[3.21] CoC Impale Reap Build | Champion | Crucible | Path of Exile 3.21

Hey guys, bow coc impale reap champion build is here. Reap is a physical spell that hits with physical damage, If all enemies hit by this skill survive, the player gains a Blood Charge up to a maximum of 5. Blood charges increase this skill's damage and life cost. Using Rain of Arrows/Blast Rain to trigger Reap.

Build Cost
- High Budget: 50-100 div

- Non-Channelling Skills have # to Total Mana Cost mod on rings

Critical Strike Chance: Aim for %100 crit chance.
- Power charges
- Max Level Precision
- Diamond Flask
- Any Flask with crit chance mod
- Skill tree, Medium cluster
- Spell Suppression Mastery

Accuracy: We need %100 hit chance.
- War Banner
- Max Level Precision
- Skill Tree

Overlap: Awakened Spell Cascade has three intrinsic overlaps.

Ascendancy: I got Master of Metal from forbidden flame/flesh jewels because i have them from a previous build.

Life Sustain: Reap has life cost instead of mana.
- Life Regen (Vitality, Stone Golem)
- Life Leech (Support gem)
- Gain # Life per Enemy Hit while affected by Vitality (Watcher's Eye)

Adrenaline: Using Corrupting Fever - Lifetap combo to gain adrenaline easily.

Ascendancy: I got Master of Metal from forbidden flame/flesh jewels.

Leveling: Start with Splitting Steel and keep playing until like 68. Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Limbsplit (Lvl 13-33) - Reaper's Pursuit (Lvl 33-68)
- Tabula Rasa
- Karui Ward, Daresso's Salute
- Praxis
- Blackheart x2 (Lvl 1-24), Le Heup of All
- Seven-League Step
- Goldrim
- Lochtonial Caress
- Belt of the Deceiver

PoB: https://pobb.in/-cW_wUbrM-yk

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/dQkS

Build Video: https://youtu.be/FUFrZ4vIMuU

Bandits: Kill All

- Critical Strike Chance is increased by chance to Suppress Spell Damage (Removed)
- Debilitate Enemies for 1 second when you Suppress their Spell Damage (Removed)
- Arcane Surge Support no longer causes Arcane Surge to grant more Spell Damage. Instead, it now causes Arcane Surge to grant 10% increased Cast Speed at gem level 1, scaling up to 20% at gem level 20. Supported Skills also now deal 10% more Spell Damage while you have Arcane Surge at gem level 1 (unchanged), up to 25% at gem level 20 (previously 19%).
- Onslaught Support has been removed. A new Momentum Support gem has been added in its place.
- Molten Shell now has "Buff can take Damage equal to 10% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 5000" at all gem levels (previously 20% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 10000).
- Vaal Molten Shell now has "Buff can take Damage equal to 20% of your Armour, up to a maximum of 10000" at all gem levels (previously 30% of your Armour, up to 30000).

(Footage is from 3.20)


Gem Setup:

Rain of Arrows (Clear) (Phantasmal) / Blast Rain (Bosses) (Lvl 1) - Reap - Spell Cascade (Awakened) - Increased Critical Damage - Empower - Brutality (Awakened)

Herald of Purity - Pride - Determination - Precision - Enlighten (Lvl 3) / Vaal Molten Shell

Asenath's Mark:
Exsanguinate (Divergent) - Onslaught (Anomalous) - Life Leech / Assassin's Mark

Corrupting Fever - Lifetap / Flame Dash (Lvl 12) - Arcane Surge (Lvl 1) (Divergent)

Vitality - War Banner - Arrogance / Summon Stone Golem (Anomalous)
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I'll definitely tinker that for a lower budget, thanks for sharing!
This dude is a master at taking 50-100div and dumping them into the lowest dmg and squishy builds out there.

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