[3.20] Sire of Shards CWC Ball Lightning Trickster

I wanted a 1 button mapper that cleared the whole screen by just holding down right click. Everything else is automated. The basic concept is to spam Ball Lightning in all directions using Sire of Shards. Ball lightning hits multiple times per second, per ball. We can take advantage of this with an ES gain on hit watcher's eye and Polymath to sustain through any hit that doesn't 1 shot us. Anomalous petrified blood and Progenesis amplify this even more with life gain on hit. At high investment, you have infinite sustain and clear on 1 button.

Fair warning that this build is just for fun. It will take a considerable investment before it feels good against beefy rares and pinnacle bosses. It can clear T16 maps on about a 10 div budget. Check the budget gear and POB for more info. Note that most of this guide will be for a high investment version of the build. Check the upgrades section for tips on how to get to that point.

Feel free to message me here or in game with any questions you might have.

Edit - Going to hold off on this until I see how the new return mechanics actually interacts with Ball Lightning. If the ball disappears before it returns, then it is a wasted chance at a good interaction. The fact that they put it on a skill tree makes me optimistic, but you never know. If it's just balls fire in circle, we could probably use annihilating light and make up for the loss in DPS. I'll revisit this if I find that staff.

3.21 - First look at the new trees isnt too promising. Losing the lucky lightning damage mastery along with small changes on the tree drop our dps. Should still clear T16's but bosses will take some time. If you find a Sire with a good crucible tree, or add in perfect crime forbidden flame/flesh, it could be decent. I am planning on starting a different build in crucible, but may come back to this at some point. Still happy to answer any questions, so feel free to reach out.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jz3U2R132ks <-- Min/Maxed with 2 flask Mageblood
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIZroSMOgnk <-- 110% pack size Beyond Crimson Temple
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5Ikbf1v9bU&t=78s <-- 130+ quant Legion Colonnade
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbD4LXFX7kg <-- Inpulsa Budget Clear

Comfy, smooth mapping
Eventually 1 button to do everything
Ailment/Bleed/Poison Immune
AOE Explosions
Infinite life/es sustain

Low single target DPS
Vulnerable to Chaos Damage
Celestial MTX or muting sounds is essential. All other MTX spam your ears.



Current Character High investment

Budget POB - Check Notes section in POB for cost breakdown. Total cost 9div.


I leveled as lightning trap picking up the two trap clusters to the right of the shadow starting point. Skitterbots reservation and life gained when trap is triggered masteries were all I needed. I went with the flat damage over crit in the far right cluster. From there, you can path towards the tree for this build. Kill all Bandits

You can transition to the CWC ball lightning setup with Sire around level 50, but I don't find it very comfortable until you can equip The Stampede at level 63. The build fully comes online for mapping when you can equip the Inpulsa.



Watcher's Eye - Discipline ES gain on hit is essential. Eventually you want to upgrade to an eye with vitality life gain on hit as well. Both of those mods together make us very tanky.

Sire of Shards - Staff that gives us +4 projectiles fired in all directions. Attributes and resists are nice, but the main mod we looking at is proj damage.

Ashes of the Stars - BIS. Damage, survivability, and reservation efficiency. Everything we need. Anoint Whispers of Doom

Crown of the Inward Eye - Huge survivability as well as a bigger mana pool.

StormShroud - Pair this with two 50% shock avoid abyss jewels and you are ailment immune. Get one jewel with 50% shock and 40% poison avoid, and another with 50% shock and 40% bleed avoid. Combine that with the avoidance cluster on the tree and you are immune to poison/bleed as well.

Kaom Lethal Pride - It fits best on the left side of the tree. Look for double damage and endurance charge on kill. Strength of Blood is a very good defensive layer once we get leech on the cluster jewel. note that in order for this to work, we need to have just under 50% life reserved. This interaction with petrified blood makes us never be full life, so we never stop leeching. Seed 16009 gave me a lot of what I was looking for.

