[Have to test if its still viable] Righteous Fire Champion - Cheap 100% Spell Suppression


Introduction: Hi everyone, this is my first build posted in the forum, basically the idea of the build is to have an easy way to start mapping. Thanks to the new Unique Immortal Flesh its super easy to get life regen cap for RF, we also have Willowgift Amulet which is the pilar of the build to cap Spell Suppression with ease.
Quick backstory about the build. This build started as a way to let a friend of mine do maps the moment he finished the campaign, because it was really hard for him to do the transition and it took too much time for him to get to t10. Inquisitor is super friendly to get starter with RF because of the position in the atlas tree + the node Pious Path but has a breakpoint after t10 that requires a minimum crafting and knowledge (not hard for the average player but some new players struggle). I realised my friend always died to spells but he isnt really good at crafting, because of that i thought about Willowgift which is super cheap and almost lets you cap Spell Suppression when pared with Champion's Fortitude node.
I ended up really liking the build myself that i decided to make a guide about it just in case someone is interested to try it out or/and give me feed back.

Pro's and Con's:
- Pretty tanky
-Fast map clear speed and decent boss clear
- Charge and kill gameplay

- Not SSF vialbe because we depend exclusively on Willowgift Amulet (Immortal Flesh is just a really good and cheap belt but not a requirement)
- Uber bosses will require good optimization and still a long fight that i wouldn't recommend.


Must: Willowgift Amulet

Recommended: Immortal Flesh, Legacy of Fury(gives clear speed)

Early game: You just need 1 piece of gear with at least 10% Spell Suppression and then you are capped because you will be using Quartz Flask, 10% spell sup + perma phasing is pretty good. Nothing more annoying than getting stack when shield charging through enemies.


Righteous Fire - Burning Damage - Efficacy - Elemental Focus - Lifetap - Swift Affliction[chest]
Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Lifetap - Combustion Support[helmet]
Forstblink - Hextouch - Flammability - Elemental Weakness(if you have addictional curse)

Purity of Elements
Vitality - Arrogance

*Some clarification about auras for new players, we wont be able to put all auras the moment we get them, so dont worry about it. Auras reserve % of your mana, and for us to get all auras we need something called "mana reservation efficiency" which reduced the amount of reserved mana of all auras. Once we get enough reservation via nodes we will be able to use them. Follow the POB which clarifies when to use each aura.

Molten Shell

Charge Shield - Lifetap[level 1] - Faster Attacks

This is not going to be a leveling guide per se, but i will guide you on which gems to get at what level and when to change to RF.
When you start you have 2 options, Toxic Rain or Splitting Steel. (The latter requires 6 respect points, the first one doesnt require any at all)

Bow setup

⦁ Caustic Arrow[G] - Mirrage Archer[G] - Volley Support[G] Until you get Toxic Rain
⦁ Toxic Rain[G] - Mirrage Archer[G] - Vicious Projectiles[G]
⦁ Ballista Totem[R] - Toxic Rain[G] - Faster Attacks[G]

Ballista is used on bosses to stack withered and extra dps, just make sure you have 3 and spam your own Toxic Rain.


Level 1: Will be available after you kill Hillock (first boss right before the gate to enter the town), you will have to buy it, wont be given from quest.

Caustic Arrow[G] - Mirrage Archer[G] - Volley Support[G]

If you have a third slot use Volley Support, dont force it, if you get one good if not it doesnt matter. Look for bows or gear with 3 green linked slots on vendor just in case.

Level 12: After you enter "The Cavern of Wrath" you can go to the town and receive the rewards the moment you start the quest "The Siren's Cadence" with Nessa. You are now able to buy Toxic Rain.

Toxic Rain[G] - Mirrage Archer[G]

For bosses you will also use [Ballista Totem Support - Toxic Rain] on a separate piece of gear. With this you should kill any boss super easy, just make sure you have 3 Ballistar up and spam Toxic rain on them.

