[3.21][VIDEO GUIDE] Shield Crush Raider - Smash all content with crucible goodies.


POB: https://pobb.in/rVl1TEXNdkzL

This build uses some of the new crucible mods to reach very high levels of DPS while also stacking some nice layers of defense smoothly and easily thanks to the quality of life provided by the Raider.

Specifically, I use the crucible mod that causes shield crush and spectral shield throw to deal lightning damage per energy shield on your shield instead of scaling off of armour or evasion. This mod is available on shields and I am using an Emperor's Vigilance with flat ES also being added by the crucible tree, resulting in a whopping 840 ES thanks to the 1000% armour/es explicit roll built into the unique shield. These shields can go as high as 1005 ES if you go super ham on combining perfect crucible mods.

A weaker version of the mod is also available on the crucible unique helmet, letting us stack even more base damage.

We then use the Seething Fury unique jewel to scale crit multi and crit chance off the ES of the shield. In combination with divergent shield crush and and the shield mastery for crit multi scaling, this results in a base dps on our "weapon" (shield) of over 3500, 17.6% base crit chance, and easily reaching over 800% crit multi.

We then scale both offense and defense by stacking approximately 125k evasion with dreamfeather.

In addition to evasion, for defenses, I have capped spell suppression, 74/75 block with glancing blows, ghost dance to refill energy shield when a hit gets through both block and evasion, as well as fortify provided by a corruption on Dreamfeather. The evasion's effectiveness is further boosted by blinding enemies.

Overall, this is by far the strongest build I have made and it can do all content in the game, including all uber bosses and wave 30 simulacrum.

Total investment is approximately 35 divines, but your mileage may vary significantly depending on your luck with shields.
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