Dying Sun - AOE and multiple projectiles. AOE scales DPS
Progenisis - Huge Survivability. Pretty much stacking petrified blood.
Oriath's End - Big QOL upgrade in clearing screens.

Optional - Mageblood(2 flask Corrupted)
Its a lot cheaper than a regular mageblood, and we are using 3 unique flasks anyways. Solves all ele resists and makes you zoom.

Optional - Shavronne's Wrappings
You can throw shavs on in place of getting a bunch of Chaos resistance, but you will lose a lot of DPS. Only use if you already have the DPS to clear packs and are looking to level.

Do not take Nimis
This build was theorycrafted with Nimis in mind, but unfortunately it doesnt work as well in practice. Ball Lightning does not return to the character, it fizzes out after a set amount of ticks. It does bounce off of walls, which can make it fun on some maps, but not really worth the investment.



All rare bases we want are armour/energy shield.

Gloves are a good spot to get attributes. You can buy a fractured +50 strength or dex base, then spam essence until you get the other attribute with a high ele or chaos res roll. From there you can use an eldritch ember to make exarch dominant and eldritch chaos until you have life/es prefixes.

Lightning exposure on hit - Can be low tier with the exposure elemental mastery on the tree.
Chance to unnerve - Can be low tier as well. Ball lightning hits so much that its always up.

Both rings want lightning damage against shocked enemies paired with a curse on hit. One ring with conductivity, the other with elemental weakness.

Listed below are other mods to look for in order of priority

Chaos res
Energy Shield
Ele res if you are not capped
Adds # Lightning Damage
Increased Lightning damage

If you are running into mana issues. Benchcraft -7 to non-channeling mana cost.

These can be hard to find or expensive on trade, but they are fairly simple to craft. Use an Awakener orb to combine a curse with lightning damage to shocked enemies. Be sure to use amethyst or opal rings as the base. Hope for good other mods, and exalt/annul if you feeling risky. This can get expensive if you are looking for specific mods, as the annul can brick the item.

Body Armour
Use an awakener orb to combine Frenzy Charge on Hit with Spell Crit chance. Frenzy is more damage, and spell crit eliminates some awkward windows where Elemental Overload does not have 100% uptime. From there you bench/beastcraft suffixes cannot be changed and then reforge caster in the harvest bench. This will guarantee an additional curse prefix.

2 Flask Mageblood is the main goal here, until then, the belt is mainly a stat filler. A Stygian is recommended for the extra jewel slot. Prioritize Chaos res if its not capped. Ele res, attributes, life, and energy shield are good as well. % increased energy shield or % increased lightning damage are good influenced mods to look out for.

Boots can feel a bit off with cyclone and the way ball lightning works. The slower projectiles make it feel a little weird to stop channeling between packs. A two flask corrupted Mageblood solves this issue. If you cannot afford the Mageblood, there are two ways to play it. One prioritizes comfort, the other prioritizes speed.

1. The Stampede is comfortably consistent, but is slow. You can channel the whole map spamming balls everywhere and it's very smooth. It feels like butter to play. Unfortunately you will not clear maps as fast.

2. Rare boots can get you going fast, but you will have awkward moments of flask downtime. In those windows, you significantly slow down. Mapping can feel a bit clunky even though rare boots are faster in the long run.

The main mods you are looking for on boots are 30%+ Movespeed and Chaos Res. After that any attributes or elemental res you need. Ailment Avoid can take stress off of your jewels for the stormshroud requirement, but nod needed.


Eye Jewels

You will want the Shock/Bleed/poison immunity jewels described above in the uniques section under Stormshroud. You can look for lightning damage and ES/Life/Armour on top of that, but they are hard to find with the avoid stats.

Cluster Jewels
8 passive Large cluster
Storm Drinker
Doryani's Lesson
The one I found had snowstorm in the back if that makes it easier to search.

4-5 Passive Medium Cluster
Eye to Eye
Shrieking Bolts


If you are using rare boots:
Quicksilver Flask
Silver Flask

You will want t1 movespeed on one, and t1 ele resist on the other. Any prefixes that are not reduced effect or reduced duration work. Enchant use when charges reach full.

