[3.20 WIP] Rallying Cry Voidforge Chains of Command


This build is not budget/league start friendly as it utilizes a bunch of high value unique items (Marohi Erqi and Voidforge)

This build guide is still a work in progress.

I will keep updating until there are no more upgrades needed.

Regarding Chains of Command

Chains of Command creates copies of weapon equipped by your Animated Guardian.

With the Voidforge update in 3.20 this weapon gets 700% of physical damage as extra elemental damage, making flat physical damage stacking extremely powerful. And with Chains of Command you will have a total of 15 Voidforges flinging around.

Gear Sample

Rallying Cry over Minion Phys on Abyss Jewel

Builds listed on poe.ninja are either chaos stacking (poison) or phys stacking Chains of Command Build.

Looking into some of them, they are actually using multiple Abyss Jewels which each gives at most 26 - 39 physical damage. Stacking 10 means you will have 260-390 physical damage added to your animated Voidforge. Note that these abyss jewels are extremely expensive if they appear along with other useful mods e.g. % minion damage / flat life.

My current Divergent Rallying Cry setup along with Enhance Support grants 74.88% of my main hand weapon damage as extra damage to my minions. Using Marohi Erqi means there will be 602-903 physical damage added to my animated Voidforge. That's more than double than 10x Tier 1 Abyss Jewel phys mod, and you still got a bunch of jewel sockets to fill!

Gear Sample

Anointment from amulet grants 30% increased buff effect, this works multiplicatively with the gem's 188% more buff effect.

Call to Arms is allocated using Lycia's Invocation.

Defense issues

This build currently dies fairly easily due to lacking of life and reasonable defenses. I sinked all currency on key items and it will take some time to find/craft the rare items.

Using a two-hand weapon also prohibits you from using the Aegis Aurora shield, which basically is the essential answer to all questions of "why do I die so frequently". Anyways the current major solution will be using the new Progenesis flask. This flask basically renders a 25% damage reduction if your life regeneration is high enough.

I shall explore more options until build is viable for endgame uber bosses.

Coming Soon
Path of Building
Coming Soon
I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
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I play builds that guarantee to be destroyed in 4 months.
What do your auras look like? Hexes are much stronger in 3.20, can you run blaspemy + Enfeeble and/or Temporal Chains because of the random elemental damage means only Elemental Weakness is the curse of choice?

I basically always use a shield on my summoners, it's a hard sell to give up so much defense.

I run Rebuke of the Vaal with my Divergent Rallying Cry, maybe try that and it's good enough damage that a shield covers your defense?

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