[3.21] Triggerbots Doom blast Saboteur

Greetings Exile! I'm LieAndSMile, here is my Saboteur Doom blast build!

You may check out an up-to-date version on poe.ninja:
Poe Ninja

Current Build Variations :

Kulemak Version

Shako Helmet Version

So I decided to try how Trigger bots are working with one of the meta Skills, and it is pretty solid.
The main difference from Occultist and Pathfinder is that we do not cast our things directly, instead it does our Trigger bots which provides some benefits and big mana problems :)
So in this case, I believe that Saboteur is in the middle between Occultist damage and Pathfinder survivability.

Mapping and Bossing Video


- Possible starter, as soon as you get to LVL 31 and buy this game, it can be used in 4link with Curse Ground support. Detailed in Leveling
- Huge potential for build investments
- Possible to combine different uniques/rare items, not a single unique build
- Good clean speed
- Cleans any map modifiers
- Interesting archetype of trigger builds
- Huge AOE, full screen in the end game


- Not a face tank build, you have to dodge the stuff
- Can be outplayed by some map mods which requires snapshot one gem at the start of the map. (Detailed in mapping)
- Unable to do "Curse immunity expedition mod"
- Mana cost is a big deal in early game

Some stats:


This is without Turning on Malevolence, which I use with divine blessing.
If you're running 1 hand with shield, it will be like 2x lower.

With Offensive aura turned on:


70k EHP, Even thought I have just 3.3k HP, but this was enough for me to clean almost whole content without dying and struggling. (I haven't done Uber exarch and eater)

Our Def layers are:

Evasion - 70% with Flask

Armor - 70% with Flask

Spell suppression, can be done up to 100% - right now 80% and Lucky mastery
Poisoned enemies can't crit us

Born in shadow's ascendancy - Nearby enemies are blind, 15% less damage from blind enemies

Bomb Specialist - 20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits + Solaris pantheon, which doubles that amount and gives us 40% chance to take 50% less Area Damage

CWDT Molten Shell - 2000 damage lvl 11

Elemental and Chaos Hit mitigation using - The Fourth vow unique Armour (Armour also applies to Chaos Damage taken from Hits
) combined with Xibaqua Glorious Vanity.(50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage
+5% to maximum Chaos Resistance)

Life/ES leech from the Tree


As for the leveling, we have a first ( and the last I believe ) chase item here, which is Vixen's Entrapment lvl 36 Gloves.

BUT we can trigger our things even without gloves. For this we'll use Cursed ground support which allows triggering Doom blast from Temporal Chains starting from LVL 31.

BUT To trigger this curse by itself, you must have +1 additional curse passive (Whispers of Doom), which I suggest to rush at the beginning.

Leveling gem setup will look like this:



Best in slot as one hand, cheap and effective

Another cheap league start unique, good defense and 40% increased ailments duration.

Great mid/end game upgrade. Simply gives us quality of life by ignoring curses, resistance, evasion and curse effectiveness which scales DPS.

Great DPS staff. Not sure if it's even possible to craft a better one. Usually it was fair cheap since not many Chaos skills are popular. In 3.21 it was around 25 which is too high on my opinion.

This might be the best item which gives major DPS boost. Starting from LVL 30 you won't beat it DPS with any craft things, especially if second support suits us. Very expensive, around 30-5- div in average, end game upgrade.

Fair cheap unique ring for DPS and chaos resistance

Epic Chest to boost our elemental survivability, using in combination with timeless jewel Xibaqua Glorious Vanity.(50% of Elemental Damage taken as Chaos Damage

Gem links

Hate will be the last aura to set in upon having enlighten support and mana reserve efficiency Cluster Jewel for any 50% Aura

Impending Doom setup:

Vixen's Trigger gloves setup:


My Movement skill:

Divine blessing Aura:

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Hello !
I see i'm not alone following this path.
For reference, I chose the "Critical Strike" way :


I'm melting everything right now but ubers are still a bit hard without mechanical knowledge.

However I managed to find a balance where I can sustain impending doom mana consumption thanks to the 10% instant leech.
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