Once you upgrade to the Mageblood, you will want an increased effect prefix as well as the increased effect enchant from enkindling orbs.

If you are using The Stampede:
Rummi's Concoction
Sulphur flask - Ele Res if you need it, % armour if not.

Helmet Enchant
24% to ball lightning area of effect. The bigger the ball, the more hits as it passes by. POB gives us a big DPS increase at "21" AOE, and thats if the target is standing still. Depending on how the enemy is moving, any AOE helps us.

Gems and Links

Below are the basic gems and links.

Sire of Shards
Cyclone - lvl 1
Awakened Cast While Channeling
Divergent Ball Lightning
Slower Projectiles
Arcane Surge
Awakened Added Lightning Damage

Cast when damage taken lvl 20
Immortal Call lvl 20
Increased Duration lvl 20
Wave of conviction lvl 20 - This is here only to apply exposure. Can be removed once you have exposure implicit on gloves

Anomalous Petrified Blood
Anomalous Wrath
(can swap determination for wrath if you feeling squishy)

Defiance Banner

Herald of Thunder (Can only be equipped with higher reservation Ashes of the Stars)

Vaal Haste - Not necessary, just a little speed boost. Do not reserve normal haste

Sniper's Mark
Mark on Hit - Cyclone will apply the mark, so you need to get in melee range for a sec.


Cast on death
Portal - Not necessary, If you need this a lot, get more chaos res.



One Step Ahead - Get this first to make the rest of leveling faster.

Heartstopper - Great defensive layer.

Polymath - Good damage and life/es sustain once you have a few masteries.

Swift killer - More damage and longer charge uptime.


Brine King - Helps with stuns/freeze. Drop it once you have immunity.

Solaris - The no extra damage from crits gives us time to sustain between big hits.

Shakari - Extra Chaos mitigation. Chaos is the build's main weakness.
Abberath - If you are farming exarch, burning ground immunity feels good.

Budget Gear and Tips



First things first
Buy a Discipline ES gain on hit Watcher's eye. It is the #1 thing you should be spending your money on. It is the reason we are using ball lightning instead of any other skill. We can sustain through just about any hit that doesnt 1 shot us. I would say it is more defensive utility than grace or determination. It is very good and essential for this build. Eventually you want vitality life gain on hit as well, but both mods together is expensive.

Helmet and Curse progression.
Curse progression is the main way to scale damage on this build

We start off with a Max of 1 curse.
Anointing our Amulet with Whispers of Doom gives us 2 max curses.
Additional curse on the body armour gives us 3 max curses.

Sniper's mark is the first curse.
Conductivity is the second.
Elemental weakness is the third.

We can apply these in different ways, some more expensive than others. Later in the league, you can just go buy some curse on hit rings. If that is the case, you can skip the next section.

If you are leaguestarting, the cheapest way would be a trigger mod on our helmet.

The Veiled modifier "Trigger socketed spells when you focus" lets us cast any spell wile still channeling cyclone. This can be benchcrafted on any helmet with an empty suffix. Look for the usual suspects for other mods(Chaos res, ele res, attributes, life, and ES).

Once you have that mod on a helmet, it will grant you a "focus" active skill and all socketed spells will trigger when you use that skill. Socket your curses and be in range when you trigger them for big dps increase.

If you have extra sockets on the helm, I like linking galvanic field and culling strike as well. This will trigger and cull tankier enemies.

Eldritch implicits for the helm are increased area of effect and mana reservation efficiency of skills. If you dont need the mana, you can go with lightning pen, spell damage, or non damaging ailments.

Eventually you will want to get the curses on your rings and link snipers mark with mark on hit. This will automate everything so you dont have to use the "focus" skill. Once they are automated, you can upgrade to the Crown of the Inward Eye for a big defense boost. When you make this upgrade, look for a crown that has the Ball Lightning AOE enchant already on it. Its usually less expensive than getting it enchanted.

