[Outdated] Lightning Warp Totems Hierophant | Off-meta, proof of concept, budget fun-buld

Outdated :/

You have to be really bored at the late-league if you clicked at this one, don't you?

The thread has been made to briefly describe core mechanics of this highly stupid idea that will make it works on at least some of the content. Please don't expect another Uber boss smasher or ultimate 100% Deli map reaper - this build has very low DPS but then it's also not so tanky. I haven't min-maxed this build so feel free to experiment and unleash it's full potential. If that didn't discourage you you'll get a build which makes you (and your party) laugh every map.

"Got it? Good."

[spoiler="Main skill mechanics"]
To provide smooth mapping experience the LW requires reduced duration and high cast speed. The duration is responsible for a delay after being cast and reducing it should not be a problem:
- Phantasmal quality: 10% less
- Less Duration: 59% less
- Skill points: 25% reduced
- Timeclasp: 15-20% reduced

Keep in mind that "reduced" and "less" count separately. Minimum duration possible is 0.1s (added value) however to get a matching cast time you'd need ~1000% increased cast speed. With about 300% you'll get less than 0.3s cast time which will make your totems jump between enemies quickly enough.


[spoiler="Attempt to deal damage"]
Let's be honest - LW isn't known as top tier DPS skill. We'll try to make our totems deal any damage in a few ways. First is scaling the gem level - as this is surprisingly good:
- Lightning Warp on 21
- +5 from chest, +1/+2 x2 from wand and amulet
- Empower
These will make your LW ~30 lvl total depending on investment.

In addition, we'll grab crit chance/mutiplier wherever possible, add some lightning res. penetration, get a bit more dmg from amount of mana and buff our shock.


[spoiler="Try to stay alive"]
Classic: Eldritch Battery + Mind Over Matter. With Divine Guidance ascendancy you should keep your unreserved mana + ES = half of Life. This will give us a nice pool of ~4500 with almost no investment. Then we'll just try to get any evasion, Feast of Flesh from helmet for any sustain, cap res and grab some popcorn and watch our flying totems from safe distance.



Quite self-explanatory: huge gem level and damage buff. The issue here is off-color - you'll probably need 6 white sockets

Grab a mod with res of your choice or some dex and of course put aura setup here. If possible, get some LW enchant (cast speed preferred)

This makes use of Conviction of Power ascendancy. Try to get any useful corrupt implicit.

This ring is filling our duration reducement and provides some cast speed. One is enough.
The second ring should have T1 cast speed. Use other mods to fill missing defences or attributes.

+1 to max totems is crucial. Use other mods to fill missing defences or attributes.

Focus on +1 to all Spell Gems/all Lightning Spell Gems (or both ofc) and Cast Speed, then Spell damage and crit mods. Set quality to 30% and Elemental dmg Harvest enchant.

Focus on +1 to all Skill Gems/all Lightning Skill Gems (or both ofc) and Cast Speed. Use other mods to fill missing defences or attributes.
The best Anoint should be Doom Cast.

Grab some gloves with Cast Speed and use other mods to fill missing defences or attributes.

You can get any fancy high-budget boots you wish, but top roll Sin Trek with good corrupt implicit will do the job as well.

A standard flask setup with inc. effect mods + instant recovery & corrupted blood life flask. Cast Speed, Evasion and Crit Chance are the best suffixes.

- Use Impossible Escape with Magebane to allocate 25% reduced duration.
- Best mod for Watcher's Eye is lightning res. pen.
- Use damage nodes of your choice on Large cluster - lightning res. pen. from Storm Drinker is the best one. Keep in mind you can get a Cast Speed on small nodes.
- On Medium cluster Sleepless Sentries is a source of Onslaught - make sure to keep it up.
- If needed you can use basic jewels to cap resistances. Wherever possible use jewels with crit. multiplier, cast speed or other damage mods.


[spoiler="Skill Gems"]
Divergent Lightning Warp - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Less Duration - Empower - Faster Casting

Enlighten - Wrath - Herald of Thunder - Haste

Conductivity - Empower - Increased Duration

CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration

Movement skill of your choice - doesn't have to be the Lightning Warp ;)

Phase Run + inc. duration on left click is a QoL.

4 spare sockets - use CoD Portal or whatever else you find useful.


During mapping pay attention to number of your totems and try to keep it 6/6. As totems are moving all the time they aren't vulnerable to direct hits but can be easily destroyed by AoE effects. Also do not spam with them due to high mana cost. Try to keep your Onslaught up (as well as a buff from Totem Mastery) by casting LW every 4 seconds - despite of that just keep the safe distance, cast Conductivity and watch the show :)

Keep in mind the lack of dexterity while preparing a gear. The Body Armour itself requires 145 which is an absolute minimum. If you can't get much more over that try to use lower tier shield and reduce level of the Haste.

If you'd like to spend more divines (for some reason) the easiest way is to get +2 wand and amulet or lvl 4 Empower to push LW to lvl 33. After that I'd try to get Frenzy charges - 2 Grand Spectrums with +1 min Frenzy and +1 to max on gloves would give you a constant 4/4 but it can be very expensive.

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This is so stupid that I will try it as my league starter. I was looking all around for something new and inspiring, this is it. You have done it. Will update how it goes.

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