BotW Submission: Manabond Mjolnir Cyclone CwC Hierophant deep Delver

Not my build, but I don't see it posted here, and it deserves consideration. Credit to Conner Converse (would post a character link but can't fidn it atm).

This is a mana-stacking mana-leeching ES-stacking chaos-immune (non-CI) CwC gigatank with big dps, capable of competing on the Delve ladder. First posted in 3.19 but hasn’t changed in 3.20. The interactions are complex and interesting, would make for an educational BotW video.

Video guide (3.19):

Extra build tips (3.20):





The final build in the PoB is complex and expensive, but it scales smoothly all the way from early mapping to endgame. Can start with just Mjolner + Indigon and appropriate gems in the mid to late 70s.
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I have followed onemanaleft’s guide and build all the way up to squire, and self project crafted rare boots already. This build is nothing like other PoE where you setup it up and it’s up. It is constantly engaging and the buttons you press are all meaningful. And the power level rewarded is in ratio with the effort put in with it being either gear or knowledge of the build.

And this is probably the deepest I have ever dived into PoE because grinding gets old sooner or later but the build itself was interesting enough to get me focus on play style rather than the grind most of the time and just waiting for divines to drop. I can dare say even if nothing drops I can still play this build and discover more just for fun.

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