[3.20] Soylent's Voltaxic Burst Inquisitor - Excradilator

This is a Voltaxic Burst crit build, with not that much of a defence. It's a good mapper with decent boss DPS, since I'm not a player who need to one shot bosses. This Post does not include any leveling tips or guidance, my advice just try it out when you already run T16 and have some cash in your pocket. Since there are not so many people playing Voltaxic Burst this is an attempt to bring some attention to it.

Build Thought
Why Voltacix Burst?
Haven't played it before. The idea about this build was coming up in Sanctum league while playing Blood Sacrament (Item related from Relic Of The Pact) skill.
What I did, just swapped the skill to Voltaxic Burst and builded around it, what results in a similar playstyle(Just Boom's around you).
Build construction was mostly in game, based on try and error, so what you see is what you get.
Do not expect a min max theory crafting miracle.

Why Inquisitor?
Templar was locked in place on league start, I'm only playing 1 character in one league up to LVL100(skill points are best). Out of three Asscendancy's Inquisitor was best in slot.
I can imagine this build can also be good with Occultist or Assassin, maybe these Ascendancy's are even better(Let me know?).

Why so many Unique items? Rare items are better!
I love unique items they are fun to me. Currently I'm not the crafting expert.

/DND damage and defence
- Main damage components >80% crit chance and >480% crit multi. A lot of flat damage from Items Apep's Rage and “reworked” The Covenant (lvl 29 Added Chaos Damage)

- Defence against Physical Damge is based on Physical Aegis from The Ghastly Theatre that can take up to 1000 damage from physical hits, also it makes immune to Bleeding. To sustain the downside of The Covenant (Skills gain a base life cost equal to 100% of Base Mana Cost) we gain life on hit from Watcher's eye mod while affected by Vitallity and life Leech from Valako's Sign ring. This sustain is working well with Petrified Blood that is letting us take damage over time for 4 seconds. Also Mind Over Matter splits the damage to be taken from Mana which is covered by Energye Shield, thanks to Eldritch Battery(Necessary to cast spells due to almost 100% mana reservation). To get Energy Shield back we use Aspect of the spider combined with Fenumus' Spinnerets.

- Smooth mapping
- Good MapBoss DPS 1.5M
- Can be played on a budged of 15-20 divines(Depends on the corruptions on unique items).
- It's not meta
- Immune to: Ignite, Poison, Freeze, Chill and Shock
- Contesting Guardian and Elder is easy

- Physcial damage reduction is low also evasion
- Chaos resistance is at 0
- Hard times with DOT ground effects
- Can't sustain a long time while standing still(keep moving)
- Becareful with Map mods: Ele reflekt, no leech, reduced regen....
- Invitations and uber bosses are not what we are looking for

Skill Tree (POB)
- Kill all bandits.
- Pastebin Inquisitor LVL 100 [3.20] 117.02.2023: https://pastebin.com/8VVKUcJ8
- Some explanations:
Eldritch Battery -> Must have to cast Voltaxic Burst
Glancing Blows & Mind Over Matter -> Defence we need
Iron Will & Pain Attunement -> Damage boost
Window of opportunity & Duration Mastery -> makes Voltaxic Burst explode faster


- The Covenant (Body Armour) gives crazy Chaos Damage Boost from LVL29 Added Chaos Damage.
- Apep's Rage (Weapon) Flat Chaos Damge and Cast Speed. Downside (Lose 40 Mana when you use a Skill) does not matter due to we use Eldritch Battery for spell casting and have almost 0% mana.
- Choir of the Storm (Amulet) is hitting on every crit. with lvl20 Lightning Bolt for about 400K DMG
- Helmet is the only rare Item that has to capp resistances, Runic Crown is adviced to get some more hit pool with Ward. Enchantment from Eternal Labyrinth should be 40% increased Voltaxic Burst Damage (Not in this Build included)
- The Ghastly Theatre (Shield) is an attempt to do something against physical dmage and makes us bleed immune. Also it makes the resevation work.
- Abyss Jewels very good with corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you. Also does fix some resistance, life and crit. I like the chance to get Phasing on kill a lot.
- Watcher's eye provides life on hit while affected by Vitality.
- Forbidden Flesh and Forbidden Flame are my choice of interest. Could be swapped with others, if you do have the budget there are fancy options on Templar asscendancy's to chose from.
- Recommendet Corruptions
Gloves: Despair Curse (that's where the Damage is)
Ring: Cannot be Poisoned, Cannot be Ignited to avoid DOT(Not necessary to be one one ring, can also be split on two by losing abit of crit. chance due to lower lightning res[still capped])
Every thing else is

Voltaxic Burst 6/7 Link (Body Armour)

+ Added Chaos Damage Support LVL29 (Body Armour)
Less Duration and Faster Casting are key gems to achive the play style. The reduced effect duration makes the Voltaxic Burst explode faster to be almost without delay(Do not need to queue it). Faster Castspeed is a better synergye with the cooldown of 0.2s from Lightning Bolt of Choir of the Storms.

Frostblink 3 Link & Arrogance (Gloves)

Make sure to socked the Arrogance Support in to the gloves to get the life reservation on the Aspect Of The Spider.

Aura (Shield)

Enlighten has to be placed in shield to benefit from the +2 lvl for Support Gems to fit the mana reservation.

Cast when Damage Taken (Helmet)

Is setup to synergises Cold Snap Frenzy charges with Flask Rotgut and endurance charges from Elixir of the Unbroken Circle with Immortal Call. Voltaxic Burst is Cast also for Main Skill damage boost to queue casts on Voltaxic Burst(This makes not a big difference).

Wrath (Boots)

Wrath linked to Divine Blessing is a risky choice of mine to boost damage temporary. This has to be used carefully because to cast it you will lose almost 50% of your current hit pool which is not even high in total.

Tempest Shield & Cast on Death + Portal (Weapon)

Nothing to say since death is a thing, it's quality of life for soft core.

In the end im very happy with the result after 1 Week of construction. Hope you have checked it out and maybe you could feel my passion about this build and making this Post. Such a great Game with ups and downs. Any feedback is appreciated, since this is my first Post within the Community. Have fun and stay save Exiles!
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