Today, we wanted to share Rawlnx's story about their Divination Card, "Ever-Changing", which they designed after winning the opportunity to design one from one of our Boss Kill events! Check it out!

I was introduced to Path of Exile by my good friend Skper around the time Bloodlines league was released. Not gonna lie, I didn't even make it to Normal Act 4 before I quit, but I gave the game another try when the Talisman league released. MF Poison Arrow was my build of choice where I was essentially the culler for Skper who carried me through maps where we found Shavronne's Wrappings as our first big ticket item. With every following league I was a little bit more invested into the game.

Fast forward to today, I won 2 Divination Card designs as a reward from the League-start Boss Kill events and Ever-Changing is the first one that I wanted to make. My favourite themes/content in Path of Exile are Synthesis and Maven. Since I also won a Unique item design that is already Synthesis themed (Rational Doctrine), I wanted my card to be related to Maven.

My goal was to make a card for something that is fairly common, Maven related and useful for the general player base. So the answer to what the reward should be was fairly obvious to me: Orbs of Unmaking. As someone who plays SSF regularly and usually participates in events, Orbs of Unmaking are always a bottleneck to respec the Atlas depending on your current objective. Some will probably wonder why I would make a Card for Orbs of Unmaking when you can easily buy them from Kirac. Well early on in the League and especially in SSF/Race events you won't have access to a lot of Orbs of Regret to buy Orbs of Unmaking and you almost never want to convert your Orbs of Scouring. Now there is a target-farmable option for Orbs of Unmaking if you don't want to live in Tujen Logbooks, Heist Contracts or are simply time constrained (Race Events).

Before the Siege of the Atlas expansion there was a Voiceline from Kirac where he states: "Never trust floating women". I thought Kirac leaning over his Desk with Maven floating behind him would make for 2 strong elements for the card's art. The Name "Ever-Changing" is in reference to us players constantly respeccing our Atlas Passive Tree and the flavour text is in reference to people like me that are hopelessly addicted to the game.

With the addition of this card and my Unique item, I get to be part of my favourite game forever. Also being able to brag to my friends that "I made dis" is pretty neat to say the least.

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Grinding Gear Games
Great flavor, also with the drop location!
Neat story, and I appreciate a card that let's me continue to change my entire atlas every other day :P
great useful card even for softcore players who change their atlas every single day
Cassia supremacy
I assumed the card name was in reference to the end game always changing and Kirac looking frustrated about it.
Right on!
Great card as usual!
The hero we don't deserve. Really appreciate the rationale and explanation - awesome contribution!
Cool stuff!
IGN: JerleNecroDD/JerleNecroRuthless
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
How will POE2 and POE coexist?

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