How do you use Pillar of the Caged God?

I bought it thinking it would work like facebreakers and would scale up all my added physical damage from other equipment, but that doesn't seem to really work. Is there a way to use this unique that is actually viable?

Right now my leap slam build goes from 6000 dps down to 1500 when I equip it :(

Any help is much appreciated!


The weapon damage is increased by 10% per 10 Strenght your character has. Due to the pretty low base damage you need quite a load of Str to actually get a decent amount of damage out of the weapon.

I'm not really sure about wether this unique is viable for the later stages of the game but well thats how it works.
I have 600STR as a level45 character just to try out this build. Disappointingly, this does less DPS than a Geofri's. From calculations, with the max damage of 38 at 20% quality, with 1000 STR it will only do ~300 damage only. This is also intended I believe. But I read in another thread that they are changing the melee calculation method so this item will be better (hopefully).
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This unique is garbage. it needs a serious buff
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It's complete shit, but they will buff it soon.
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I'm guessing you'll get a lot out of + flat physical damage modifiers.
The best way for this staff is a mixed atk speed/WEleDMG build, while u also convert all phy damage to elemental. The idea is to scale elemental damage as much as possible and combine it with huge atk speed + (multistrike) + Ele Auras -> Cyclone/EH/Sweep.

As noted the phy increase only works with the base damage, so aiming for atk speed is better, while u than also need to go the elemental route. So i would try to aim for a EH/Cyclone/Sweep build with lots of atk speed and added ele damage via items, than also try to convert all phy to elemental damage.

The challenge is to find a build that includes many WEleDMG nodes, while reaching major atk speed/dex/str clusters and somehow squeeze in HP/ES nodes...

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i'm selling one :>
check the new helmet out, it increased physical damage 40-60
Pillar of the Caged God is cool!

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