[3.21] Dual CoC Warlord [25mln+ pinnacle boss dps]

Dual CoC Warlord

- Versatile
- Rather cheap
- Original mechanics
- Tanky (11k+ total HP life+ES)

- Has high amount of bad map mods, because depends both on regen and leech and cannot take any reflected damage
- Sophisticated mechanics (you need to sync attacks and warcries)

One map: guardian of phoenix zergage, second: T16 rare, delirium 40%. Not difficult map mod set.

Older demo with worse gear:

General description
A build that combines CoC mechanics and warcries and has overkill/explode on death damage. Main dps are two melee skills that trigger spells - cyclone and static strike. Warcries used: infernal cry, enduring cry, ancestral cry and during leveling battlemage cry. Mixed ES/AR, general phys mitigation defence and switched recovery paradigms - ES is only regen, while life is recharged. Strength and intelligence stacking. Has decent movement speed and AoE. Good build for "1 league, 1 character" people, stable development on cheap gear, high toughness and probably dps could be boosted with some tankiness sacrifice.

Estimated pinnacle boss dps: 25mln
For mobs - the build has 2 distinct overkill effects: explosions after infernal cry and herald of ash

PoB code link: https://pobb.in/HG5O4obCBlDr
NOTE: The dps estimate PoB correction:
1) Add dps, because for static strike beam frequency counts, not cast speed
DPS when enemy on low life: 30.5mln, DPS when enemy not on low life: 23mln
2) Take average as low life is 50%: 26.75mln

We might not have that full dps on 1:1 boss, because of lack of frenzy charges, but also shock is set 40% now in config, while I noticed that it can get even to 50% on bosses.

For mobs - we also have overkill dmg from Herald of Ash as well as Infernal Cry explosions.


BANDIT: Kill all. Allira is also a reasonable choice for the build. We need both mana leech from attacks as well as regen.

PANTHEON: Lunaris and Garukhan
But it is not strictly tied, I think you can make variation with many other pantheon choices also. For example if you have too low overall chaos mitigations, Araakali is a good choice.


Budget gear:
Weapon: Eclipse Staff (inc crit chance implicit), phys dps as high as possible, suffixes - depends on other gear what you need
NOTE: Geofri's Sanctuary with matching for purifying flame + gem level implicits is not very expensive as little ppl use it! Start with 6-l uncorrupted if you cannot afford 6-l corrupted yet

Skill list (for details such as supports, link config, alternate qualities see gear):
A) Full or mostly dps: Cyclone-CoC-Purifying Flame, Static Strike-CoC-Wave of Conviction
B) Defensive (excluding auras): Immortal Call, Enduring Cry, Ancestral Cry
C) Support (excluding auras and aura-like): Punishment, Infernal Cry, Herald of Purity, Herald of Ash
D) Auras and aura-like: Discipline
E) Movement: Leap Slam

Skills that can be used before reaching final config: Battlemage Cry, Ice Crash , any good melee that can be exerted by warcries


- Discipline boost combo - watcher eye and sublime vision
- Timeless lethal pride for damage boost (double damage chance and phys as extra fire), strength, life, regen, crit extra damage reduction
- impossible escape to reach valuable nodes to which path is otherwise crappy
- standard jewel for corrupted blood immunity and stats

1) Two CoCs in 6-links.
2) Damage factors: CoC trigger rate, battlemage acendancy, phys to elem conversion and extra from phys stacking, charges (mostly power), crits, herald buffs, increased damage taken on enemies from consecrated ground, shocks, warcry taunt, punishment, double and triple damage chance (20%, 5%)
3) Overkill/explode on death effects: exploding enemies by Infernal Cry, Herald of Ash overkill

1) Mixed ES + AR and phys mitigation defence
2) High Life+ES pool from str/int stacking, managed to hit 11,475.
3) Immortal Call with Endurance charges
4) Fast recovery with paradigm change - life is recharged, ES is recovered from many sources, including EnduringCry, leech, ES gain on hit from Watcher's Eye
5) Also some chilling

In order to meet the mana requirements, I do hybrid mana recovery from different sources: leech from attacks, regen. Reducing mana cost is essential also. Free mana pool should be around 300 for this skill config.

Leveling is pretty staightforward

Acendancy Order - Instruments of Virtue, Righteous Providence, Inevitable Judgement, Sanctuary

Part 1.
Start by taking increased damage up to Retribution then go lower part of the tree. Allocate nodes up to Admonisher, so Warcry nodes, and life, damage, accuracy in between. Then go to Iron Will

You should use the following skill setup before you reach CoC capability for main damage:
1) Ice Crash (or any other melee that can be exerted on lower levels)
2) Battlemage Cry + some spell like puri flame
So those in highest links. This way you can utilize allocated warcry nodes to have very powerful melee slams, as they will exert the spell linked to battlemage as well as skill self melee dmg.

Part 2.
Go to left of templar start and then outer circle up to power charges and herald nodes north of witch.

Switch to CoC setup when you have like >70% crit chance. First you can use increased critcal strikes support, which later can be replaced for more powerful supports as you should reach 90%-100% crit chance depending on skill without it.

Now, if you have problem with mana and cannot yet get any passive attack damage leeched as mana, you have two choices - either use mana leech support linked to combust or have a mod physical damage leeched as mana and make sure your main attack skill has some physical damage, which is counter effective for this build, so any or elemental attack damage leeched as mana is prefered.

Part 3.
Introduce unique jewels in any order, but probably you will need Impossible Escape with radius around Blood Magic at first.
At some point change the starting 5 nodes from inc damage to es/ar/life/mana ones as that is more efficient.

Tactical tips for the build:
1) Cyclone them up
2) If you need more damage, for mobs primary boost is Infernal Cry, for bosses static strike to have second spell CoC triggers around 3.95 per sec and shock. But for bosses you should hit them with combust at least once also to apply punishment.
3) Use Ancestral Cry for extra armour often and Enduring Cry anytime it is needed.
4) In case of emergency press vaal discipline for fast life recharge
5) IMPORTANT! You need to monitor your cyclone attack speed. Attack time must not be lower than CoC cooldown. In case of awakened one it is 0.132 sec with the gem cooldown recovery boost. Currently the PoB link shows attack speed of 0.132..., so 1% increased attack speed will be bad. This is counting action speed from boots also.
6) As mentioned in the beginning, many bad map mods. Unplayable:
any reflect, no regen, no leech
very shitty (play only if area is overall easy): monster steal charges, 60% reduced recovery rate of life and ES
All other mods - if you are strong enough any stacking doesn't matter much as long as there is no combo of many dangerous mods such as: -% elem reses, reduced cooldown recovery rate, monsters fire additional projectiles, reduced effect of auras (lowers ES significantly). Means up to 2 of those mods should be fine even for juiced maps.
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