[3.20] Lvl93 Champion Poison, Viper Strike Version 4.0, Noob Friendly.

2 keypress to load tree

ust go to the forums, find a build you may like, copy the pasebin code [ex https://pastebin.com/XLSBk0UP], then fo to path of bulding, import,import from pastebin, then just hit ctrl + v, then done, things shud be green.

Bandits kill all 3

pastbin -> Fork





no cluster jewels or Bot's Here.

Gear is fairly inexspensive to buy, maby 75 chaos at most.

Except for the sword, divine Orbs
And the gloves, 1 divine orb

I used a divine orb on the sword.

They buffed poision in 3.18, so I had to try it out on this duelest.

I got lots of life regeneration.

If you need eldrich battery right away, just hit the keystone.
Near the top nne

I Spend about 30% Of My Time down in The Mines
got tons of resonators and a few fossils.

Can clear a T14 map, get the three piles of Sulfite fairly easily.

Can delve to about depth 35

Bosses ARE an issue.

I like the gloves. Autocast Despair

You can equip a second trinket now, just do a trinket blurprint grand hiest.
It is fairly easy. You can't give it to another character, he/she has to do
the trinket grand hiest. It Is only good for in the rouge harbor.

If you manage to get a real good one, It sells for 4 or 5 Ex.

Looks like


I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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Hi again!

It seems like you deleted your old post so I removed my message out of respect. That said, the build still is lacking on many sides; the DPS is way too low to be used in real situations. The build cannot do maps, delve 30 is way too low for anybody to invest a starforge in.

The tree still has some unexplained choices => why take the entire totem cluster at the right (Watchtowers)? You only get movement speed out of it, 0 dps or buffs, and is a 6 points investment

Same remarks as last time, but taking that many attribute nodes and pathing just to get an extra 30 int is a waste. Same for the nodes near the Ranger start, you could get better nodes compared to them, if you were looking for life (Thick Skin for example)

Also the entire Eldritch Battery is useless, Viper Strike is an Attack so you could profit from Leech. As duelist you're pathing near a Life+Mana leech node, 1 point for 0.4% is enough in most situations. That gives you a better helm slot

Happy to help if you have an update on it.
hi. i shuffeled some skill points around, got an int jewel today.
got my life up too almost 3800. I will have to put life leech on the sword. tks for that tip. did manage to get thick skin.
i use eldrich battery to save points on mana production.
I havent played this char for over a year. I have to play him until 4.21 is out, at least.
I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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