[3.22/Ruthless] Absolution Necromancer

Hello , Necromancer Ascendancy give 30 % all elemental Res / cap block with bone offering / free guard skill /20% more Minion Life

For 3.22 , I advise to play Guardians for the 3 Aura / New Sentinel of Radiance , he required a bit more gear and minion survivability to invest but He still be a better League Starter and overall.

you can still find the alternative Guardian guide:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3362539

POB: Carefull you have 2 gem skill setup 1 hardcore // 1 softcore


End-game vision :

Actual Character in Crucible League : https://poe.ninja/challenger/builds/char/Gavinu2b/ThorZeusInnocence?i=5&search=class%3DNecromancer

Ruthless mode :
The Ruthless is a veteran mode for people who seek a challenge via less Playerpower ( gear , ascendancy , link )

To summurize it :
/You have no support gem until you drop them
/Ascendancy Power are nerfed compare to normal mode
/Active skill Gems are lock behind a class (you can buy only 3 active skill Gem from Siosa - act 3 - during one character full campaign )
/No bench craft
/Less currency , less Rare-Unique Item drop
/No perma Uptime on Utility flask ( don't gain flask charge during effect)
/Movement skill are disabled ( you have a quickstep -bad and cheap dash with high cd - Conc path - ambush)
/Gems gain 1/4 of the normal XP value
/Harvest/Betrayal/Beastary different reward/craft

This is more a leveling guide for Ruthless beginner to run smoothly in the campaign and early maps .

Why smooth:
Thank to the Tree and Ascendancy the Elemental Resistances are almost all Maxed early and enough Life node to have an Easy time during Campaign & Early Maps

Good Life Reg , thank to Vitality and Holyflame Totem .
Close to cap block
Minion meat wall

The new Vaal-Absolution is Insanly strong , you can clear the whole screen in 1s thanks to his ability or even Melt boss like a white mob .

I recommend to vaal your Absolution , Vaal-absolution 20 > Absolution 21

IF you don't like Absolution you have a srs setup

Cons of the build :
Minions die more often in campaign - early maps because they have less life due to underlevel gem from XP gem penality of Ruthless.

Absolution have 25 % to summon a sentinel that mean it can happens time to time to not summon minions after 6-7 cast vs single target Rare/Unique Ennemie (rare but annyoing)

Starting to summon Absolution again blue pack can be a bit painful. ( specialy in Harvest encounter)

How to start :
Make 3 Characters , 1 Marauder , 1 Witch , 1 Templar , then follow notes in PoB for each active skill choice.

Act 1 :
Juggle your Gear/Skill between your mule and Main (Witch/Templar) . Keep them close as same level/area , until your finish with the Gem muling .

Start with Srs & zombie and Holyflame totem it should carry you easily again Brutus

During Campaign :
The build is played like a Minion army build - Absolution as aoe clearer vs white and blue
SrS vs Boss - yellow monster
Carrion Golem buff carry Hard when synergise with a lot of Minions

Both leveling tree for each ascendancy
More Tips and Guidance into Notes

Offensif Scaling:
Gem level : Minion/spell/Lightning/Physical
Minion Damage
Minion Attack/Cast speed
Lightning Resistance Penetration
Minion Critical Chance/Critical Damage

Defensif Scaling
Life Gain on block
Physical damage reduction
Elemental Resistance
Chaos Resistance
Armour / ES

Updated : 16 August 2023
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Last bumped on Aug 16, 2023, 3:18:13 AM
Updates : Updating old mastery
Added more details between Guardian & Necromancer
Added an end-game gem skill Set with Eldritch Battery + Divine blessing Softcore Oriented
Added an end-game gem skill Set with Mana setup (Life mastery 30 % mana cost as life - Mana mastery 12 % mana rmr ) Hardcore oriented
Added extra skill gems in hardcore option


Added New Caster Mastery into Softcore for QoL in Ruthless
Edited and Fixed softcore and Hardcore tree
Added extra text to explain quickly how to start and choice of Ascendancy
Added 3rd Specter Choice

Added Vaal Absolution + Explenation
Added Stats Damage Scaling of the build
Added Defensive Scaling
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Hi ! Build of yours is interesting. I am trying it.
What Spectres are we supposed to use?
Nice build! Would love more tutorial how level up with hierophant, my pants are empty :(
Update from 13 August 2023:

3.22 nerf ascendancy in Ruthless

PoB updated with custom configuration until PoB update
Guardian ascendancy removed until further more information on the rework
Last edited by Gavinu2b on Aug 13, 2023, 3:55:49 AM
thanks for posting a ruthless build! its one of very few in the forum
im probably trying this! good luck all

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