[3.20] Level 91, Inquisitor, Fire, Scorching Ray, Version 2.0, Noob Friendly.

2 keypress to load tree

Just Go to the forums & find a build you may like to try. Copy The Pastbin Code, Then go to Path Of Building, click on Import, Click Import From Pastebin, Then Just press ctrl + v, Then Done.

Pastbin -> Fork


Bandits help Alania





No cluster jewels or Bot's here.

I gave up on poision & ice spear

Scorching ray seems to be better

Has fairly good damage over time

The gear is fairly cheap, maby 75 chaos at the most.

Except for the staff, Divine Orbs
And the gloves, 1 divine orb

I have alot of life regen

I can easily get 3 piles of sulfite on a T 15 map.

I spend about 30% of my time down in the mines. I got tons of resonators & a few fossils.

Not bad for doing T14 T15 Maps

You can equip a second trinket now, just do a trinket blurprint grand hiest.
It is fairly easy. You can't give it to another character, he/she has to do
the trinket grand hiest. It Is only good for in the rouge harbor.

If you manage to get a real good one, It sells for 4 or 5 Ex.

Looks Like

I Will Create A Character Soon To Do Endgame.
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