Solo farming - best class ?

Wanted to ask those who already have beta accounts, how does solo farming look in this game (compared to D2 for instance) and what class is best for it at the moment ?
considering the classes have access to the same moves it dosn't matter,only difference is how there attributes increase e.g. so witch is more adept at at witchy stuff. So whatever ur pref is.
I think this is completely subjective and far to early to tell.

In one instance, you've got a very early beta version of the game. Skills aren't balanced, many aren't in. Weapon and armor affixes aren't completely done. Content is limited as well. Passive tree is still a work in progress.

With all the above, it's just to early to tell anything for certain. Given that you have history with D2, you know most all the characters can easily solo farm. This game is designed similiarly, and with seemingly more customization and options. It's the same principle though, every class can survive on their own.

I wouldn't worry about it right now.
It's tough to say but it will probably won't be any melee class.
I totally agree that it is too early to tell which class is the best for soloing. You should just play the class you enjoy the most and hopefully become overpowered with time ;)
It's a bit too early, certainly for me, to tell which class is the best at farming. I could tell you what the currently overpowered characters are but I'll guarantee you that with the next version everything will change because balancing is going on all the time. Add to that the fact that there's a very limited amount of skills in the game and many more will be added later making any prediction now seems pointless.
looking at videos ranged classes seem to have the edge in many situations but i expect to see many changes (buffs and downtuning) on all classes over time.

So if i get an invite i will just stick with the class i like best as 1st char.
Others more "fotm" may follow but if you want to stick to a game for a long time the class you like best should be playable and that´s what the beta is for. If no one plays the classes because they lack fun and/or damage it´s hard for the devs to iron out the problems. So stick to the class you really want to play and generate the data the devs need to balance the game for release.
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