[3.22] CoC Forbidden Rite Build | Occultist | Trial of the Ancestors | Path of Exile 3.22

Hey guys, cast on crit forbidden rite occultist build is here. Forbidden Rite is a chaos spell that fires a projectile near your cursor, as well as additional projectiles for each enemy within range.

Build Cost
- High Budget: +50 div

Before asking a question please read.

Mana: How do I sustain mana?
- Non-Channelling Skills have # to Total Mana Cost mod on rings
- 1% reduced Mana Cost of Skills per 10 Devotion mod on Militant Faith
- +14 Mana gained for each Enemy hit by Attacks (Gemini Claw)
- 18% reduced Mana Cost of Skills if you've been Hit Recently (Boots)
- 10% reduced Mana Cost of Skills (Mana mastery)

Critical Strike Chance: Aim for %100 crit chance.
- Power charges
- Diamond Flask
- Any Flask with crit chance mod
- Ascendancy, Skill tree
- Brittle Ground

Cooldown recovery: We need at least %14 for this build. I got it from awakened gem.
- Awakened Cast on Critical (minimum lvl 3)
- Shaper/Crusader belt
- Shaper/Crusader boots

Accuracy: We need %100 hit chance.
Hits can't be Evaded mod solves the problem

Aps: With 14% cooldown recovery optimal aps for cyclone is 7.57. Don't go over it. Cyclone's aps is 7.54 with this setup.
- 26% inc attack speed, Claw
- 5% inc attack speed, Quick Getaway
- 8% inc attack speed, Repeater
- 20% inc attack speed, Onslaught

If you wanna play with more or less attack speed check out the link:

Militant Faith: Dominus to get Inner Conviction keystone.
- 1% reduced Mana Cost of Skills per 10 Devotion
- 4% increased Area Damage per 10 Devotion
(Check the jewel on pob before you buy it.)

Leveling: It's possible to level with forbidden rite but you'll need chaos res, recoup nodes on tree, it's too much work for leveling. I recommend you level with spellslinger ed/contagion with 6l blight setup until level 68 or 70. Leveling gems and trees are in the video.

Leveling Uniques:
- Tabula Rasa
- Poet's Pen
- Praxis (x2)
- Goldrim
- Lochtonial Caress
- Belt of the Deciever
- Karui Ward

PoB: https://pobb.in/-N_Xc2uaiAON

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/dSw0

Build Video: https://youtu.be/fr4WfNVURjk

Bandits: Kill All

- Arcane Surge Support no longer causes Arcane Surge to grant more Spell Damage. Instead, it now causes Arcane Surge to grant % increased Cast Speed
- Discipline has 25% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency (Removed)
- (New) 10% less Physical Damage Taken while on Full Energy Shield

(Footage is from 3.20)


Gem Setup:

Cyclone (Divergent) - Cast On Critical Strike (Awakened) - Forbidden Rite - Void Manipulation (Awakened) - Increased Critical Damage - Power Charge On Critical

Zealotry - Determination - Vaal Discipline - Enlighten (Lvl 3)

Vaal Molten Shell - Withering Step (Anomalous) - Whirling Blades - Enhance

Assassin's Mark - Mark on Hit - Arcane Surge (Lvl 7) (Divergent) - Flame Dash

Tempest Shield / Defiance Banner / Precision (Lvl 1)

Vengeance (Anomalous) - Purifying Flame (Divergent) - Cast On Critical Strike (Awakened)
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IM playing regular crit/power charge stacking forbidden rite. I'm going to reroll into this

I have ashes of the stars though..Is it worth keeping or do I just sell it?


Update: sold it. No need to answer this.
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Tried this build, really like so far.

Why have Aspect of Spider on boots if not using?
hello, how do you replenish bottles on bosses, I have charges on crit, but the bottles are empty, crit is 100%
Love this build, however, does anyhow this build handle stun immunity?
Can you elaborate a bit more on the leveling playstyle, particularly when you get to lvl 24 and swap over to ED/Contagion spellslinger? I'm assuming you walk around and frenzy things as your trigger for them, but it just feels awful, I've got the ED in a 4 link, and the contagion in a 3 link just how you suggested it, and it seems to take forever to kill things. Am I missing something here?

Edit: once you level up the gems a little and make sure you arent out of mana/dont miss your ED missile on a target it performs MUCH better.
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Why Whirling Blades?
I made a pretty version of the Gem setup for you OP:

Body Armour
Forbidden Rite 21/20
Divergent Vaal Cyclone 20/20
Awakened Cast On Critical Strike 5/20
Awakened Void Manipulation 5/20
Power Charge On Critical 20/20
Increased Critical Damage 20/23

Zealotry 21/0
Determination 20/0
Vaal Discipline 20/0
Enlighten 3/0

Weapon 1
Tempest Shield 20/20
Defiance Banner 20/20
Precision 1/0

Anomalous Assassin's Mark 20/20
Divergent Arcane Surge 7/20
Mark On Hit 20/20
Flame Dash 20/20

Vaal Molten Shell 20/20
Whirling Blades 20/20
Anomalous Withering Step 20/20
Enhance 3/20

Weapon 2
Divergent Purifying Flame 20/20
Anomalous Vengeance 20/20
Awakened Cast On Critical Strike 5/16

Bean29551 wrote:
hello, how do you replenish bottles on bosses, I have charges on crit, but the bottles are empty, crit is 100%

Boot enchant that gives flask charges on hit

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