Ballista Totem[R] - Toxic Rain[G]

After "The Caged Brute" get Vitality and Clarity

Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel: Get Vicious Projectiles and Faster Attacks now your links should be like this.

Toxic Rain[G] - Mirrage Archer[G] - Vicious Projectiles[G]

Ballista Totem[R] - Toxic Rain[G] - Faster Attacks[G]

Physical Setup
If you prefer to level up with physical setup you can go for Splitting Steel. It will require 6 refund points which you will get before changing to RF at act 3. You will also have to change wep from time to time so that you dont get behind with damage. Not hard to do though with the vendor recipe for physical % on weapons.
[Magic or rare Rustic Rush + Blacksmith's Whetstone + base weapon]

I took out the option for Perforate, is way too painful to level up with.

TLDR: Use Two Handed weapons for more damage.
⦁ Splitting Steel - Chance to Bleed - Maim Suport - Vicious Projectiles
⦁ Ancestral Warchief - Chance to Bleed + Maim Support + Attack Speed


Act 1 - Enemy at the Gate: Will be given from quest after you kill Hillock. Links will look like this.

Splitting Steel[R] - Chance to Blood[R] - Maim Support[R] if you have an extra slot

After "The Caged Brute" get Vitality and Clarity.
Also get Ancestral Totem for the atk speed on bosses. Follow links from TLDR as you get more slots on this one.

Act 2 - Sharp and Cruel: After you kill "The Weaver" inside of The Weaver's Chamber you will be rewarded with "Faster Attack Support"

Splitting Steel[R] - Chance to Blood[R] - Maim Support[R] - Vicious Projectiles (if you have 4 links)

Transition to Righteous Fire

Act 3: Level up until 32 so you can use Arrogance Support linked with Vitality from Siosa quest, also buy Righteous Fire, Fire Trap. Depending on your colour sockets available buy the following supports for your skills(you should have 2 items with 4 linked sockets or one 4 linked and one 3 linked at least.

Righteous Fire:
- Lifetap setups will require to get the buff constantly by other means like a Shield Charge with Lifetap or Fire trap with lifetap.
- I dont recommend Swiftness Affliction setups while leveling cause it will require more dex than the usual, but if you dont have anything else its an option. Also you cant use Swift Affliction without Lifetap because it requires duration tag to work on Righteous Fire. Lifetap makes this possible with its duration tag.

3 Blue 1 Red
Righteous Fire - Efficacy Support - Elemental Focus - Burning Damage

2 Blue 2 Red
Righteous Fire - Elemental Focus - Burning Damage - Lifetap

2 Blue 1 Red 1 Green
Righteous Fire - Elemental Focus - Lifetap - Swift Affliction

Fire Trap:
- Lifetap is only advisable after you have enough life per second to mitigate the life cost of Fire Trap. If you dont have enough and have a red socket use Burning Damage instead, but change to Lifetap when you can so you can add another aura after Act 5.

2 Green 2 Red
Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Burning Damage - Lifetap
(never use Lifetap while leveling until you get enough regen)

1 Green 1 Red 1 Blue
Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Burning Damage - Combustion
(with low life regen)
Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Lifetap - Combustion
(with enough life regen)

2 Green 2 Blue
Fire Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Controlled Destruction - Combustion

Once you've mande the transitioned to RF just finish the campaign and follow the POB.

Act 4 - Breaking the Seal: Once you get to act 4 go to The Dried Lake and kill Voll, talk to Oyun going up the stairs(right of the town in act 4) and choose the Stone Golem. Its a pretty good minion that gives you life regen and will help you with sustain until map tier 5 to 10 when it stats to die too fast. But you wont need him at that point.

POB: Here you have notes for every part of the node tree and other explanations

RF GUIDE(Toxic Rain version): https://pobb.in/5zNNPYYb8zOS
RF GUIDE(Splitting Steel version): https://pobb.in/7BZCGWcs4MDV

Extra note: Dont worry about the gem levels in the POB just level them up to 20 except from Frostblink, that should always be level 1 if not you will die from "Reflect Elemental Damage" on maps.

