3.20 Standard - 9M per hit Aura Stacker Spark Guardian

Welcolme exiles for a pure Tank build guide for Path of Exile, where we will be uncovering the potential of the Aura Stacker Spark Guardian.

This build utilizes a mechanic that has yet to be fully explored by the PoE Community, and it's all thanks to the unique properties of the "Instrument of Zeal" Forbidden Flesh & Flame jewels.

If you want to have an all rounder character that very rarely dies, crush endgame and is very party friendly, this guide is made for you !

Ressources POB and POB link


Build Overview Regen + Leech + Block | (Ligthning or cold Self Cast | Guardian build

Globally this build is an Aura Stacker that uses
- Guardian Ascendency for Tankiness
- Instrument of Zeal Jewels for DPS (Burst DPS is 19.61 cast rate).
- Spark, Fork and Cast Speed for Clear

As it is, the build can do all content :
- All Ubers fights
- Deep delve : currently 700+ (while going in darkness for loot)
- Deathless Wave 30 Simulacrum
- Eldritch or Searing mods
- All Uber Labs
- League Mechanics : Expedition, Harvest, Blight, Breach, Legion, Abyss, Metamorph ......
- Pretty Fast Mapper

Price :
the build can league start with Ball lightning and really starts to shine with around 20 divines. It scales very well with gear so it is also very satisfying to invest and to craft end game gear.

However, i'm playing it in standard with legacy items that are powerfull but not mandatory :
- Legacy Melding of the Flesh -> use Singularity instead of Nebulis (-3% DPS)
- Watcher's Eye with lighning damage leeched as Mana with Wrath -> can work without it
- Legacy Vaal Regalia -> works with regular Vaal Regalia, or ivory tower

PoB Numbers :
- Spark Hit DPS : 10.2m, 16 proj, 2 Fork
- Effective Hit Pool : 795k [Physical : 39k | Elemental : 147k | Chaos : 37k]
- Energy Shield : 6.2k, 475 Regen, 956 Leech
- Armour : 116k
- Block : 75% Attack, 75% Spell, (no Glancing Blow !)
- Movement speed : +214%

Pros : All content deathless Build
- Very very tanky Build : 700+ Delve for now with
- Pretty good DPS : ~35m Ball Lightning, 10.2m per hit Spark
- Can do all content without dying : Ubers, Wave 30 simulacrum, (all right for 5 Ways)
- Very good for Party Play : gives block, charges, Amour and Energy Shield to allies

Cons : Not a 1 click button Build
- Need to manually activate Coruscanting Elixir at beggining of every map
- To unleash full potential, you need to learn how to play with Fanaticism
- Need a flask generation setup for uber shaper or Simulacrum (replace 1 jewel and take away 1 flask)

Instrument of Zeal Perma Fanaticism

Ressources :
Wiki : https://pathofexile.fandom.com/wiki/Instruments_of_Zeal
Trade : https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Standard/924blqOCK

In this setup, these jewels are basically better than Aspect of Carnage as they gives us :
- 50% more damage
- Perma Blessing Haste
- No Downside !

Explanations :
Fanaticism is a 4 second buff that grants spells you cast yourself 75% More cast speed, 75% Reduced Mana Cost and 75% Increased Area Of Effect.

So, how do we sustain it ? :
With the Jewel, you generate 1 Fanaticism charge per second if you attacked during this second. -> we use Leap Slam or Shield Charge to move and Smite for facetank boss fight.

Once you reach 4 Fanaticism charges, you gain the buff. -> as the mana cost is now very low so we can cast a Blessing Aura (I choose Haste but other options are viable).

Playing this way makes the Fanaticism sustain easy
- Perma Right-click Spark
- 1 time per second : use you Leap Slam or Smite

These jewels are really insane and seems to be underutilised by players.
I'm wondering if Reap would not be an even better option as it would also benefit from the 75 Inc AoE.
-> Feel free to share Any Idea :)

Freeze Mechanic

We use Anomalous Artic Armor for the "20% chance to Freeze Enemies for 350ms when hit"
It is an very strong boost for the group survavibilty as if scale properly it can counter GGG server's lag.



Main Skill:

6 Links: Spark + Inspiration + Fork + Spell Echo + Lighning Pen + Controlled Destruction

-> Use Awakened Gems for DPS increases

Options :
Fork seems better thank Pierce for Single Target but if you are a good crafter, you can push pierce on boots, your links should be:
Spark + Inspiration + Add Lightning Damage + Spell Echo + Lighning Pen + Controlled Destruction

In deep Delve swap Inspiration for Knockback for more survavibility.