Note that the curse rings dont have to have the added lightning damage against shocked enemies mod mentioned above. That would be another upgrade on top of automating the curses.

This flask setup can be used in place of the expensive ones.
Atziri's Promise
Rumi's Concotion
Dying Sun
Life flask - Heals instantly on low life and bleed/corrupted blood immune. this is good to have until you have life gain on hit.
Bismuth flask - Poison immunity

Body Armour
Inpulsa's Broken Heart - Explode Chest. Can be paired with shocks spread from the lightning mastery or eldritch glove implicit for full screen explosions. This item carried me into red maps on a 4 link. Falls off in Single target damage. Eventually you want to replace this with a +1 curse frenzy chest. Note that when you make that upgrade, you will lose clear from the explosions. Oriaths End gets the explosions back.

+1 to lightning gems or +1 to all gems is the most important
From there, you can look for lightning damage, spell damage, and increased energy shield. You can also use this to fill out any other stats you need.(chaos res, ele res, attributes). We will want to upgrade to Ashes of the Stars on a higher budget.

See the gloves section above. The needed stats are pretty basic, and the low tier implicits are easy to roll.

Upgrade Path after you have budget POB

Defensive Upgrades
1. Sormshroud and two 50% shock avoid jewels for ailment immunity.
2. Lethal pride and cluster jewels - You will need to add in both at the same time to keep the stormshroud setup. Doryani's lesson on the cluster jewel and Strength of Blood from lethal pride gives us straight 10% damage reduction. The endurance charge on kill is even more reduction.
3. Watcher's Eye with ES gain on hit and Life gain on hit.
4. Progenisis

Offensive Upgrades
1. Level 21, alternate quality, and Awakened gems.
2. Frenzy and +1 curse on body armour.
3. Elemental Weakness on hit ring.
4. Level up and add Medium Cluster jewels. (upgrade to the lethal pride large cluster setup mentioned above)
5. Rings with added lightning against shocked enemies and a curse(conductivity, ele weak).
6. Ashes of the stars - If you come into money, you can get this earlier. Its one of the biggest upgrades you can get, but the price tag is more than the above options.

When you drop Inpulsa for the new body armour, you will lose clear from the explode. Pick up oriath's end when you can to get the explode back.
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Looks nice, but how does it perform vs a boss ?
hyyyben wrote:
Looks nice, but how does it perform vs a boss ?

It's mainly a 1 button mapper. It really doesn't have the DPS for pinnacle bosses until you have either 3 curses or ashes of the stars. Even then, it can take time to bring them down.

As far as mapping, it can run any juice out there. Ive done juiced deli/legion/beyond stacking altars with no issues. Just hold down cyclone and clear.

The guide is a little all over the place right now, mainly because i have been tinkering with it here and there. I learned a lot about this build as I upgraded it, and will be refining the guide to show it all. I plan on getting it updated in the next few days to showcase the final min/maxed build, as well as updating the budget version and adding an upgrade path.
Sounds good ! looking forward to see what you'll come up with !
Guide has been updated to show the final min/maxed build. Took out a lot of filler and ideas that didnt end up panning out. I added an upgrades section with common issues I get asked about, along with alternatives to the more expensive items.

I will be working on a budget POB at some point. You can get through most maps for around 10div I think. The only major purchase would be the eye.

Finally, I will be uploading a showcase of the 2 flask Mageblood clear to youtube. My atlas currently is in a bad spot for a showcase because Ive been sanctum speed running. I'll put that vid out when I go back to Legion or pack size farming.
Updated to show a budget POB and upgrade path to get you from budget to the high investment.

All items in the budget POB were on trade listed in the last 2 days. The total cost came to around 9div. Cost breakdown is in the notes section of the POB.

The clear from Inpulsa will get you through T16 maps, although you will take more time on rares and bosses until you get more upgrades.

Min/Maxed 2 flask mageblood youtube added to the showcase.
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