
- Helmet, +1 Power Charge

Thread of Hope: Large ring

Glorious Vanity: Doryani to get Corrupted Soul keystone.

Leveling: Leveling gems and trees in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Axiom Perpetuum (x2)
- Tabula Rasa
- Call of the Brotherhood (x2)
- Karui Ward, Carnage Heart
- Seven-League Step
- Lochtonial Caress
- Goldrim
- Replica Prismweave

PoB: https://pobb.in/MMzbIG63jby-

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/dSwA

Build Video: https://youtu.be/xRTJXmYk4X4

Bandits: Kill All


(Footage is from 3.21)


Gem Setup:

Storm Brand - Swiftbrand - Concentrated Effect - Inspiration (Divergent) - Added Lightning Damage (Awakened) - Power Charge On Critical

Herald of Ice - Wrath - Zealotry - Enlighten (Lvl 3)

Brand Recall - Enhance (Lvl 3) - Assassin's Mark (Anomalous) - Frostbite (Anomalous)

Frostblink - Bonechill - Unbound Ailments / Clarity (Lvl 3)

Hydrosphere - Arcane Surge (Lvl 6) (Anomalous) - Innervate (Divergent)

Immortal Call (Lvl 1) - Cast when Damage Taken (Lvl 10) / Summon Lightning Golem
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Hi, how this built works with mageblood?
Hey, I'm new to the game and I made about 40 divs. I really liked your build but I can't imagine how to get this armor on the chest, is it mandatory to have these stats?

this build have no suppress?
no block, no suppression, no armor, 24k ehp


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