Auras and Buffs:

4 links: Divine Blessing + Vaal Haste + Inspiration + Empower
3 Links: Life : Arrogance + Vaal inpurity of Ice + Vaal Discipline
4 Links: Enlighten (lvl 4) + Zealotry + Wrath (Anomalous) + Determination
4 Links: Anomalous Arctic Armour + Tempest Shield + Righteous Fire + Molten Shell

Mobility (Fanaticism sustain)

3 Links: Leap Slam (Phantasmal) + Smite (Phantasmal) + Faster Attacks

Gear details

Current Gear :

Current Gear (Standard) : https://pastebin.com/Rv2jb7PG

Main Hand: Nebulis is Best in Slot, Singularity is our best second choice

Shield: Aegis Aurora is best in slot (ES on block)

Helmet: Rare with +3 Spark proj
Crafting Upgrades : +2 lvl Aura (Essence), Chaos res (harvest), +2 lvl AOE (veiled)

Option 1: High ES Vaal Regalia with res
Option 2: Ivory Tower

Option 1: Rares with Elusive, Tailwind and Onslaught
Budget Option : VoidWalkers

Amulet: Ashes of the Stars - Annoint Charisma

Rings: Amethyst rare with Resists and ES
Crafting Upgrades : Curse with Conductivity (+ Elemental Weakness once you have the Chaos Innoculation Impossible Escape)

Option 1: Mageblood
Budget Option: Rare with Flask duration > flask gained > Resist > ES > intel


In total we use 16 jewels

1 Corrupted rare with : % reservation efficiency (life and mana) + Corrupted Blood

8 Cluster Jewels:

2 Large Clusters : 8 Passives with Conjured Wall, Essence Rush and Mage Hunter
From these jewels we get in total:
- 20% Spell block
- 170% Inc Damage
- 10% Attack and Cast speed (we benefit from both)

4 Medium Clusters: 4 or 5 Passives with Repeater and Eye to Eye
From these jewels we get in total:
- 360% Inc Damage
- 32% Attack and Cast Speed

2 Small Clusters : 3 Passives with Introspection

7 Unique jewels:

Forbidden Flame : "Instruments of Zeal"
Forbidden Flesh : "Instruments of Zeal"

Militant Faith
- Aura effect
- Elemental damage

-> Budget option (no Mageblood setup): Brutal restraint with Balbala
Use the POB timeless jewel finder to have
- 20% inc. Flask Charges Gained
- 1 Alchemi's genius

Watcher's Eye :
- Discipline : ES on hit
- Wrath : Lightning Damage leeched as Mana

Impossible Escape (optional) :
- Option 1: Chaos innoculation -> Double curse
- Option 2: Necromantic Aegis -> Duration

Legacy Melding of the Flesh

Unnatural Instinct


1: Radiant Faith: +20k Armour and +230 ES to You and Party members

2: Bastion of Hope - Stun immunity + 10% Block Chance (Attack and Spell) to you and your parties members

Option 1: Self Play

3: Time of Need : Insane Survavibility
4: Harmony of Purpose : power, endu and frenzy charges generation

Option 2: Party Play

3: Radiant Crusade : DPS boost
4: Unwavering Crusade : AOE, speed and DPS boost

Flasks Mechanics start this build without a Mageblood

Flasks are very powerfull and with only 5 passives investment we are able to sustain 4 flasks with 100% uptime!

Flask charges are not shared across flasks.
It means that when you gain 1 flask charge (killing monsters ....) , each of your flask are gaining 1 charge.

That's why we are using :
- The Traitor's keystone : 0.8 charge/sec (timeless jewel)
- Flask Mastery : 0.33 charge/sec
- Essence Extradition : 35% inc. flask charges gained
- Belt : 30% increased flask duration suffix

Then we use the "Reused at the end of this Flask's effect" with instilling orb for permanent activation.

Permanent Flask gives a lot of flexibility for defenses.
Without Mageblood, it gives us :
- 20k Armour
- 50% to All Elemental Resistances (good for melding of the flesh)
- 20% Less Elemental Damage taken
- 14% Movement Speed
- Ignite or Poison or Bleed Immunity


Thanks for reading !
What do you think ? I'm looking for ideas of upgrade :)
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Last bumped on Oct 11, 2023, 5:21:43 AM
How viable is this in the league?
Hi, It is league viable, replace Nebulis with Singularity.

The current version of melding of the flesh will make the build less tanky (-5% to all max res) but i think it is an acceptable loss that you can also compensate it with a max res relic (if needed).
Have been looking for a diferent guardian build for quite some time, going to give it a try!
Any budget replacements for Ashes?
camadas wrote:
Have been looking for a diferent guardian build for quite some time, going to give it a try!

Hi, keep me in touch if you have upgrade ideas :)
tatiloco wrote:
Any budget replacements for Ashes?

Hi, unfortunately ashes is a BiS with the reservation efficiency + gem quality.
2nd choice would be a good + 2 amu with resitances
3rd choice (uniques) you can go with : victario’s acuity, karui charge, jinxed juju ….

You can also try to work around a good aul or a lightning impresence but that would require some three optimisation i think
camadas wrote:
Have been looking for a diferent guardian build for quite some time, going to give it a try!

Hi, keep me in touch if you have upgrade ideas :)

Will to just the time to play is low but if I have any I will reply here :D
How are you regenerating health with the Coruscating Elixir reducing your health to 1?
Last edited by cze7 on Feb 2, 2023, 11:19:53 PM
Hi, it’s an eldritch mod on gloves : lightning damage leeched as life.

There are other options, like a doryani’s lesson on cluster jewel.

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