Bone Shatter Inquisitor possibility

I was wondering if playing bone shatter on inquis would be possible as there are gems like 'Physical to Lightning' as well as staff nodes around the templar side of the tree that grant 'increased block chance if you've stunned an enemy recently'

So either you could play staff and get increased block chance or you could play mace as those nodes aren't too far south of the templar starting area.

preferably playing Hit DPS over DoT damage, you could do some elemental conversion fun, where you either stack cold dmg/freeze chance or lightning damage with high shock % combined with conc ground(?)

With Crucible coming out we also have access to the new cluster 'Righteous Fury' which grants us the same as 'Tribal Fury' so we wouldn't have to path far to get the 'extra enemy hit with strike skills' node

Has anyone tried this or something similar or can anyone at least give me some pointers as to how i could make this like somewhat decent
Last bumped on Apr 1, 2023, 2:35:53 AM

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