There's an "example of links" that you can follow if you want to get a general idea of what it looks like at end game. There's also an example of basic gear.

Edit: Took the option to level up with Poisonous Concoction, the nerf on the requires charges to use it makes sustain imposible without "Life flask gain charge every 3 seconds"

Any feedback is welcomed, also english is not my native language so if something is unclear ill check and change things on the guide.

I'll post some videos for bosses and gameplay if possible during the league.
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This looks like a fun build to play. Exactly my play style!! ;)
I started one last night ( And I am not very good at crafting also ).
Thank you!!
No problem if you have any question ask i dont mind. I'll try to explain the best i can.
Firecroll wrote:
No problem if you have any question ask i dont mind. I'll try to explain the best i can.

Hi, Do you have any tip or pointer to craft the weapon? Thanks.
Yeah sure, you need to get a base sceptre ilvl 84, get one with 40% ele as implicit for more damage. Then just use the 40% gem vendor recipe.

Basically is the white sceptre + 40% quality equivalent of fire tag gems, this means all gems need to have the fire tag and all together sum up 40% quality.

After that you will get a +1 fire to all fire spell gems prefix, just augment that and if you get a usable suffix like, fire damage, burning damage, damage over time multi or fire damage over time multi then regal that. Now you want to cross fingers to get a prefix, not a suffix cause you want 2 open suffix for "can craft up to 3". If you get the prefix, doesnt matter what it is just spend 2 divines and get the "can craft up to 3" then craft Fire multi as suffix and on prefix Fire + ignite chance and you are done.
If you got a suffix instead of prefix you can use bestiary to change the suffix for prefix but you have the chance to lose the useful suffix. If it fails and you lose your useful suffix just use orb of scouring and repeat.

In case what i said is not well explained you can always check Pohx website on the craft part is the first one.

I dont know if i can link others ppl websites here but he has an insane wiki for RF in general, though he specializes on Inquisitor and Juggernaut.


This is for end game weapons if you want a weapon to then transition to end game just loot until you get one with fire damage + burning damage and craft fire multi on it, you can also just craft one by rolling alterations until you get a good burning suffix or fire damage prefix and then craft fire multi on it.
Check the current weapons im using is not end game but i can do t16 with it until i craft one myself, you can check this on my profile on characters.

Hope i could helped you out and Merry Christmas =)
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Awesome. thank you very much!!
I will try it for sure.
Happy Holidays to you too!!
Guide updated for 3.21, will be doing other changes after testing it live.

- Took out Poisonous Concoction for leveling(tested it and not viable)

- Now you can sustain RF at Act 3 after doing Siosa quest at the Library.
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Thank you for share this nice build.
I'm doing this and it work great

In Ascendant i go for First to strike Last to fall instead of Worthy foe beacuse Vaal Righteous Fire work well with those Gain Adrenaline. The Vaal Righteous Fire will cause you low life instant and stop when you got Adrenaline so it make you got 100% increase damage after that you will got 25% life back so not need to worry about to die. only the problem that you need to use Righteous Fire again after Adrenaline working.
If you are using Vaal RF just put RF on your left click and make sure that the option of "only attack whithout moving" is lighten up, with that you'll be able to use RF without having to press anything else. Unless you are using Molten Shell on left click, then your only option is clicking it again.

I personally dont use "First to strike" because i use RF lvl21 and if for some reason i would get a Vaal RF lvl 21 I would only use it on Bosses which are easy enough to dodge while i recover my life. Be careful using it while mapping.

You get consistent damage with "Worthy Foe" and less dmg recieved with "Conqueror".

But that depends on everyone's style. Thats the idea of the game personalizing your characters.

Also if you are going for "First to Strike" you can algo get "Inspirational" which boosts your auras. More life regen, more armour, dmg and you can also get a free Defiance Banner if your sockets allow it.

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