[3.21] deadeye lightning trap starter(low nerf chances)

Showcase t1 and t2 maps:

Leveling tips:

1. Frost blink+explosive trap for clear and single target(before level 12)
2. bear trap and tornado for extra dps with single target
3. Vendor recipe for wand topaz ring(for 8 level normal ring, for 20 level rare ring)+magic wand+alteration orb
4. Auras: clarity+skitter-bots early. When took eldritch battery swap to grace+purity of elements+summon skitter-bots. Keep wrath for divine blessing setup
5. Shield-charge ether take from Siosa or Lilly in act 6

This build was my fastest leveling experience, I've beaten my own record by 2.5 hours from 8:10 to 5:40.
Its strongest part is first 3-4 acts. After it performed well, but bosses wasn't dying that fast anymore.

Any suggestions on late-game progression are appreciated.
Last bumped on Apr 6, 2023, 12:40:32 AM

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