[3.21] 1.3M Shockwave Totem Chieftain (53c Ultra-Budget)

1,305,570 Million Average Pinnacle Boss DPS

Shockwave Totem Chieftain

PoB : https://pobb.in/d-AfjMEPQKh9

45c +1 Tabula Rasa
2c 2x Singularity Sceptre
5c Jewels
1c Kikazaru Ring
1 Alch Malachai's Simula
1 Alch Essence Worm
+ 2 8p Physical Clusters (Not Included in Total)
53c Budget (Dirt Cheap!)

Goal of this Build was to build a dirt cheap 1 Million DPS Build and make it really Tanky too while in a Tabula Rasa.

Uses Custom Modifier for Singularity since that doesnt work in PoB currently correctly atleast.
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in custom mods you have +200% damage and resists ????
Thanks for guide. Any tips for leveling this up? Not sure which tree direction / nodes to prioritize. I'm guessing holy flame totem would be a good skill to use for leveling?
Your idea seems not finished. And I can say it is a very good idea for a league starter.

Edit: I have spent some time reworking it. The custom mods of +200% increased dmg and +200 to all elemental resistances had no actual source, so I removed these.

This is a version that is realistically around 1 divine on budget and will do between 800k dps and 1,7m dps depending on whether you have your ascendancy/flasks active:


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