[3.22] Flame Wall Spellslinger Build | Elementalist | Trial of the Ancestors | Path of Exile 3.22

Hey guys, flame wall spellslinger elementalist build is here. Flame Wall is a spell that creates a wall of flames which deals fire damage over time to enemies near it. Any projectiles that pass through the wall will gain added fire damage and apply the wall's secondary debuff on hit. In this case we use kinetic blast to apply secondary debuff of Flame Wall to the enemies.

Build Cost
- Medium Budget: 20-50 div

Golems: Playing with 5 golems.
+2 from Ascendancy
+1 from Skill tree (Golem Commander)
+1 from Anima Stone

Life Reserve: You need "2% increased Reservation Efficiency of Skills" mod on one jewel to be able to use all auras on Prism Guardian.

Leveling: Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Any wand with +1 to Level of all Fire Spell Skill Gems mod
- Tabula Rasa
- Karui Ward
- Praxis
- Pyre
- Seven-League Step
- Goldrim
- Lochtonial Caress
- Replica Prismweave

PoB: https://pobb.in/OFVyX89Ydyu0

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/dSwO

Build Video: https://youtu.be/PblvIUL9LGU

Bandits: Kill All

- +20% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier, -30% to Fire Resistance (Removed)
- Arcane Surge Support no longer causes Arcane Surge to grant more Spell Damage. Instead, it now causes Arcane Surge to grant 10% increased Cast Speed

(Footage is from 3.20)


Gem Setup:

Flame Wall - Spellslinger - Elemental Focus (Awakened) - Burning Damage (Awakened) - Swift Affliction (Awakened) - Empower

Kinetic Blast (Anomalous) - Greater Multiple Projectiles (Anomalous) - Combustion - Faster Attacks

Vaal Molten Shell - Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (Lvl 1) (Anomalous) - Elemental Weakness

Herald of Ash / Summon Stone Golem Anomalous) / Summon Lightning Golem (Anomalous) / Summon Flame Golem (Anomalous)

Summon Ice Golem (Anomalous) / Summon Chaos Golem (Anomalous) / Vaal Discipline

Prism Guardian:
Malevolence / Determination / Zealotry
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I\m having fun with this build, but build video is private. Are ele weakness and molten shell self cast?
starting this as a test build late into crucible. doubt I'll reach full potential with it. hard to find a few builds that really excel in end game and are still fun to play. I question how this build is rated "Medium budget". that is more than 5 div seems too costly for the average player who only gets a few hours a day to play.
bro lol ....5 div ....what u expect to do endgame with 50c? xD like rly? builds cost like 10 mirrors today , my last build was 2-3 mirrors , 5 divines u will literally farm in 1 day doing t16 easy without even trying ....

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