[3.21] 🔥 Righteous Trickster - 11k+ hit pool / 200k-700k eHP🔥

Unlike other builds, i keep this guide short and crisp - thats exactly how i like my maps.

poe.ninja for overview/PoB: https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds/char/SharkSheaker/Cru_RFbyBalenciaga

I'll eventually provide a polished/configured PoB, wish me godspeed, Exiles.

Anyway, i'll provide you the important information you need to understand to copy this build below.


Clarification aka minor details will be added in an ongoing process.
Remember, i've been playing this build concept since Archnemesis (Skipped 3.18 and 3.20) and i've gotten asked several times to provide more in-depth details, because apparently people see me on poe.ninja being listed as #1 in Life+ES pool (as part of the Shadows).
I'm fairly not really tempted still to provide as-it-is, since i still feel there COULD be improvements

The Idea
This all started with my idea to utilize the old Heartstopper Aura which back then provided DoT immunity every 5 of 10 seconds (now 40% less dot or from hit, 5 of 10s). Given a lacking HP pool, early RF was possible in acts, even if you could not sustain it.
Oh boy, how the times have changed, it's the least important key thing of this build. Instead we do something i consider a double-double dipping:

A normal RF build lacks in serious DPS, especially against rares or bosses, even if they try to pay tankiness for DPS. Don't worry, this build is still seriously tanky and you'll lern why.

The Polymath notable grants us 3% more damage and 1% all recover on kill.
So we run ten different masteries in the standard configuration which results in a 30% more dmg modifier compared to a inq/jugg RF. The bonus part about this is the fact we do utilize them all. Also 10% all recover on kill allows us to run no regen maps.

One of these masteries being +5 strength per allocated mastery in the attribute wheel next to Marauder opens us another door - scaling a significant amount of strength for three things: Life, Iron Will and Blunderbore.

With the Spellbreaker notable we are able to comfortably sit in bossfights (which use spells) and have our ES being full, constantly. So the goal is scaling ES as good as possible without using Ghostwrithe or other techniques that mess with our HP pool. This also means we use the replica soul tether that gives us 22% of Life as extra ES. Wicked Ward is absolutely required.


60% inc life, 60% inc AoE, 60% inc damage. decent defences. clearly worth it.

pretty normal RF gear. cheap despite good rolled when league is a few days in.

Important for ES and splitting the RF sustain between our two pools. since ES is always lower than Life, we wont run into issues.

scaling life and strength along goodies like dexterity and chaos resistance for bosses like Hunter

kind of budget options. pretty much what any RF would want.

if you feel rich buy a dotm or +1 all gem fracture. Don't do the +1 fire on a fire dmg fracture since you generally want all gems over fire gems.

if you put flasks like these in your slots, you can go spaghetti forghetti about it and never bother about this stupid mechanic again 3.21 Note: replace Poison immunity with Shock immunity. The armor/evasion mastery makes us perma immune.

Skill Gems

In a budget version, you just run the non woken gems along with efficacy instead of Empower. Woke Empower is the ultimative goal. If someone thinks offcolors are an issue on blunderbore, they're not.

Flame Dash fire trail lingers, so Combustion works. SR for extra -25% Exposure

Left click MS and right click flammability. Curse on hit ring is an option ($$$$)

Cover in Ash so we don't need Xoph's Ammu. Also serious clear in Abyss/Harvest/anything dense. Vitality reserved on Life for +1% max resistances from mastery.

With this, we can seriously afk in maps or bossfights. Nice DPS, conc ground for life and ES regen.

You can run these auras without Enlighten if you got the Helmet Enchantment for Male or Deter to reserve Mana 40% efficiently

If you scram all reservation efficiencies into this build, you can go for Petrified Blood as a 5th reservation. PB gives a very serious pump in eHP

Jewels, Bandits, Pantheon

Lethal Pride 14682 - you need this exact number. No keystone affected.
Watchers Eye with increased Life and ES recovery, from Malevolence, Discipline and Vitality, in descending importance.
Forbidden Flesh/Flame - Opportunity: This is a SERIOUS EHP/DPS pump. ~12 div is not even REMOTIVELY expensive compared what you get. It is mind blowing every time i get these.

Bandits, scorch em all

Pantheon, i suggest Solaris for high juiced mapping/Heist due to the crit stuff. Lunaris if you are still running low maps.
Yugul for endgame, Shakari if you are not Poison immune from mastery yet/struggling to survive bossfight like Hunter

- large hit pool of 200k+ once you got some key items/masteries
- relatively fast mapping, especially with shrine fun involved
- shrine effect in your atlas tree affects this build and makes you stronger
- You can run no regen as long as non-curse Auras are not affected
- You can run reduced maximum resistances as long ^
- You can run crit chance/crit mult as long as armor/evasion is not reduced significantly

- low life regen compared to a inq/jug BUT degen is lower as well (2k-2,5k net regen)
- Leveling/Gearing puts you trough a power dip around yellows, keep going
- There is no way to avoid Blunderbore, because its too good for eHP
- RF is our main DPS source, everything else is auxiliary
- Do NOT run a RF helmet. its stupid. Use fire trap instead on a +2 corrupted 4L

Hope you somewhat enjoyed this guide. It is a Hipster and i am all for Hipster.

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What sort of content have you cleared with this build? Assuming it is mostly a mapper ,but can you do Simulacrum? Or end game non uber bosses?

Love the idea of a trickster RF build.
Tried this build and it seems like it lacks damage by a lot. Probably I'm doing something wrong but idk.

Can you please explain the reason behind str stacking since Iron Will grants no bonuses for RF?

Also can you please tell the approx time to kill T16 boss or fully charged crucible mob? It literally takes several minutes for me to deal with.
This builds EHP is 85.665k, not 200k-700k as well as the dps being around 300k which just won't get you through the end game content. As well, listing a poe.ninja character to supply a pob is an awful thing to do because the people coming here to look for builds are going to be new players and won't know how to start this build at all.
ExDeathAngel wrote:
What sort of content have you cleared with this build? Assuming it is mostly a mapper ,but can you do Simulacrum? Or end game non uber bosses?

Love the idea of a trickster RF build.

so far i can do eater of the worlds fine. im objectively too bad as a player to deal with exarch. further running maps with eater influence is better for this build because you have the auto flask setup.

talking about simulacrum, the problem is Kosis himself, standing still will definitely kill you and further he causes debuffs i am not familiar with and i dont bother to mitigate them since its limited to this specific unique boss. i can run 20-60% deli maps pretty fine, the sustain/clear is great but not outstanding. i do not recommend sim without an armor/ES aura bot.

talking about the conq. and shaper/elder guardians, the worst one is Phoenix since he can bypass the immunity layers and cause brutal fire exposure. second comes hydra because she does not use spells that much. but for any elder guardian, minotaur and the conq. theyre fairly easy, because ES recharge kicks in consistently.

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