3.20 Guardian: 40mil Full DPS Poison SRS - 196K EHP ( Pinnacle )

https://youtu.be/Da1zPW6VYJw - Youtube Video for Build
https://pobb.in/oZTv1gvjc-L6 - PoB for Build in Video

Raging Spirits - 20-22 Raging Spirits
Golem - 1 Stone Golem

You can find me on Discord at - Bleak001#4538 if you need help with my builds or just want to shot ideas around

@Bleakend_ - League Name - Witch
If you ever want to talk PoE & PoB...
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Thanks for sharing. I don't play to endgame, so haven't tested it, but here is a spell totem version of guardian poison SRS. Much cheaper.

main problem is totems die as you place them vs any screenwide ridiculousness

I'm playing it with some phantasms like this:

Only problem so far (apart from this game's regular and random unknown oneshots) is minions dying, as I do not yet have Blessed Rebirth on a cluster jewel.

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